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Rephaim Odinson

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Rephaim Odinson Empty Rephaim Odinson

Post by Rephaim on Tue Dec 10, 2013 5:49 pm

Name: Rephaim Odinson

Nickname: Forger of the Night

Tribe: NightWings

Rank: Vulcan

Age: 54 years

Gender: Male

Atsila - Mother - Slim, silvery-gray dragon with black horns and claws. Dark amber eyes.
Wattanwaya - Father - Jet black muscular dragon with silver claws and horns. Gold eyes.
Agasga - Sister - Small, slender, light blue dragon with light gray claws and horns. Grey eyes.

Mate: Is open to anyone...

Draglets: None yet.

Appearance: Rephaim is a pure black, muscular dragon. His horns are silver with black streaks running through them. Under his wings, there are flecks of bright silver spread out a little bit everywhere. His tail is spiked.

Personality: Quiet, calm, he will not be often heard, he would rather observe and listen than talk. He often picks up vital information this way.

Strengths: Though he isn't a warrior, he is quite brave, and would stand between his queen and any danger, even if it meant giving up his life. He is a silent flyer, and is very good at sneaking up on people.

Special Powers: He has some ability in mind-reading, and can knock an opponent out temporarily with a gas he breathes out. He has a strange affinity for metal-work. He is able to make beautiful armor and weapons that are incredibly strong.

Weaknesses: He is rather stubborn, and a bit narrow-minded.

History: Rephaim was born to Atsila, a tribe guardian, and Wattanwaya, a tribe tracker. He had one sister, Agasga, but they never got along very well. Where she enjoyed playing with fire and romping around, he like to stay near the forges and watch the Vulcans do their work. As soon as she was old enough, she left the NightWings to join the Firewings. And so, Rephaim was left an only child. Instead of making him sad, it fueled his ambition to become the best Vulcan possible. He powered through his training, showing strange signs of metal affinity. By the end of his training, his skill was often compared to that of the other older, more experienced Vulcans. He continues to make the beautiful weapons and armor today, taking pride in his work.
NightWing Vulcan
NightWing Vulcan

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Rephaim Odinson Empty Re: Rephaim Odinson

Post by Gemini on Tue Dec 10, 2013 5:58 pm

Welcome to DRF, Rephaim. I'm Gemini, the NightWing Queen, I'd love to add you as the NightWing Vulcan. Have a great time on here, and be sure to ask questions if you need any help!

Rephaim Odinson Gemini10
Gemini the Pony:
Rephaim Odinson Gemini11

Other Characters: Phantom, Viper, Frostbite, Xylnthian, and Helios
NightWing Leader
NightWing Leader

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Rephaim Odinson Empty Re: Rephaim Odinson

Post by Rephaim on Wed Dec 11, 2013 5:53 pm

Thanks ^-^ Looking forward to rping with you guys :3
NightWing Vulcan
NightWing Vulcan

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Rephaim Odinson Empty Re: Rephaim Odinson

Post by Korramyr on Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:37 pm

Another NightWing has joined your ranks, Gemini...
When will you launch a worldwide invasion? You probably outnumber us all combined one to two. Razz

"The world is but a stage, so why don't we make it a dance floor? And if we can't dance? At least we had fun building it."
- Korramyr, on the topic of dancing and stuff.

"YOU wish to hurt MY friends? Well sir, you may find that just a bit too difficult. You have to get through ME first."

I suppose I have the potential to make your day. It does depend if you actually let me try though.

Sorry I've been posting so little as of recent. I'm not a big fan of the topics where people post what seems like twenty things every few hours. It makes it hard to keep track of things.
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SeaWing Tracker

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