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Seawing Aquarius

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Seawing Aquarius Empty Seawing Aquarius

Post by Aquarius on Sun Feb 14, 2016 4:28 am

Seawing Aquarius Gambar-wallpaper-naga

Personal Info
Name: Aquarius
Alias: The wandering SeaWing.
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual  
On the outside, Aquarius is a shy, not exactly a trusting dragon on the outside due to the betrayal in her history. However, she is rather weak, vulnerable to all sorts of assaults due to her quiet nature. Aquarius is a pacifist, not wanting fights to break out anywhere near here her and she tries everything that she can to prevent them. She's a more timid and frightened teenager, preferring to watch things from afar or just to leave bad situations.
Inwardly, Aquarius just wants someone who would actually not judge her for the horrific outward appearance that she has. To see past the seemingly constant anger that she has, which was passed to her from the old memories. She might have a terrifying air around her, and Aquarius had a rather enthusiastic and bright personality under her skin. She was like a dragon who had to mature too fast in her surroundings, never experiencing the joys of her childhood and that's a small part of her that still wants to experience those joys.

She enjoys playing with other younger dragons, something which she never really was able to do due to her sudden abandonment.

Aquarius also enjoys feeling the warmth from the sun on her back, which she occasionally goes onto land in order to feel.

She also enjoys swimming, seeming in some ways the skies were taken from her, she decided that she may as well devote her time to strengthening her muscles and enjoying the relaxing feeling of the sea against her.

Aquarius also enjoys researching, reading and looking through books and herbs to further aid in her knowledge, if she ever had access to books that is.

She hates dragons which are just spontaneous, or they do things without thinking of consequences.

Aquarius distrusts most dragons, thinking that they aren't exactly trustworthy or worth her time, which stems from the betrayal in her past.

She also dislikes eating food which has been cooked, which she doesn't think tastes normal.

She fears the simplest of things, fights beyond what she can stop.
Tidal also fears not being able to find someone who would at least give her a chance to show herself.

General Appearance
Height: When she can stand, she generally is around 47 feet tall and is 132 feet long. When she is an adult, she will be 86 feet tall and 314 feel long.
Water state: She has small and swirled fish scales, which are a variety of shades of blue.
Fire state: Her underbelly are giant silver plates and she has wonderfully large, pointed and sharp looking red scaled.
Land (NightWing) state: She keeps her multiple tiny fish scales, and they are a variety of blacks and deep blues.
Water state: A bright yellow.
Fire State: A deep crimson.
Land State: Brilliant shining blue.

She has a great horn from her head, and then a pair of curved and spiked horns on the side of her head and above a frilled jaw. On her chin, she has a small beard and her eyeridges have long, glowing antennae. Aquarius has multiple fins down near her head and along her serpentine body. She has giant wing-like find heat her head and down near the bottom
of her tail. Along her spine are flexible spines which are all curved and do not end with sharp tips. On the tip of her tail is a large, beautiful aqua fin. On her wing-like structures near her head she has small swirls which are like the glowing markings that most SeaWings have.
She has no legs in this state, but doesn't need them to swim through the water.

Seawing Aquarius Gambar-wallpaper-naga

She has a long, serpentine body which still has no legs. However, she moves by slithering across the ground like a snake. In this form, she has a heavily plated body which has small orange orbs in between her plated stomach. On her back it is also thickly plated, with small and sharp spikes coming from the center of her back. On the tip of her tail, a bright fire shines through.
Her face is small and compact, her beard replaced with a single spike. She has 3 pairs of horns on her head, which are a crimson colour. On the top, she has a a small path of green fur. She still has one great horn on the middle of her snout.

Seawing Aquarius Wallpaper-gambar-animasi-naga-0091745-212x300

She still has her customary serpentine appearance, but with it she has 4 legs and takes the shape similar to an eastern dragon. On her legs she has extremely sharp tipped claws on her paws. Aquarius has layers of midnight fur around her back, elbows, face and tail.
On her face she has a single and short horn on her snout, and has long whiskers on her nose. She has a few strong horns on her head,
however, she is still a little bit lanky with her appearance.
Seawing Aquarius Blue-3d-Dragon-Wallpaper

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: SeaWing
Rank: Trainee/Healer

She use to have a family, but she doesn't know where they are now.
Her mother was a SeaWing and her adoptive father was a NightWing, and she had 3 siblings that came from the same batch of eggs as she did.

Mother SeaWing, Quail :
Seawing Aquarius Blue_dragon_by_jmxd-d6ttgjq

Apparent Father NightWing, Nightmare:
Seawing Aquarius Tarkustralszar_by_isvoc-d8rr36b

Seawing Aquarius Ancient_blue_dragon_by_benwootten-d6j5028

Seawing Aquarius Black_dragon_by_benwootten

Seawing Aquarius Whtie_dragon_by_benwootten

Her current family are;
Adoptive sister, Alanare.
Half brother, Draken.

Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

  • She has the strength of an average dragon, able to hit as hard as normal dragons would be able to. However, in her flame and water state, she has slightly faster then average speed in comparison to dragons of their respective element. However, trackers would easily be able to run her down still.

  • Aquarius also is rather clever for her age, even though she has had very little access to things such as books and teachers and relies on past experiences to help her make decisions. Because of this, she is also a very quick thinker, quick witted and is able to work her way out of most dangerous situations if she cannot stand up to the dragon.

Special Abilities:

  • Shape shift
    She has the ability to shift her state and appearance based on what she is in contact with. To do this however, requires specific conditions in order to change.

    To change to the sea form, or the more natural form for her, she needs to be completely submersed in water. From the tip of her tail to her snout, everything needs to be covered in a layer of water. Rain and SeaWing abilities will not cause this change to occur, only the contact with the water around her will.

    To change to the fire form, she will need to be exposed to temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius. However, this change is painful for her as over 140 degrees her body begins to burn and become damaged. So in the 10 degree window, her body will be burning and still at a somewhat normal state. Being held there for too long would kill her. If the temperature goes beyond this though and to 150 degrees, she will transform into the other state. Initially, she will be weakened as the pain is still there. However, after it has stopped killing her, she is able to move and slither faster then the average FireWing.

    The land form requires her to not be in any significant heat, and not swimming in the water. When she does this, she is able to walk around on the ground and investigate things on the surface. She is slower in this form, awkwardly walking as she barely ever uses legs to move around and relies more on the ability to slither or swim. In this state, she can fly, similar to those of the Eastern dragons. However, she cannot fly quickly or do anything special in the air like the SkyWings.


  • She has no ranged attacks, or any manipulation for the elements which she is able to shift into. This sees that she is incredibly vulnerable to other dragons who can move quickly and strike hard with ranged attacks.  

  • Aquarius also has no real training or anything with paw-to-paw combat, and therefore doesn't really do very well against formally trained guardians. This is another reason she prefers to avoid fighting altogether.

  • Her strongest and thickest scaled form, the fire one, is only activated with temperatures exceeding 150 degrees Celsius. Without the temperature increase, she has a rather soft hide which can be pierced by and significant pressure. For example, a claw strike from a guardian, if it hit, would easily hurt her.

  • She will sometimes bite off more then she is able to chew when she tries to defend younger dragons. This is because she will challenge most dragons and be against them when they try to hurt younger dragons.

Combat Style: If she is forced to, she prefers a style of reckless abandon, opting to instead get in the thick of things rather than be patient.
If she really did have her way though, she would try and talk dragons out of fighting, but she can understand if dragons have to fight. And will watch it reluctantly.

History: This will be revealed through RP, but all that you need to know is that she was thrown into the ocean at a young age in an attempt to kill her. Her father did this to her.
RP Sample: It's Tempest~[/list]

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Seawing Aquarius Empty Re: Seawing Aquarius

Post by Arkhor on Sun Feb 14, 2016 5:34 am


// sounds like he would get along with Ark XD //

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Seawing Aquarius Empty Re: Seawing Aquarius

Post by Hyruu on Wed Feb 24, 2016 3:46 pm

Out for edits

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Seawing Aquarius Empty Re: Seawing Aquarius

Post by Aquarius on Tue May 31, 2016 8:42 pm

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Seawing Aquarius Empty Re: Seawing Aquarius

Post by Arkhor on Tue May 31, 2016 8:44 pm


Seawing Aquarius Otp62r

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Seawing Aquarius Empty Re: Seawing Aquarius

Post by Aero Dynamic on Tue May 31, 2016 8:57 pm

2/2 Approved
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