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Keshet, the Insanity Dragon Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Keshet, the Insanity Dragon Dragon10
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Keshet, the Insanity Dragon

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Keshet, the Insanity Dragon Empty Keshet, the Insanity Dragon

Post by Thorin Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:24 pm

Keshet, the Insanity Dragon Rainbow_in_the_sky___dragon_by_alviaalcedo-d6e5kvj
Personal Info
Name: Keshet
Alias: Dragon of Insanity.
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
Personality: Keshet, Dragon of Insanity-At first glance, she looks like she would be a calm dragon, willing to listen and act on what she has heard. This, although somewhat true, can’t be completely true for Keshet. She is a bit random, wanting to get things done and doesn’t enjoy sitting around listening to other dragons talk in order to gain knowledge. She prefers to learn by doing, going out there and fighting, testing how traps work and the best was to disable them. She is a dragon who is more than willing to learn, and has a fire of determination in her heart.
She can also act rashly at times, however her EarthWing half can normally take the hits when she rushes into fights. She doesn’t enjoy taking the time to analyse a situation completely, but will not be one that is taken by traps or baits. Xandra, however, is a different story.
Xandra, The Broken-She is insane, rushing and doing what she wants, and this would happen more than not if she wasn’t kept in place because of the words Keshet can say. Xandra waits, and antagonized her prey with her words, then strikes when her sister distracts her. She hates it when dragons and creatures around her don’t take her bait, and that goads her into attacking while her sister isn’t ready. She is also a very impatient dragon, and, even if she is scratched to pieces, she will keep going until she is no longer able to physically move. If this happens and she is fused with Keshet again, Keshet takes on ½ of the wounds which Xandra obtains, as well as her own.
Interests: Keshet enjoys mind games as they are a challenge for not only herself, but for her fused sister Xandra too. If the things do not mentally challenge them both, Keshet can often have Xandra take control of her right front paw and start forcing it to do random things.
They also enjoy physical activities, as it is a way for them to practice moving together. It can be difficult for them both to learn to walk, because Keshet suppresses Xandra so that she can’t control parts of the body. This is unintentional, but by almost completely letting go, Xandra can take control for a few minutes so that she is able to practice walking as well. Xandra also learns how to fight during this time as well. It is crucial for Keshet to let Xandra take over, because if she doesn’t, Xandra can lose the ability to walk on her own when they split.
Keshet loves to try new foods as her taste is hypersensitive as it has both Keshet’s natural taste mixed with Xandras taste. This is because their physical bodies have fused when they were much younger. However, this love of tasting isn’t shared by Xandra as she doesn’t exactly like it. She can’t do too much about it though seeming she is physically suppressed, but she does often complain to Keshet in her head.
Dislikes: These things are things which they both agree on.
They both hate water and ice, as they think that it makes the area way too cold. The cold also can hinder Xandra when she is split, as her legs aren’t covered in fur or dragon scales to keep them warm.
Dragons who judge them on how Keshet looks, and then hate them and think they are disgusting when they are able to split. They think that Xandra looks disgusting compared to any other normal dragon, but the two also hate it when they are not judged on their abilities to be able to fight.
They also both dislike ‘unworthy’ opponents, dragons who they see as ‘below’ them, not as skilled, or are beaten rather easily by others.
Fears: They fear each others’ death, if Keshet dies, Xandra can no longer refuse with Keshet, and also perishes. If Xandra dies, Keshet also will as well.

General Appearance
Height: 142 feet and around 190 feet long.
Scales: She is covered in large, fish-like scales which have a point like the triangular scales. These scales are a light blue in colour and they stay this colour all around her body. She had thicker plates on her underbelly, which are white.
Eyes: In her normal form, they are an orangey red. In her active form they are white, as well as Keshets split form. Xandra's eyes however, take the original eye colour and are an orangy red.
Preactive - She has rainbow frills which are located on her back, and start at the base of her hind legs. These extend to about halfway down her tail, and the tip of it has long rainbow frills as well. Her head is covered with rainbow coloured hair, and matches the hair on her elbows. She has a small frill on her cheek and a pair of elegant horns which curve down, then up into a half circle. Her wings are leathery, the membrane sporting rainbow colours. At the elbow on her wing, she has a small claw there as well. Keshet also has small claws attached to her feet as well.

Active - Her scales have gone black, shrinking into small fish scales. The elegant horns on her head have shrunken, instead becoming small and blunt, and separating into 3 pairs which are along her cheekbone. Instead of her frills, she has tiny horns on her jawline as well. The hair on her elbow is hardened, becoming firm and acting like a pair of horns, and her fingers become longer, the claws sharper and longer as well. Her claw on her wing become slightly larger as well. She also has spikes attached together by membrane all the way from her neck, down to around the halfway point on her tail. At the end, instead of having a frilly fin, the membrane separates, becoming strands of fur.
Keshet, the Insanity Dragon Tie_dye_dragon_tattoo_by_lucky978-d6c4oj2

Xandra - She has a white, long eastern dragon body, with no wings. Xandra has a pair of long ears apposed to horns, and her teeth are long line a snake, as well as her tongue. She has a main of rainbow feather-like fur, and it reaches down to the middle of her back. There is a bit of a gap before it starts again, beginning from the front of her hind legs, and reaching to the middle of her tail where it dies off. However, it comes back at the top of her tail where it's almost like a bush at the end. All four of her legs have strong and sturdy 'length way' scales, starting from her elbow and ending at the start of her claws. Her claws are pitch black. On the side and back of her legs, there is a layer of blue fur, which is longer at the elbow/knee and base of the foot. She has thin black plates which line her underbelly to the tip of her tail, and blue fur emerges from the center of these black plates. She has strange circular marks on her shoulder, which are larger in the middle than at either ends. Her hind legs have these as well, but that are eye-shaped, red with a pitch black circle in the middle. Xandra, for reasons unknown, always has a bit of a manic expression on her face.
Xandra is also at a height of 92 feet, and a length of around 156 feet, mainly due to her extremely long tail.
Keshet, the Insanity Dragon Rainbow_dragon_by_invaderkim365-d48h2ww

Keshet - Looks a lot like the 'Active' stage, however, her scales become infused with her natural LightWing blue colour, with shades of black throughout them. Her plates become a darker color, overlapping rather uncommonly. Her spines down her back still have the membrane attaching them together, however it is so thick that the spines cannot be seen. The colours on her membrane ranges from red-orange-yellow on her neck, and her shoulders to halfway down her tail are green-blue-dark blue. Her tail is more clumped with the fur, and has more vivid rainbow colours. Her claws are turned into a pinkish colour, and her wings are a more vivid rainbow colouration, the colours melding from the 'top' of her wing to the end, instead of from her body to the tip. Her horns are also grown again, with a sharp bend in the middle. She has a few smaller protrusions on her jawline and cheek as well.
Keshet is also a height of 50 feet, and around 80 foot long.
Keshet, the Insanity Dragon My_tie_dye_dragon_by_lucky978-d6ifh4q

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue
Rank: To be earned.
Family: Her mother and father currently live as rogues, and abandoned Keshet when she was younger. She only has Xandra left as a sibling.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

Strengths: Until she and Xandra decide to enter active mode, mentally, she is a bit weak in regards to mental torture. She wouldn’t be able to stand up to that very well.
Physically, she is a bit below average as well, until they decide to enter the active stage.

Special Abilities:

Active mode (Presplit).
She enters this stage when she is preparing herself and Xandra for a fight, or to show other people her sister, and can last up to 5 minutes until Xandra is fully awake and ready to separate.
Mentally, she slowly becomes smarter as she stimulates the Xandras mind to work, which enables her to resist mental torture slightly more easily. But she still can crumble after intense torture.  If she actually bothered, she would be able to pick apart almost anything which is opposing a problem to her, traps waiting for her, fights goading her and things like that. However, she cannot be bothered with it at this stage as Xandra is always talking, saying the things which they should do. She basically wants to get in there and do things, which is why Keshet is always a bit reckless.
Physically, she is becomes rather strong, due to the EarthWing genes within her. However, she cannot best pure-blooded EarthWings without splitting. Her flying abilities also increase as she gains strength, which enables her to flap her wings at a greater speed and strength, tearing through the skies easier. She can also take sharper turns with the new developing strength.

Keshet-The brains of the pair. Keshet absorbs the majority of the smarts from her sister, and can often set things up to their advantage. She can solve many mental problems, and she has the speed to be able to fly overhead and can keep track of her opponents well enough to watch for an opportunity to arise for her sister to attack. When it's time for her to go on the offensive, she tells Xandra through the mental connection the two have between one another in order to refuse with each other.
She also is the eyes and ears for Xandra, making sure that her sister isn’t walking into any danger, and warning her when she is about to make a mistake. If she absolutely has to, and with great willpower, she can send a shock to Xandra through the mental connection which will cause her sister to freeze momentarily, stopping her in her tracks.

Xandra-The power and ferocity of the two, absorbing the strength and fury of her sister. Her claws, agility and fangs are a force to be reckoned with. She is very strong, and fast with her movements and can strike a bird out of the air without even trying. She uses rather insulting words to eat away at people, to make them more aggressive. However, this goads them into making mistakes, acting rashly, which leaves Keshet open to tell her when to go on the offensive. When its time for this to happen, she without remorse and seemingly without a care of what could happen to her, relying on Keshet to tell her when to pull back and retreat.
She can launch herself far into the sky with her hind legs, and can reach low-flying dragons. Her hind legs and front legs are extremely strong, able to tear things apart in an instant, and even damage elementally made plates and strong natural ones.

-Physically, she is very, very weak, relying on her sister to protect her.
-She is slower, but is able to dodge attacks she sees coming. Surprise attacks, she will more often than not be hit by them.
-She can barely hold her own in a fight, and has to keep her distance. However, if she were to be focused and her sister ignored, she would be in a lot of trouble when it comes to a fight.

-She isn’t very clever, her knowledge almost completely given to Keshet when they split. Because of this, it is very easy to trap her, or goad her into a fight in which she will more than likely lose.
-She also lacks wings, so any opponent in the sky can only be grabbed if she jumps high enough to claw them down. And her lack of wings also means that if any dragon where to pick her up and drop her, she wouldn’t be able to stop her fall very well. But she is still able to stop it, if she lands like a cat does.
-Xandra is rather over confident; her overconfidence deciding almost all her actions as she believes that nothing can overpower her and her sister. Due to this, she often does things which can be very detrimental to herself and her sister.

Shared Weaknesses after split
-They both cannot deal with heavy blows. They natural plating is sadly lacking when they split, as it is shared between both Xandra and Keshet.
-After they have split, they can only be in the split form for 10 minutes before they have to refuse. After they have refused, they are mentally jumbled, both minds mingling and becoming a bit scattered. It takes them a bit to recover, and they cannot split again for at the very least a day.

-They cannot control the colour of their scales, so they are always a rainbow in appearance. Because of this, they can never really hide from anything, or blend into the background and they stand out rather clearly.
-They also are a single body, meaning both minds can influence one another into doing things which they maybe shouldn’t do.
-They also, in all forms, do not have any ‘breathe’ abilities, meaning they are very weak to ranged attacks.
-They are also very weak when Xandra hasn't been stimulated, having one lazy mind on Keshets own is very tiring and as such, she needs Xandra to be awake and alert to become strong.

Combat Style: Keshet: Stay back, and give any information useful to Xandra to her, then keep Xandra out of danger.

Xandra: Get in there, claws ready and seeking blood. Torment them to distract them from my sister, then when she makes herself known, or she gives Xandra vital information, attack them without remorse and until Keshet calls her back. Bathe in their blood afterwards and dance in glee.
However, that being said, a different thing about her is that when Xandra attacks, whether it is reckless or not, she always has a grace to her while she is fighting, like dancing with an unknown partner.

Presplit: Wait a tiny bit for an opportunity, then when they open themselves up, dive in their recklessly and do your best to try and kill something.

History: It all began with a mishap with their egg. Somehow, they were two different dragons, in two separate eggs. But before they were laid, they fused into a single, much larger egg. Somehow, their mum still managed to lay them, she lost the rest of her clutch to a raid upon her nest, and only Kashet's egg remained. Her mother took the egg to the far places, hiding them in mountains to protect them, but when they hatched, their mum knew they were unnatural. She named and raised Kashet, and as soon as she could survive on her own, her mum abandoned her, all because they seemed so unnatural.
And that was the true term for Kashet, because as she grew, Kashet became aware of a voice calling to her in her mind. She would wander for days until she was too sore to move in order to find that voice. After her trip, she sometimes collapsed in exhaustion, and when she woke, found her body had been moved several meters. She finally figured out what it was though after so many years, when she was attacked by a young FireWing. She began to freak, not knowing how to defend herself against the dragon, and slowly the fear turned her scales black, her frills rainbow. Then, after running from the FireWing, she split.
A white dragon pulled away from her sister, and turned to snarl at the FireWing, who almost roared a challenge back. The dragon jumped away as the FireWing went to use fire, before the white dragon twisted herself, and with great strength, launched herself at the FireWing, her claws tearing apart its chest with ease. The FireWing roared and threw the white dragon away. Kashet shouted a warning. The white dragon seemed to understand it straight away, rolling out of the way from the fire before she gracefully rolled to her feet and dived again. Her teeth and claws kicked at the FireWings neck and underbelly, leaving her and the FireWings blood covered body on the ground. Cheerfully, the white dragon had danced in the crimson, rolling in it as she... was a bit strange... But then she was absorbed back into Kashet before the young, and confused, dragon could talk...
Now you know me... Sister... Was the last thing Kashet heard from her, before she rested. Eventually, coming to call her sister Xandra as she was a bit of an.. insane dragon.

RP Sample: "Red rain! It's natural, beautiful and delicious-oh so sweet! The taste of fresh iron!" The insane white dragon sang, cheerfully pulling her front paws up and throwing the redness everywhere. "Try some Kashet! You really should!" She sang, almost slithering towards Kashet with a drop on her claw. Kashet looked rather wide-eyed at the white dragon, "Umm, no thank you.. I think I will be alright."

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Keshet, the Insanity Dragon Empty Re: Keshet, the Insanity Dragon

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Tue Mar 08, 2016 1:21 am

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Keshet, the Insanity Dragon Empty Re: Keshet, the Insanity Dragon

Post by Thorin Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:42 pm

Pictures added to show what they look like, can this be re-approved ? :')

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Keshet, the Insanity Dragon Empty Re: Keshet, the Insanity Dragon

Post by Sly Mon Mar 14, 2016 4:17 pm


Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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