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AmberFlame Empty AmberFlame

Post by AmberFlame on Mon Feb 29, 2016 3:46 pm

AmberFlame Lemerg
Personal Info
Name: (AmberFlame)
Alias: (She is sometimes called Golden Fever, knowing she is obsessed with gems and stones, along with gold.)
Age: (12.)
Gender: (Female.)
Sexuality: (pansexual.)  
Personality: (She is Cute, Kind to others, Mischevious, Secretive, Obsessed with gemstones and minerals, and gold and stones. She is Beautiful, Shy, and yet very sensitive. Emotional, and Kawaii. Brave sometimes, only when she is able to let others know how she feels. She is a lover of animals, yet afraid of predators. She will only attack a predator and/or prey when most ready and brave enough. She likes to collect her gems, and admire them, yet she will only share her gemstones so often. She is very intelligent, yet not enough to be a "non-tresspasser". She loves to explore areas she's not allowed to go. There is more to this character that can be added, but that is all for now.)
Interests: (Collect Gems and minerals, Exploring areas, tackling and play fighting with other dragons.)
Dislikes: (Attack animals ((Yet forced to)) Kill others unless needed to, Humans.)
Fears: (She is afraid of predators, yet sometimes likes to become friends. Most of the time she will be too afraid and run away, crying tears of fright.)

General Appearance
Height: ( 7 feet tall.)
Scales: ( Main color Yellow, Dark orange and silver gemstones on scales.)
Eyes: ( Left eye Grey, Right eye Orange.)
Appearance: (Horns Silver, Yellow skin base, Orange and Silver gemstones on scales, Left eye Grey, Right eye Orange, Wings yellow + Orange, Chain around back left leg.)

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: (SkyWings.)
Rank: (Gemstone)
Family: (My family is no one, they died from the NightWing's attack.)
Mate: (N/A)
Hatchlings: (N/A ((Not until I meet a mate.)) .)

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: (Flying, Exploring, Hiding, Keeping a secret, being afraid, ETC.)
Special Abilities: (Any unique abilities that your dragon has that no other dragon has? Make balanced powers)
Weaknesses: (Poison Berries, Poison Ivy, All poisons.)
Combat Style: (She Breathes molten gemstones at you ((because she eats gems)) and can scratch other dragons with tail and claws.)

History: (As a young dragon, my parents and I were easily getting water from the river late a night, yet a NightWing hunting group attacked my parents, before they got me, I ran and flew away, and never knew I was there. I was a homeless dragon ever since.)
RP Sample: (Sample: *Glares at other Dragons* Hi?.)


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AmberFlame Empty Re: AmberFlame

Post by Aero Dynamic on Sat May 21, 2016 3:43 pm

Is this app finished? I notice that the Special abilities area has yet to be filled out. Also, weakness to poison is a real weakness but you need some others that aren't related to all dragons. The description in Combat Style would have to be put under Special Abilities considering I don't see that ability anywhere else. She also wouldn't be able to breath molten gemstones unless she was a FireWing, which it says she's a SkyWing. You also can't just put ECT. in Strengths. Gemstone is also not a rank, look at the tribe information if needed.

Bump when done and edited
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

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AmberFlame Empty Re: AmberFlame

Post by Aero Dynamic on Wed Jun 22, 2016 8:13 pm

Moved to Old Applications. Please contact a staff if you would like to take this out and finish it.
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

Female Leo Horse
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Age : 18
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