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Io the Wanderer (done) Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Io the Wanderer (done) Dragon10
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Io the Wanderer (done)

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Io the Wanderer (done) Empty Io the Wanderer (done)

Post by IoVerita Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:20 pm

Io the Wanderer (done) 2rhry9i
Personal Info
Name: Io(pronounced ee-o)
Alias: Wanderer
Age: 40 dragon years(1200 human years)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Curious-Io has a fascination and a need to understand everything and everyone, particularly animals. She finds their behavior intriguing, and one will frequently find her stopping toss food to a stray dog or watching the birds. She doesn’t like to use animals for experiments or dissection as some of those who practice the darker arts may, but likes to observe, and being more of a hands-on type, touch everything she sees with those delicate little fingers.
Short Attention Span- If what you’re doing isn’t of immediate interest to her, Io will wander. Her mind wanders while she is doing everything, which is why all her drawings and paintings usually are covered in smaller, completely unrelated doodles or notes(all of which can be found on her cavern walls), and all her poems tend to remain unfinished. She can hold a conversation just find, and is rather articulate, but she does require the occasional wave to bring her back to Earth. Oddly enough, she could sit and observe something she admires for a long span of time, but only on if it’s something she truly loves and admires.
OCD- Though “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder” isn’t an official illness in this world, Io has all the symptoms. Due to it being unidentified and a completely unknown condition she was often scolded and screamed at for trying to complete her rituals, and now only does them privately and to herself, unless she has a panic attack, in which she may attempt a ritual to soothe herself.
Anxious- Io is prone to severe panic attacks, which started soon after the death of her family. One will often find her bouncing her knee or chewing her nails, or tensing her fingers and scratching at her arms. She tends to be the most anxious when around large groups of people or crowded areas. After being shamed for her insecurities and “oddness” she does her best to hide her fears and anxiety, but this has proven difficult, especially at night when her fear of the dark sets in.
Warm Hearted and Empathetic- Io is a sweet gal, she loves to help others, it’s what makes her happiest. As much as she despises socializing or being in crowded groups or areas, she does care about all creatures, dragon or not, and won’t stand to leave someone hurting, physically or emotionally. This is one reason she often finds herself in emotional turmoil, as the pains of others affect her deeply. She feels along with those around her, and because of this may seem frail, as she gets flustered by little things, but she is simply overwhelmed by all the emotions and thoughts in her head.

-Wandering, Exploring- Io’s curiosity leads her to a strong desire to explore and to look into things, to see new places to keep her interest up. She loves to look at the creatures in the tidepools
-Poetry, Drawing, the Arts- Io has a creative mind that needs to be expressed one way or another. She finds pleasure in these calming activities
-Creatures of all shapes and sizes- Io love love loves animals and even spies on other types of dragons from time to time, as she finds their habits different and therefore amusing and interesting.
-Boredom- Io is frequently bored, and hates it. She needs something to do or think about, or her anxieties set it
-Cruelty- Io, being the loving soul she is, doesn’t like to see others mistreated or tortured, especially animals
-Yelling, Confrontation- Io cannot stand to listen to others yell at each other, or to listen to people be scolded. She doesn’t have an issue with arguing with someone or scolding someone, but being yelled at doesn’t settle well with her.
-Demonic Possession- Io is terrified of loosing herself and being controlled. It’s unlikely as she doesn’t go anywhere near the dark arts, but the idea still horrifies her
-Dark- Io has never had to be in complete darkness because of the stripes on her face and faint markings on her body that glow, but being in the dark does frighten her and make her jumpy

General Appearance
Height: 16 feet
Scales: Teal color with darker and lighter accents, smoother texture for streamlining underwater, with facial markings
Eyes: Purple
Appearance: Io is a slender dragon, with a serphent like body and a sleek facial structure. She always has a satchel on her, the contents of which vary. Her wings are large, but no larger than the average. She is more of a feminine type than a powerful, muscled beast, which allows her to move with ease underwater.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: SeaWings
Rank: Healer
Family: Two deceased siblings
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A
Skills and Abilities
-Clever- Io has an above average intelligence, and is always quick to come up with a remark. One will find that she is incredibly sarcastic in expressing her intelligence which sometimes comes off as condescension, she also picks up on things very quickly
-Empathy- Io is quick to pick up on the emotions of those around her, and to understand the cause of this state
-Agile- Mostly in the water and air, Io is quick and graceful, her long winding body giving her the ability to make quick turns and glide easily
Special Abilities: Io is good at grasping things and putting things together, close to what a mentalist might be able to do, and reading others is her specialty, after spending so much of her time observing.
-Anxiety- As stated previously, Io is a bit of a nervous wreck
-Depression- Because of her intellect, Io finds herself frequently questioning existence and life’s purpose, and often ends up in a depression for brief and longer periods of time, which leaves her vulnerable to be hurt by others
-Awkward- On land Io can move awkwardly unless there is plenty of room for her to get a good gallop going
Combat Style: Io is a pacifist overall, but when upset she tends to attack with words. She can be vicious and cold-blooded, and holds no bars when it comes to hurting her opponent if it comes to a fight, and usually leaves them emotionally damaged. When it comes time to physically fight, Io’s personal favorite is locking onto her opponent’s wings and tearing them(painful and effective).

History: Io was born alongside two siblings, the youngest of which she loved dearly with all her heart. Her parents died early on, and Io was left to care for her younger and elder sisters. For a long time they lived off of scraps and whatever they could find, but one day Io’s beloved little sister fell ill, and took her older sister with her. They both passed away, leaving Io completely alone and devastated. After loosing her family, she vowed to do all she could to learn how to help others and never have to stand helpless as those she loved died, and began to study medicine.
RP Sample: The chorus of gulls and the rhythmic crashing of the waves against packed sand and stone lulled Io into a sleep-like state, and she gently rested her head upon tail as she curled up. The sun was pleasantly hot, giving her scales a silvery glimmer, but her lazily hooded eyes didn’t take notice. Occasionally her tail tip twitched, splashing in the cool water that lapped up against the side of the boulder she lay on. Day dreams danced across her mind, memories of her childhood, of her sisters. She could almost see the warm glow of little Ambers stripes in the dark, guiding her- but her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden and unpleasant loud noise. She gave a sigh and shook her head, situating herself so that she could listen to the sound as it rang again. It seemed to be a dragon, or something similar, crying out. While she didn’t want a creature to suffer, she was still drowsy and lifted herself lethargically and shook her body out, taking off in a bit of a disgruntled manner, with faint images of her dream still jangling around in her head.

She pumped her wings, taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of air beneath them, the way the currents in the air caught beneath them and allowed her to glide. But again, this was interrupted by another cry. She veered to the right, towards the sound, and dove down below the clouds to get a better view of the ground. To her dismay, there seemed to be a forest, one that would easily entangle her long tail and delicate wings. She pulled up for a moment, hovering over the trees and searching for the origin of the sound. She noticed rustling in the foliage, and more odd noises and reluctantly made her way in that direction, circling above like a vulture may a carcass, hoping to find a way she may be able to land without injuring herself or what appeared to be a struggling dragon below.
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Io the Wanderer (done) Empty Re: Io the Wanderer (done)

Post by Hyruu Mon Dec 28, 2015 5:30 am


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