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Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan Dragon10
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Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan

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Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan Empty Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan

Post by Virlinka Sun Mar 20, 2016 8:30 pm

Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan Lb6kUDb

(Will add colored better picture later yes I drew this on a napkin)

Personal Info
Name: Virlinka
Alias: She Who Makes Everyone Salty
Age: 135
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Virlinka is a playful sort who intentionally annoys others or drives them up the wall. Mostly for her own amusement, but looking closely at her actions reveals further layers to her ribbing. The dragon is a perceptive sort (or at least thinks herself to be) and has a knack for reading others. Their character. Their wants. Their dreams. Their flaws. Dragons could be so much better if they'd get out of their comfort zone. Look at themselves. Change. She tends to hang back and start off civilly with other dragons, and then comes the messing about.

The dragon is capable of kind words NOT trapped beneath a lot of sarcasm and buttholerly, but she mostly reserves that for very young hatchlings and (sometimes) dragons in truly awful spots. Ultimately she isn't malicious when it comes to most non humans.

She is zealous about good craftsmanship and aesthetics combined perfectly:ugliness is something Virlinka hates. An ugly but functional claw extension is still going to be worth more in her eyes than a sparkly elegant one that snaps at a breath, but why not make the functional piece beautiful? Are you that bad of a Vulcan?

She also has an immature streak. This dragon is not above immature pranks and crudely drawing indescribable pictures.

Rogues make her suspicious and she is more trigger happy with them. This stems from her father's crippling.

She is a bit of a sociopath when it comes to humans, generally thinking of them as insects to abuse freely. However, she grudgingly respects their use of machines and frequently wishes to steal some of their gadgets for examination. Sometimes she wonders which higher up idiots among them decided to shift human culture anti-dragon, and if said culture shift was completely accepted or reversible. But one Vulcan isn't going to change years of enmity, so she doesn't try anything beyond attempting to torture tech knowledge out of them or straight up murder most of the time.
Interests: Human tech, messing with others, crafting both functional and artsy things, examining the work of other Vulcans,reptilians to some degree
Dislikes: Humans as a species, objects that are useless AND ugly, anyone blind to their own faults(they make for fun targets though)
Fears: The Lightwings (or any other tribe or rogues, but Lightwings especially) going the same way as the Earthwings, losing her touch, being crippled like her father

General Appearance
Height: 62 feet
Scales: White with a faint pearly pink shine by default, though she can (and has) changed color. Her scales are small, circular and tightly interlinked with another in a nigh-seamless way.
Eyes: Navy blue
Appearance: Basic body shape is of an Eastern dragon,with two horns sweeping back with three prongs coming off of the top of each horn. Her head is slightly triangular, tapering towards the snout. Her teeth are jagged and on each side the bottom lip has a tooth that juts up like mini tusks. A finned crest with black spines is located near the back of her head on both sides, where peculiar gray tendrils grow and end in little pincers. Which can move and pinch. Where her neck meets the body is where the tendril-mane stops growing and is replaced by stiffer, non pincered lighter gray spines like a ruff of fur down the back. At the end of her tail, there is a fin. Her eyes are wide and navy blue. She has five claws on each leg.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Lightwing
Rank: Vulcan
Family: Grenelzl (mother) : alive and working as a healer
Respharon (father): alive and is a former Vulcan, now too crippled to continue his occupation
Mate: That would imply someone could stand her. Though...
Hatchlings: That would imply someone could stand her long enough to willingly partake in continuing her lineage. But hey, perhaps.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Virlinka has a deep artistic ability that meshes well with her skill at creating armor and such for the Lightwings. Anyone with her pieces can depend on them for reliability and good looks.

She's also got an eye for detail and is reasonably good at picking up underlying moods.

As a lightwing, she has the ability to breathe a scorching laser and change the color of her scales.
Special Abilities: Virlinka can project a beam of light that can grab objects (think how aliens grab cows), levitate them, and move them around. The heavier the object, the harder it is to move.
Weaknesses: Other than being kind of a ****** who's turned others off, Virlinka is not built for withstanding a lot of damage. Her bare claws are better suited for fine work than ripping serious gashes in dragon hide, though they aren't dull by any means. Just not the best use for them. Most of the time she prefers using claw blades anyhow, but if she isn't able to don her battle trappings in time...

Flying is not the most reliable for her: she lacks wings and can only do so with creative application of her tractor beam ability. Aerial combat is harder for her to manage as she must concentrate on floating herself, attacking, and potentially grab-beaming others. Lack of adequate concentration + floating= free falling dragon

Virlinka is prone to being less and less accurate and effective with her beams if a fight drags on too long. She may be unable to beam for a time if particularly pressed, only regaining her power with resting.
Combat Style: Virlinka will be clad in light armor, claw and tail blades of her own making. She prefers remaining on the ground where she will not have to worry about keeping afloat. Moving your enemies into each other while they fly is pretty fun! Or beaming that hot-shot fire breather's head enough to make her miss your friend and nearly hit that other bloke, who now has to take valuable seconds re-adjusting himself!

For close combat she may change her scales to distract, taunt, or via standing certain ways in sunlight, blind her foe. If she opts not to cover her tail fin, she's been known to turn it into a metallic color and shine it in drakes' eyes like a mirror.

Of course, verbal taunting is involved. So much of it.

History: Virlinka was born into the Lightwing tribe, though judging by her odd look distant ancestry in other clans is likely. She was teased early on for having a mane that was partially controllable and very un hairlike. Though she quickly found that she could scare others hatchlings with it. There was many a hatchling fooled into thinking her 'hair strands' would become sentient dragons heads and try to eat them. Her father passed on a love of forging and metalworking to her; her mother taught her to change her scales as she wished (and to be nicer. Sort of took). Both of them were little tricksters in their own right, and it wasn't a surprise their child turned out the same way.

Virlinka's control with her grabbing-beams was mostly self taught. Many unwilling participants became involved in her grab-beam lessons.

Due to an incident with a rogue, her father Respharon is too crippled to work as a Vulcan. Virlinka's taken control of his former forge-cave.
RP Sample: A loud bang sounded to the right of her, making the helm under her claws jitter along with several of the other metal pieces in her forge-cave. Virlinka's claw went astray, scoring a diagonal line across the pattern she'd been working on for hours. Hours! She hissed briefly and turned to the intruder, tendril mane spread out and clacking. This dragon right here...

She was standing there like she was so pleased with herself, that chocolate brown lizard.From the looks of the intruder, she was on the cusp of not being a Trainee. With those bulky muscles and powerful jaw? Likely trying to be a Guardian. "Wellllllllll. Busy, Vulcan? Slaving away at getting that swirl juuuuuussssttt right?"

Ooh! And trying to be an ***, too! It was cute how the trainee was tilting her head back to try look down at her despite Virlinka's height advantage.

No one out***ed Virlinka though.

"Why, yes!" Virlinka chirped, head and tendrils raising happily. "I seem to lack the proper tool..."

"I seem to lack the proper tooool~"The trainee snorted, stepping closer to her with intentional weight on her steps. "I really don't care-"

"It-it was supposed to be sent to me two days ago..." Let's see if she took the bait.

"WHO IS TALKING HERE?!"the trainee bellowed up at her, while still tilting her head back. this would be gold

"Me." The white dragon smiled genially again. "Are you the tool I asked Damelleth for?"

The trainee was growling. Big time. Was that the start of sun breath Virlinka smelled? Oh ho-

Virlinka jumped to the side, jerking her head out of the way of the golden beam that nearly cooked most of her mane. The breath collided with the scratched helm, blasting it off the rock slab. A quick, practiced glance at the piece told her it had new deformations on the surface. Greaaaaaat. No really. Great job! She stared back at the trainee, eyes slightly narrowed and head fins perked up curiously. How would this play out?

The brown dragon shoved the Vulcan with a wing to peek at the helm. For a moment she seemed surprised and tested the piece with a slap. The clang resonated through Virlinka's head,but the helm kept its sturdy shape. Then the trainee suddenly grabbed the helm and slammed it on her head. It was a perfect fit, and despite the sun-breath created surface warps and the earlier cut, crowned the trainee with a fearsome assortment of metal horns. It was as if she'd slain a metallic foe with her own claws and worn the head.

"Well. Looks like I have what I want here." The brown lightwing once again batted the thinner dragon out of the way, this time with enough force to nearly topple the Vulcan. The trainee leered at the dragon steadying herself and stomped her left front foot again (once more with all the forge-cave rattling, and my my stumbling Virlinka once more). "I don't expect you'll ask me compensation."

"No, nooo. The time we've spent together is all the compensation that's needed." Really, that helm was going to make that trainee the talk of the tribe. Virlinka's work would be discussed with great fervor and particular glee...again. Her eyes shone with pride.

"Heh. And I'm apparently the tool? Please." The trainee turned away contemptuously, making sure to hit Virlinka with her tail before she strode out. Ready to tell a story about how she pushed around a weak Vulcan with ease, no doubt.

That same trainee was back three days later, fuming about the...crude mark on the back of her helm. Which greatly resembled male draconic genitalia. How very odd!

Last edited by Virlinka on Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:26 pm; edited 13 times in total (Reason for editing : Done, BETTER pic later)

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Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan Empty Re: Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan

Post by Aether Mon Mar 21, 2016 1:11 pm

LightWing Guardian
LightWing Guardian

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Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan Empty Re: Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan

Post by Virlinka Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:30 pm

Aether wrote://!!!! I can't give approval, but heck yes expect this guy to be her bestie or worst enemy, welcome to the salty giant lizard brigade//

Oh lordy the salt shall be real~

Done (forget the picture for now)

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Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan Empty Re: Virlinka, Lightwing Vulcan

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:47 pm

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Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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