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God Of Destruction Application! Dragon10
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God Of Destruction Application!

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God Of Destruction Application! Empty God Of Destruction Application!

Post by Arkhor on Tue Feb 16, 2016 5:11 pm

As the title says, we have been without 3 destruction gods for some time. Therefore this is for the position, Fill out the form below and try to make your god idea creative. For example we already have a god of death and luck. Preferable a goddess since both are destruction gods. You can create a new character and account for the role.


[b]Character Name:[/b] (Put N/A if your username is your character name)
[b]Title of God:[/b]
[b]Main Account:[/b]
[b]Why do you think you should have this position?:[/b]
[b]A brief description of what powers:[/b]

Ending Date: 24th Feb

God Of Destruction Application! Otp62r

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God Of Destruction Application! Empty Re: God Of Destruction Application!

Post by Aero Dynamic on Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:04 pm

Username: Areo Dynamic
Character Name: Kayin
Title of God: Kayin - Goddess of Time
Main Account: Areo
Activity?: I try to be active, but I do have school and other various things. I am usually on for hours a day, but posting wise it can be low or high depending on my brain.
Why do you think you should have this position?: I've been on this site for almost a year, even though that one tough spot. I try to be as active as possible, and try to be nice to everyone. I try to be helpful and still have fun and just be there. I do have a Demi God but nothing higher than that in the gods. I feel like I could be a good spot with this as my role playing is getting better and making longer more detailed posts.
A brief description of what powers: The goddess of time, she can make things young again, or make them old. She can reverse time, back to when your mate was alive again, or forward into the time of death and despair. With this, she can see forward or back, looking over raging fires or murders, or to the growth of new forests. She can also stop it or slow it down or up, watching the seasons go past her eyes or watching a fight in slow motion.

The problems with this though, is that she can only see it. She can watch every other dragon and not be noticed by them, because she is only seen when she wants to be. It's like being a ghost, and she can materialize when she wants. The only way she can get someone else to see it is if she let's them, and if they let her. If she needs too, she can wait until they want to see it, or by then it might be too late. She only lets a dragon do this once, unless she feels the need for them to do it again. That feel would be if she discovers something they should see that she passed over, or if she felt like they needed it.

They can not change what happens while they are with her, but they can try to change it in their own time. Most of the time, what they try to do to change it is what caused it in the first place. She can not change anything either, as it would cause an unbalance in time. She can't directly tell them what happens, no matter how much she'd want to. She can only give hints like riddles or prophecies. This is meaning she couldn't say who or what exactly did it, but give hints so they could find out themselves. If a dragon goes with her, then they can see it without her having to tell them what happens. The only thing is, they have to promise to keep it a secret or else they and whoever they told will lose the memory forever. This can be bypassed if she sees it important for them to tell that one, but they too have to keep it a secret for they can only be told once.

She can also reverse time on things, making someone old young once more, or aging a baby into adulthood. With this, she could keep something young forever, like herself. Or if she needed to, she could crumple it into ashes. This would only be by heavy persuasion, as she could easily wait for it to grow up or go back and watch it as a baby. She rarely likes to age things, as she doesn't see it doing any real good in her life or another's. What good would it be if your baby was older than you itself? Or to watch your loved one stay young while you grow old? Maybe it'd be to let them live a long, satisfied life, but what would they have to live for without you? This can cause a lot of distortion in time and can cause unbalance, the main reason she doesn't do this much.

In her realm, time differences is everywhere. It's comforting to her, and that's where she spends more of her time. These time differences change from little bubbles with speeding time, or slow drips of rain off a leaf. There are also animals that walk around, from random dragons she may or may not have encountered or been alive at one point to little mice that scurry on the ground. If a dragon that is alive is there, it'd just be a replica and not affected in any way in the real world. Most animals quickly switch their forms, from adults to babies to elders and adolescents in random order. The others just slowly or quickly age, being like phoenixes and coming out of their ashes to become a baby again. None of these creatures have a mind, as they are no more than mere replicas without a conscious. Her world is mostly a bright white or yellow, different shades separating the sky from the ground. She sits in a throne and watches everything in her realm. To any normal dragon, it would give them a headache so bad and hurt their eyes so much it might damage them, and to a normal god it can still give a headache, but to her, it's beautiful and normal. In her realm there is not a worry of an unbalanced, so she can change time however she feels.

Sometimes, she likes to visit the mortals, and other times she sees a mortal that could use her help. Most of the time it'd be to cheer up a sad dragon, as she dislikes seeing dragons in distress. Other times, it because as she was looking around she found some information they should know. And the rest of the time, it's because her world bores her or she wants to see how they are doing in their time.

Being the Goddess of Time, she always looks young. If needed, she could make herself look like her older self and act like a old, helpless dragon. She could also look like a young playful baby, or anything else she wants. Her mind isn't affected by her physical age, but she can still act it out good as she can let herself think like her age. Her actual age is unknown by anyone as she can change it so often, but some speculate she's the age of time while others think she is the age of a hatchling. And then, there are those who think she isn't even born yet, a goddess that has come from the future of time where the earth no longer stands. Which one is right? That's her secret to tell.

She could do a lot of things to a dragon if she wanted to. If someone made a trade that pleased her enough, she would be able to make someone immortal, but she most likely wouldn't do that. She is smart enough to consider her actions, and she could use the future events to help her although it doesn't always say what could happen if she did make them immortal. If anything, she'd let them be immortal to know that they don't want to live a life of eternity, to watch as their loved ones died and they were left to live alone and unknown. Then she'd either reverse their time and let them live a normal life or just let them go off and die, as they have already experienced enough.
If she did give them immortality, the first mess-up they did that she found worthy would cause them to rapidly age to their normal age, which could most likely turn them into a pile of dust. And if not, she might just kill them herself.

If she needed to torture someone for some reason, she could slow down their time and put them in a place of pain, making it so that it would last for what seems like an eternity. Not only that, but if she wanted to she could reverse the time, and with their consent they'd go through the pain time and time again. She only needs their approval once, and then she can take them through time as many times as she wants before letting them go and waiting until next time. Although, she most likely won't do that to a dragon unless she could find a good enough reason to, from herself or another dragon.

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God Of Destruction Application! Empty Re: God Of Destruction Application!

Post by Rii Rii on Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:43 pm

Username: Rii
Character Name: Vrede  (I will have to make this alt now)
Title of god: Goddess of Wrath
Main Account: Rii
Activity?: I personally think I'm pretty active, but other people's opinions differ so I may not be active to others. I try to check in every day and the most I'm gone for is about 3 to 4 days if I'm busy. I'll usually post a thread warning people if I'm going to be absent or slow for longer periods of time.

Why do you think you should have this position?:
Vrede's reasoning for wanting this position? - "I think I should be a goddess because I would have more power to make a difference in the lives of others instead of simply watching the innocent suffer and the guilty go free. My wrath will overwhelm enemies whether it be righteous or vengeful. Those who pray to me may receive my blessing and see my wrath rain down upon their foes. I can help you destroy the pitiful creature who used you, the cruel ones who tortured you, and the weak dragons who slander your name. Those who pick on the weak and get away with all kinds of horrid deeds will fall before my rage. I will become the bane of your enemies existence as long as you worship me. I will morph into a dragon to be feared by all..."

My personal reasoning for wanting this position?- I think Vrede can help spice up the lives of non god dragons. One other personal reason is because I've been wanting a god position for a while now. I think I can have more fun with her because I can be a little more evil with her personality and moral values. Since there seem to be a few too many good gods around...

Well not that she can't be nice. Vrede is like that vengeful mother who has had her back stabbed one too many times. You be nice and respectful to her and she will be that wonderful nice maybe even fun woman. She will adore her friends, family, and anyone who is able to get close to her. Vrede also keeps herself from using any kind of powers on her friends, family, or companions unless they ask of it. However there is a reason she is not a goddess of justice. At the same flip of a coin she would do anything to protect those closest to her, even if it means killing or torturing her friends' loved ones. She also does not tend to pause before torturing a stranger if he or she gets in her way or pisses her off. However, if you do something to make her angry in anyway then she will make you pay. I think because of these aspects of her nature that she can be a very fun and witty goddess to play.

Brief description of powers?: Wrath and the increase of anger plays a big part in whether she can actually use her powers or not, and in what circumstances her powers will work. For example, if a dragon prayed to her to hurt someone who wronged them; she could only answer that prayer and injure the dragons opponent if the praying dragon has anger in their heart. If there is no anger she cannot lift a finger to help the dragon praying to her. In most cases this isn't a problem however.

A more precise definition of her powers, though not at all the full description of them, are as follows.

Being the goddess of wrath she can inflict pain on other life forms by torture of their mind. While this tends to be a nightwing trait in general Vrede specializes in this. Basically the power allows her to get into your head and show you every horrible thing that can happen to you, those close to you, or to whatever it is you cherish. Since it is literally Vrede messing with your brain and the nerves in it she can make your feel physical pain while in these illusions though they leave no injuries to the dragon being affected. While it is an illusion in reality none but other gods can break out of it with enough god power force.

A somewhat regular god power is that she can hear and sort through every prayer that is sent her way in her mind and decide from there which she will answer.

She also has insanely huge endurance, strength on par to any large earthwing (which means that a large earthwing may be able to over power her), agility to match most dragons spare for the mid to small sized skywings, and some other elemental abilities that will be explained in detail in her full app. All of the colored stuff is something that can be greatly changed depending on what is and is not allowed by staff. Though I would rather her keep the above ability fully.

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Rii's physical description here

God Of Destruction Application! 5CaZGod Of Destruction Application! E6J4n
Rii Rii
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God Of Destruction Application! Empty Re: God Of Destruction Application!

Post by Draken on Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:49 pm

Username: Draken
Character Name: N/A
Title of God: Draken - god of Darkness and Dreams
Main Account: Draken
Activity?: I'm on everyday unless I have an important comic thing to do, which wont happen. I'm on everyday
Why do you think you should have this position?:

I think I deserve this because I am on everyday and just thinking that Draken being a god, It would be such a great Rp idea, like it turns out that Weak ol Draken wasn't weak after all and it turns out he was god the entire time, It would actually make Draken special and I just love the thought of it. The idea will be that Draken was abandoned because of this power he had, this entire time he thought he was alone and was worthless but over time he realizes that he has worth.

Draken with this Dark energy would slowly become evil because of this darkness the rp idea would involve so much drama like Draken leaving his family because he cant control himself or him hurting his friends and his friends trying to stop him. Draken would slowly become insane and would loose his friendly attitude but he can be cured from this.

Also it would make me involved with Rp, and actually make me sometimes talk about important stuff, like you guys. This would be very fun to Rp as a friendly Dragon that slowly gets sucked into evil, but soon because everyone's friend again.

A brief description of what powers:

The God of Darkness allows him to be able to turn anything Dark no matter how bright it is. He would be stronger in the dark and he would be able to build and make things out of pure darkness. Also he would be able to make illusions out of Darkness. Basically Darkness manipulation.

The flaws would be that he would be weakened to Light based attacks and be a bit weaker in daytime. His size might also be a flaw, as well as him having trouble to adjust to his abilities because of his personality. Also just because he can control darkness does not mean he can change the time of day, so no changing it from day to night. Another Flaw is that the Darkness could slowly take over Draken making him more evil every step he takes. The black spots would actually be the evil corrupting him and slowly taking him over and as he continues to have this the spots will slowly grow until he is pure black and evil

Another ability would be that he would be able to slowly corrupt people with darkness making them slowly turn evil. Because of his friendly personality I can see him accidently doing this and making his friends turn evil on accident. Also he would be able to mind control but with a twist. Draken would only be able to mind control during the night, he would also get the ability to read minds.

One interesting ability would be the ability to control dreams. He would be able to control other dragon's dreams but only if their sleeping and he can make them either good or bad. Draken would also be able to enter a dream realm where he would be able to call it "his new home". Draken would be able to do whatever he wants in his dream realm, but can only bring people into it if they are sleeping. Though he is not Freddy Krueger, he cant kill in people's dreams

other then all of these Evil things. Draken could also do some good things. Draken as said before would be able to give people dreams instead of nightmares. Also if anyone has evil or darkness in them, he can take the evil out of them and make them better again, but that darkness goes in Draken. Draken can also read minds making him able to see if anyone is feeling bad on something and then he would be able fix their problems.

Draken also will be able to have a nightmare form. Nightmare form would turn him completely black and have glowing red eyes, He would be a lot stronger in strength, Defense and speed and his personality would automatically become evil. However this comes at a cost, If Draken uses this, he gets drained from his power massively and a huge dose of evil will automatically be injected in him. Draken would only use this if absolutely necessary. another Flaw is that he would only be able to use the Nightmare form in the night and in day he cant.

Draken's dream world is full of basically anything that goes in his head. If he wants a giant tree then a giant tree appears, If he wants food he gets food and you get the point. Draken can use this to make people have their fantasies come true and make them have the happiness night of their life or He could give the worst nightmare and make the victim want to wake up.

Draken would also be able to trade other Dragons for something he pleased for some dark abilities for a certain amount of time to said them for whatever they want to do with them. But if it turns out they lied just to do something else, Draken would be able to take the dark energy back as well as the victims soul. Draken would never make these deals because of how untrustworthy everyone could be and he feels that killing is not the right thing to do. But if he is evil at that moment he would be glad to take their soul. Draken would be also able to trade with Dream manipulation which would allow someone to manipulate any one's dream for 1 night and once again if they lie, Draken takes the power back along with the victims soul.

Last edited by Draken on Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:57 pm; edited 5 times in total

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God Of Destruction Application! Empty Re: God Of Destruction Application!

Post by Sly on Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:31 pm

Username: Lespernii
Character Name: N/A
Title of God: Goddess of Plants and Time
Main Account: sLy
Activity?: Almost everyday half-day
Why do you think you should have this position?:

Because I was nominated to

Very often I am active and always log in to the cbox to either chat with the other users or help them with any troubles they may have, including questions about the site or when they begin to argue. Although I'm only on for 6months now in this site, I have gained quite a lot of experience in how things should run and such. In the past, I have created polls and allowed the combat arena to exist for combat RPers (and possibly future events), as well as creating the new annual event the Valentines Day Blind Date. As such, I am very grateful to be part of the DRF team in making this site a much bigger and better RP site for dragons.

This aside, why should Lespernii be chosen? It's not because of her strengths, but because of her ideals. She is a cold and cruel dragoness, rather vain and prideful in her heritage and rigid in what she believes in. Once she grabs hold of the power of the goddess of destruction, she would not be able to boast about this but is willing to cast her wrath against the humans or all those who dare to harm what the natural world of Pyrrhia had brought before them. She is somewhat a strategist, and could cooperate loyally with the other gods, and she is also quite a descent fighter as well, using her speed for 'snapping' movements to quickly strike down anything in her path.

In fact, she is rather obsessed with the strength and might of dragons and the natural world that she is willing to destroy cities with overgrowing plants and turn them into ruins, as well as ensnaring helpless victims and burying them into the earth to be absorbed for nutrients for plant life. She makes independent judgments and shows no mercy for those she does not tolerate.

A brief description of what powers:

As well as being able to control all plant life around her, and materializing some from any sort of surface by using only her mind, Lespernii is also able to manipulate time. However, not in a manner that she can turn all of Pyrrhia back by one year, but her time manipulation was enclosed. This means she makes her own dimension over a set object or area where she can freely manipulate time without the rest of the world having to suffer from the distorting affects of the space-time continuum being disturbed. Using such ability, she can change the biological clocks of anyone or anything caught in her grasp, meaning she can age them considerably until their scales and bones rot and decay from existence, or regress all the way back to the time they were an egg, and even further before they became a foetus.

Lespernii can also accelerate, decelerate and reverse time within her dimension. Anything walking into her field will become a victim to her change. This is particularly useful for her, as there are certain plants that takes eons to grow, and those that will die in mere seconds after maturing. She can also freeze time in the area as well.

However, Lespernii is limited in that she cannot create multiple dimensions. Only one can be made at a time. However, she can expand and shrink these dimensions if she either wanted to encompass something or caught something by mistake that she does not want to affect.

Lespernii's realm is a large forest of many plants, known and unknown to all of Pyrrhia, under an endless night, with a large glade with a fountain of silver water running. There, also sat a huge tree which Lespernii took inspiration from the Mother Tree in Pyrrhia. Many different plants glow here, some with bio-luminescence and others like they were very much alive and snap at anything moving near them. This is where Lespernii does her research as well in creating multiple plant life, as well as continuing her hobby of keeping bees and making an array of different honeys. However, Lespernii is seen frequently deep within the Lush forest, either to plant her newly created plants and speeding them to maturity, or to clear out any human threat.

Sly's theme. Enjoy!

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God Of Destruction Application! Empty Re: God Of Destruction Application!

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 16, 2016 7:44 pm

Username: Shizarou
Character Name: Shizarou
Title of God: Sentient of Sin
Main Account: Bassasail
Activity?: on here most for he time

Why do you think you should have this position?: Shizarou, as said in his history, he has been made completely from darkness itself, formed as a creature of the Void, he is naturally and purely evil, his sadistic and twisted mind always craving up a hunger for war, murder, and even cannibalism. His mindset to kill any who stands in his way is quite organized, as he does this in a more proper fashion, he gives his enemies the death they do wish, however, if it is a death he cannot give them, he will immediately kill them in the most brutal and slowest way possible, then, while they are still breathing, continue to devour their very body alive. This gruesome action is (not done in real rp) quite a favorable one for this dark being. Whilst, he spend his times most on reading, he is quite acceptable to battling. His ego, whoever, is what drives him to reach above all others, attempting to gain the title of "God" as he claims he should be and claiming that he truly is God. He wants power, he wants to conquer, and he wants what he could never have. As purely evil, Shizarou is perfect for such a position, since he is already capable of destroying rather then bringing peace or creating, he loves to kill and does not look back, moving into the future further more as he will progress to reach his goal. What helps though, is his persistence of his own ego, as if it's a second voice, he does act rationally and brags about his power, he believes that he is perfectly suited for such a role as the God of Destruction, yet, in an evil twist. His power can be quite immense, and his drive to constantly win and gain more is annoying towards all but himself. He is a true demon in all reality.

A brief description of what powers:
Sin: This power is only bestowed unto those who understand and coexist with the darkness within, Shizarou understands the darkness and its purposes. During battle, interrogation, or even for fun he can drive a dragon insane by forcing its sin to build up, creating a painful darkness. This sin causes immense pain both physically and mentally, however it is not tested on other gods, on mortals it works very well, he can even go as far as absorbing the sin for power and controlling it as he pleases. The sin allows him to even go as far as committing cannibalism, allowing him to only gain the strength and speed of his foe but he cannot eat like this very often for it will drive him to the state of wanting the taste of his own kind constantly. The capabilities of darkness is quite endless, but the most notable of this power of Sin is that this allows Shizarou near complete control of darkness. He can fire beams of scorching to freezing darkness from which are built up from the darkness within himself, the larger beams coming from his mouth but two others can come from his claws as well but rather taking on an orb form, from which he can extend their sizes. However, any size of the orbs that exceeds his own size can grow quite unstable, but such a poor is used against other gods as such, since they are more worthy of a death, the blast radius can engulf the area, however, with that unstable energy, this deals damage even on its caster at a great rate, used as a more "last resort" since it even takes away life energy at such cost. Shizarou can cover an entire battlefield and even the air in a thick mist of darkness, the darkness itself being just like regular fog, this is generated by Sin itself, since darkness does derive from such power, however, this can even affect the caster on himself, causing the same mistakes the opponent would make as well. An overall power that causing great fatigue to its caster, is the power to grow strong and faster. While this is quite forbidden, the Power of Sin allows its bearer one chance to manipulate the muscle of their body, causing them to grow in bulk and perhaps even size. Due to the muscles being forced, during the battle the caster can feel the great fatigue in their body and eventually have to drop the black magic in order to avoid being immobilized by this great technique.


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God Of Destruction Application! Empty Re: God Of Destruction Application!

Post by Arkhor on Wed Feb 24, 2016 4:33 pm

The winner is:

Kayin - Goddess of Time (Areo)

Runners up:

Draken - God of Darkness
Lespernii - Goddess of Plants & Time (Sly)

God Of Destruction Application! Otp62r

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