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Kayin - Goddess of Time Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Kayin - Goddess of Time Dragon10
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Kayin - Goddess of Time

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Kayin - Goddess of Time Empty Kayin - Goddess of Time

Post by Kayin Sun Mar 06, 2016 8:45 pm

Kayin - Goddess of Time Kayin_drawing_by_kfalash-d9tii9z
Personal Info
Name: Kayin
Alias: Goddess of Time
Age: (Varies) Her actual age is unknown by anyone as she can change it so often, but some speculate she's the age of time while others think she is the age of a hatchling. And then, there are those who think she isn't even born yet, a goddess that has come from the future of time where the earth no longer stands. Which one is right? That's her secret to tell.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Kayin keeps to herself most of the time, spending most of her days in her realm watching over the mortals with her tea. She mostly only talks with other Gods, unless a mortal interests her enough to make her want to invite them to her realm to chat. She rarely gives out her realm name to anyone, but is curious to see if anyone actually has learned it. With her being in her realm most of the time, she also finds it unlikely that anyone actually knows of her. Kayin keeps calm most of the time, rarely getting angry or sad. When angry she'll most likely push everyone out of her realm, if there was anyone, and try to calm down with her tea. She'll most likely get angered at rude dragons or anyone that tries to mock her or any other god. She never has a real reason to get sad at something, although she can have a bit of grief if something happens to a fellow god. Out of all the mortals she'd have to say the leaders interested her the most, and she likes to talk with them to know what's happening more on the ground. Sometimes she'll also strike a bargain with them, either for information or prolonging of their being, but this is mostly if they ask, as she'd never want to use her power without them mentioning it first. She finds most of her interest with other gods, and invites them over often for tea and to talk about mortals and other things. While she doesn't like to be proven wrong she can accept the fact that she was, if given enough evidence that she even was.

When messing with time, she doesn’t like to upset the past. She’ll watch it, but dislikes interfering with it. Even the slightest disruption can cause a wave of effects she doesn’t want to deal with.

Interests: Kayin likes to drink tea, especially with the other gods. When doing so she likes to speak with them, either talking about little things or the mortals or about more serious topics. She likes her tea plain with honey, but sometimes she’ll have Chamomile Tea, Chai Tea, Acai Tea, Cinnamon Tea, or any other that she finds to like. Tea is her favorite drink.

She likes to chat with the other gods, see what they’re up to and just how they’re doing. She is friendly to them and usually invites them for tea. Sometimes she’ll watch the mortals with them. She’ll more freely take them through time with her, as she sometimes wants company and she feels like they can handle it more than regular dragons.

Kayin also likes to watch the mortals for any she finds interesting. With those she might look at their past and future, to see if she can find anything interesting or something that they should know. She likes to appear by the dragons when they least expect it, and usually does it when she needs to show them something. Sometimes, she’ll just come down to them when bored.

Dislikes: Rude, or disrespectful dragons, to herself and others. She has little to no patience with them when talking with them. She may just walk away, leaving them to know that they have a god’s fury over their shoulder, but if they keep taunting her she may just have to show them a lesson. With most dragons, she’ll just end up leaving them be, knowing that not everyone can change. She hates it when they try to use her or pursued her to use her powers on them. She also finds it annoying when they try and be better than her, but let’s most of this slide if she wasn’t known as a goddess by them.

Being a relatively big dragon, Kayin doesn’t like small spaces. These are small spaces she will have to squeeze into, or bump her head into the ceiling every 10 seconds in. She doesn’t want to get stuck somewhere and now be able to get out. She likes to stay in her adult form at 95 feet tall, but if needed she will change down to her younger form which would be around 30 feet. She doesn’t like her younger form as it looks more childish, but would use it around hatchlings.

Kayin dislikes being cold and cold things, like cold tea. Of course, she can still handle it but would rather be somewhere warmer. Being cold is unpleasant and isn’t as satisfying as being warm. She can handle the cold just fine, but would rather avoid it.

Fears: Kayin fears losing her powers, her control over time. The time of herself and others, the thing that makes her special, different. The fact that she knows how to use it, and that she’s known for years. What would happen to the time? Would it be normal, or would a new god emerge with her powers? Mostly, she fears for that new god. For him to misuse his powers and end up collapsing the world in a time warp, causing everything to be of his. Even if she did lose her powers, she would hope it would be of a good reason.

General Appearance
Height: Kayin is 95 feet tall from talon to the top of her head. This does not include her antlers. In her child form, around 14-20 years of what would be her physical age, she is around 30 feet tall.
Length: Kayin is 190 feet long from snout to hind. Her tail is 90 feet long. Her wingspan is 380 feet long.
Scales: Her scales, or more like fur, is a light cream color. She has a few circular scales along her body that are a brighter yellow color and give off a slight glow. When using her powers, those scales go crazy with color, but she can stop it if she feels need. Under her fur she has more scales. Those scales are mainly grey but have a glimmer of other colors on them.

Eyes: Her left eye is a bright yellow, glaring as the sun. Her right is a turquoise, as calm as. Sometimes her right eye can appear bluer or more green, slightly changing by what they assume is mood. When angered or annoyed it looks more green, but when calm it tends to be bluer. Neutral moods tend to stay turquoise.
Appearance: Starting with the basics, Kayin has  light, cream-colored, fur. This fur is short, but still slightly soft and warm. It covers most of her body except for her underbelly, scale spots, and wings. Her wings are covered in feathers that have a slight rainbow-ish tint in the sunlight, or are at least multicolored. While she doesn’t have a mane she does have a bit of fur on the end of her tail. This fur is at the sides of her tail and is longer than the rest of her fur.

The row of spines on her back starts from the top of her head above and stops at the start of her tail fur. They are spaced out and never touch all the way down her back. Her spines are relatively small, starting off small and ending small but never getting more than a medium size. Her underbelly is covered in the same grey color as her spines, and slightly overlaps one another.

Kayin then has a few scales along her body. The first ones to notice would be the ones by her eyes. There are four spots and go from front and small to back and large, getting bigger as they go back. Next, she has them going along near the top of her underbelly. It starts big and goes in a patter from big to small and big again, every other one. They also go along the bone of her wing, in the same big-small pattern. These scales are a lighter cream color, although it can be hard to notice. When using her power you can see it change colors rapidly.

Under her fur she is plated with scales. These would be the scales you’d see if she lost part of her fur. While they appear grey, they have a slight tint to them of multiple colors. These colors can range from white to black, red to blue, and yellow to purple.
On top of her head she has two antlers. These antlers do not change and fall off once a season like deer. Her antlers curve to the front with six points on them. She has two points in the front and two in the back. On the top it splits off for two more, one back and one finishing the curve forward. Her antlers are an off-yellow bone color, and hanging off of her second-to-top antler is a small amethyst gem. This gem serves no real purpose other than to just be there, but some speculate it’s what holds her powers.

Kayin has five toes on each finger, one of them acting like a thumb enabling her to pick up objects. Her claws are a darker grey than the rest of her. The scales go down the back of her arms and legs in a line, stopping at her thumb for the front and ankle for the back. Her hands are similar to her eyes in the way that they have small scales at the front and larger scales at the back. Behind her claw is a small scale that, just like her eye, goes back until it is made up of four scales, each increasing in size. Her thumb is a bit different, for it only holds two scales of the same size. In total, one paw would have 18 scales on it.

Being the Goddess of Time, she always looks young. If needed, she could make herself look like her older self and act like an old, helpless dragon. She could also look like a young playful baby, or anything else she wants. Her mind isn't affected by her physical age, but she can still act it out good as she can let herself think like her age.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: N/A
Rank: Goddess of Time
Family: Deceased
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Kayin is smart, having all the time in the world to learn things. She could potentially know everything, but would rather keep it to herself. She knows what a dragon with too much knowledge can do, but there’s nothing to stop one from lying. Most of her knowledge comes from her time, but she has also learned stuff from various dragons. If anything, dragons would say she has more ‘street smarts’ than regular smarts, but that’s from keeping to herself. With that, she can be persuasive, giving facts rather than random things. She also knows to have patience, as she has time for it.

Time. She has all of the time in the world. Never having to wait for someone or something ever again, seeing mistakes in the past and the future returning them. It’s a luxury, able to go anywhere she wants at anytime she wants. Even speeding up time to watch how things work, or slowing it down to watch the lightning strike. This goes back to her knowledge of things, mostly how things work but still more than most.
Kayin is great at making tea, and loves to make it. She’s also good at guessing what kind of tea a dragon would like, but that may just be because they’re afraid to say no to a god. She usually has this tea for herself, but always serves it to her guests that she invites to her realm. She only has her tea in her realm, but may bring her cup to another god’s realm or, if in a really bad mood, may even bring it to the ground where the mortals roam. She will sometimes make her tea stronger if she gets a headache, as the tea can vary with her mood.

Special Abilities: Kayin is able to hide herself from dragons until she wants them to see her. She only uses this in Pyrria, and it helps when going though time so that she doesn’t mess with the past. This is also what she uses to appear next to dragons, or to watch over a group or dragon. She can travel while invisible to the dragon’s eye. Full gods can see though this while Semi’s and Demi’s can slightly see it, only when seen in their peripheral vision. She can also sometimes let some dragons slightly see her if she wants to. When doing this, she is silent and does not produce a scent, but can still bump into things and move objects, meaning that she can bump into dragons and other things.

She can also reverse time on things, making someone old young once more, or aging a baby into adulthood. With this, she could keep something young forever, like herself. Or if she needed to, she could crumple it into ashes. This would only be by heavy persuasion, as she could easily wait for it to grow up or go back and watch it as a baby. She rarely likes to age things, as she doesn't see it doing any real good in her life or another's. What good would it be if your baby was older than you itself? Or to watch your loved one stay young while you grow old? Maybe it'd be to let them live a long, satisfied life, but what would they have to live for without you? This can cause a lot of distortion in time and can cause unbalance, the main reason she doesn't do this much.

Being the Goddess of Time, Kayin is able to see through time. She can go back in time to when there were no more humans, and even before Pyrria was made, or she can go forward in time to when the planet is no more. With this she is also able to control time, but only have it affect her unless she is with another dragon and allows them to see it. This means she can slow down time or speed it up. If she feels like, Kayin is able to take dragons with her. They can only see it and can not change anything, just like her. She very rarely lets a dragon do this, and lets Gods do this much more than mortals. They can only do this with her and only in she takes them. If she needs to deliver an important message, she can only do so in riddles, and not explain what is fully going to happen. If this is true, she could be only playing and telling riddles to them, but who would know?

Weaknesses: Kayin can only see one path of the future, but it changes often with other dragons moves. This means that at one moment, a dragon could have a future of being caught, but the next something else happens. The future is changing all the time, but the past is set. This is why she likes the dragons to see the past, rather than the future. Most dragons who see the future want to change it, but their new choices are what lead to the bad one.

Sometimes, if Kayin uses her power too much, she can get strong headaches. This only happens when she overuses her power, or disrupts something in the time. Most of the time she’ll just use tea to get over it and it’ll fix itself for the most part, but sometimes the tea can’t even help and she’ll have to fix whatever the problem was herself.

Combat Style: Kayin’s way of fighting is quite simple, don’t get in a fight with a  time goddess. She would simply slow down her time, dodging their attacks until they got annoyed and left. If not, she’d age them until they promised to leave her alone, before aging them back to their original age. If she actually wanted a fair, fun fight she’d use her own personal strengths against them, without most of her powers. She could also simply disappear and go away from the attempted fight.

History: This is only what she knows, and is to be revealed on her terms.
RP Sample:[/b] Down on Pyrrhia it was a dark day like no other, storm clouds rolling over hills and threatening to ruin a nice afternoon with thunder and lightening. Dragons outside would most likely stop and go for cover once they saw the clouds appear, not wanting to get their scales wet. Kayin was back in her realm, looking over things and watching her realm animals change ages like a clock. She had a freshly made cup of tea on her desk, mixed with a bit of honey. She gazed over the storm, going forward a bit until it started to really storm. It was going to be a big one. Winds were fast under it, going at about 15-30 miles per hour, with the lightning hitting various trees and rain not letting an inch of ground left dry. She wondered if it was going to flood some of the lowland places, as she went back and saw a storm similar like this. It was times like these when she liked having her orbs in her realm to see through the future and past without much effort.

Looking back to current time she noticed a figure. At first, she thought it was probably some water-loving creature, but upon further observation it seemed to be a dragon. The dragon could easily be a seawing, but it didn't look so. And by the way it looked, it wasn't happy or enjoying the rainy weather or storm. She sighed. There were plenty of other things she could look over or try and fix, yet this one drew her attention. Even if she didn't like the cold, and most rain meant cold, she decided to go closer anyways.

The dragon was small, most likely a SkyWing of some sorts. It was also black with a bit of grey and bright blue spots. Maybe some sort of mixture. The scent of it didn't smell of other dragons, so it was definitely a rogue. Kayin closed her eyes, taking a breath as her scales started to fly with colors. The dragon wouldn't have noticed her yet, as she was hidden from it. When she opened her eyes she looked over the dragon again. This one was better to be kept alone. Kayin was silently thankful for the time to take her mind off of important things and to go explore something interesting. Silently, she slipped back into her own realm to dry off and warm up.
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Kayin - Goddess of Time Empty Re: Kayin - Goddess of Time

Post by Celestia Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:49 pm


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