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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Vrede   Dragon10
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Vrede   Empty Vrede

Post by Vrede Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:25 pm

Insert Image Here
Personal Info
Name: Vrede
Alias: Spite
Age: 112 years old
Gender: female
Sexuality: heterosexual
Personality: Vrede is a rather spiteful she dragon. If she see's a chance to get back at someone who has wronged her she will certainly go for it. It is best to stay on her nice side. She can be a doting mother and a loving mate. Vrede also leans a bit towards arrogance and can be too prideful of her tribe from time to time. She values her comrades friendship highly so long as they don't make her too angry for one reason or another.
Interests: Vrede likes to read, swim, tend her algae garden, chat with other dragons, hunt sharks and orca, sink human ships, eat humans, and help out her tribe when needed.
Dislikes: Vrede hates lightning storms. They keep her from going anywhere near the surface of the ocean for fear of being electrocuted. Water spouts are also annoying but she can deal with those a little more easily than lightning. With a water spout Vrede could simply go with the flow of the current and try to jump out of one. She also hates back stabbers, dragons who use others simply for personal gain, betrayers, and dragons who misuse their power.
Fears: Vrede fears the Kraken with it's many sticky tentacles and slippery skin, she also fears mesosaurs that live in the deepest parts of the ocean, and the menacing megalodon are also creatures she fears. Vrede has a great fear of lightning and electricity caused by storms an volcanoes. Another fear she has is of drying up on the land being burnt by the sun or fire..
General Appearance
Height: She is at the top of the seawing's size at 60 feet tall from the bottom of her chin to the top of her head as she has no legs to count into this.
Length: She is 247 feet long from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail fin.
Scales: She has no scales, but very smooth skin which secretes slime.
Eyes: Vrede has mottled pale grayish green eyes that are cloudy with no pupils, and though it may look like she is blind she can see perfectly fine.
Appearance: Vrede is sixty feet tall and wide from the bottom of her chin to the top of her head, while her neck is fifty feet tall and wide, her body is 60 feet tall and wide, that long tail along with its fin is sixty feet tall, but only ten feet wide gradually decreasing in size and width to the end of it. She is basically a huge eel, though she has a four diminutive fins. Her jaws are loaded with sharp serrated teeth like a sharks, and just like a shark she has hundreds of teeth that can all be replaced if she looses them. She also has rows of teeth inside of her mouth like a lamprey and an oval muzzle.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Seawing's
Rank: Citizen
Family: Her family is not known.
Mate: She does not have a mate yet.
Hatchlings: She does not have any hatchlings yet.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Vrede lacks in strength but has great speed in water. She can outrace most creatures in the ocean, and is one of the fastest seawings. On land her speed is cut down by three quarters though. She is probably the slowest dragon of all on land. She is a good listener and is great at analyzing situations and dragons around her. Her slimy eel like body means that she is very good at worming her way out of the grip of opposing dragons. She excels in hiding as well since her skin can change colors much like an octopus or chameleon.
Special Abilities: Not that it is a special magic ability, but her color pigment cells in her skin are like that of some species of octopus where she can change her skin color to match her surroundings.

Vrede's purely offensive ability is a water gun that can shoot water bullets the size of her mouth at opponents. Her ammo of water is unlimited if she is in the ocean, river, or a large lake. However if she is in a small lake, pond, stream, or on land she only has 25 shots before she can no longer use her water gun. If she is in a really hot place like near a volcano or in a lava field for whatever reason she would only have 5 shots to use with her water gun.

Vrede's defensive and somewhat offensive ability is the ability to control the water around her within 150 feet of herself. She can use this water and cover herself in it to keep herself moist. When doing this particular action her rate of healing also increases. Minor cuts and slashes would heal up in twenty minutes, stab wounds would heal up in forty-five minutes, minor burns would heal up in a mere fifteen minutes while bad burns would take fifty minutes to heal. This bubble of water around her can be moved in any direction by Vredes powers. A good example of her powers are the way water benders use their water powers in Avatar the last air bender/Korra shows. The downside to this ability is that if there is no water around her she can't use it at all. She would have to resort to using her water gun on herself to make water to use for this ability. This is why she almost never leaves a water source, a part form the fact that she just can't move well on land in the first place.

Weaknesses: Electricity is a big weakness to Vrede. Even a small zap can cause her a lot of stress and possibly stop her heart. A larger lightning strike or electric current would certainly kill her.
    A hot enough flame, like at 700+ degrees F, would be able to penetrate Vrede's water powers and fry her skin if she were caught out in the open. It would take two minutes of continuous flame of high power like this to kill her though as she would likely be covering herself with water from her own attacks at the same time. If a dragon with these high powered flames were fighting her by a smaller body of water (like a pond, stream, or river) she could last much longer against them, but only by about 30 minutes. If a dragon with these high powered flames attacks her in the seas or ocean then she can much more easily defend herself against them.
   If she is not near water and is caught out in the open any flames under 650 degrees F that get's past her water powers will start to dry her up. She would be able to fight against a normal powered flame for hours before fully drying up though. That is if the dragon survived the fight for that long against her.
  Any dragon that tries to physically injure her will be able to deal great damage as she does not have scales. Instead her skin is horribly smooth and secretes slime to make her slippery. Which is annoying to her opponents in and of itself, but with anything sharp they could cut through her easily enough. Gripping her slimy skin is problematic though.
   Earthwing dragons who can control plants are at an advantage over Vrede as plants can simply suck up some of the water she throws at them. They can more easily capture her and strangle Vrede than most other elemental abilities. However even the strongest of plants can be drowned, and regular earth nature abilities don't do a huge amount of damage to Vrede.
Combat Style: Vrede only fights with her prey and the sea monsters of the deep. She tries her best to stay out of fights with other dragons. She will only fight with those who have wronged her greatly, and those who have angered her to the point that she can't control herself anymore.

She will use her water abilities mostly, along with her great length to coil around and tie up her enemies. Her teeth are like a shark's, and letting her get a hold of you is not a good idea. Just like a shark, Vrede can bite clear a gaping hole in your dragon the size of her mouth. Her horns are sharp and used for poking deep holes into a dragon.

History: Vrede has been living with the seawings since she hatched, but after a Kraken killed her mother she has been rather distant with the rest of the family. They originally lived at the edge of the seawing territory where the deep waters darken the sea. She has been living on the edges of seawing territory tending to her algae and kelp gardens whenever possible.
RP Sample: I am Rii, Ventus, Rateevko, Noctissa, Yokubo, ect...


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Vrede   Empty Re: Vrede

Post by Vrede Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:14 pm

This is now ready for approval or tweaking. XD


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Vrede   Empty Re: Vrede

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:31 pm

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Baldirak Sapiens Draco
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