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Draykai (W.I.P.)

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Draykai (W.I.P.) Empty Draykai (W.I.P.)

Post by Draykai on Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:30 am

Personal Info
Name: Draykai
Alias: Brander
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

He is an honorable and strong-willed dragon. He is also kind and protective. He wishes to protect his tribe and everyone in it. Because of this he usually keeps up a kind of intimidating persona, to show others he means business. When he is alone with those he can trust, he becomes someone else entirely. He becomes outgoing and humorous. No matter what persona he uses he is still kind and will help anyone in need.

In battle he really shows his honor by following a set of rules in battle. He will not attack someone when their backs are turned. He also refuses to attack someone who can't fight back. He has however been known to disregard these rules when his target hurt someone close to him. He hates the cold and water, making him nervous whenever he is in the presence of a dragon that embodies one of those elements. However he does not fear the cold and will still gladly fight a dragon of the ice affinity. He does fear water dragons, but if he needs to he won't hesitate to fight them as well.

He has also been known to help injured enemies as well, weather it be by taking them prisoner, but giving them medical attention, but if an enemy is too heavily wounded to survive he will also give them mercy by ending the suffering. He hates seeing others in pain, or sorrow, and will try and find a way to comfort them.

He is also smart. He is a genius, but he always has a plan and is always trying to think of a backup. When he is alone he is known to strategize for multiple combat scenarios, allowing him prepare efficiently for battle. His plans don't always succeed and some might not even be feasible, but he always has a plan B for that kind of scenario.

He is small for Guardian and was just barely strong enough to be allowed as one. Other Guardians are known to make fun of him because of that, but he prides himself in his size. Most invaders are usually large in order to compete with the Guardians, but because of his size he is also fast, and capable of striking the enemy multiple times before they are capable of striking him once, that is if they strike him anyway.

Interests: He likes to strategize when he is alone, he like to have those he trust around, he likes to generally have fun in his free time, he loves meat, and he loves to train.
Dislikes: Though he is a guardian he dislikes unnecessary violence. He hates water for obvious reasons. He dislikes those who are disrespectful.
Fears: He fears being too weak. He can't stand the idea of not being strong enough to protect others. He also has a small fear of water. 

General Appearance
Height: 70 feet
Scales: His scales are crimson red and the underside of his neck down to the tip of his tail, including his torso and wings are jet black.
Eyes: Crimson Red with black slit pupils. His pupils disappear and his eyes glow when he uses his special ability.
Appearance: He is a muscular, but slim dragon with crimson scales. A jet black underside along with jet black claws and horns. Them theres his fangs which are shockingly white. His horns come out of his temples and curve outwards, before curving inwards, and finally jutting forward. His armor and weapons were specially made. It's all made of a black metal that absorbs heat while at the same time being highly resistant to heat. His torso to the tip of his tail is covered in the armor. It also goes down to cover his legs. His neck has a few bracers for defense. And he wears a helmet that fit perfectly around his horns. Now for the weapons. His feet are covered in gauntlet like armor that has razor-sharp tips that cover the claws. His tail has a sword like attachable that juts from his tail. His horns have slip on kind metal tips that are then strapped on to helmet with strapping to keep them from falling of. Lastly the bone of his wings are protected by an armor piece with a special blade pointing froward allowing the wings to be well used in combat.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: FireWing
Rank: Guardian
Family: His parents are deceased and his half brother is missing.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: He is acrobatic in the air and is capable of striking with all of his limbs in quick succession. He is also one of the most agile guardian allowing his to dodge and strike effectively. Lastly he is a skilled strategist who usually has a plan b in any kind of scenario.
Special Abilities: He has complete control of his body temperature. For one he can raise his body temperature so hot it can melt steel. Likewise he can also lower to the point where can fake death, though do to his honorable ways he would use that tactic if he has no choice. He can only keep his temperature low for about an hour before he needs to raise it again otherwise he could die. Combining his power with his armor gave him the alias Brander. Striking the enemy with his heated up armor can leave scars, to the point to where it looks like they were branded.
Weaknesses: Water and cold are two big one, he can raise his temperature in the cold, but not as high as usual and water (especially cold water) keeps him from being able to raise his temperature at all. He also isn't very skilled at fighting on the ground due to it being easier to strike with wings in the air then it is to strike with legs on the ground. Lastly due to his honorable nature, he is vulnerable to dishonorable fighters.
Combat Style: He fights using his arial agility. He strikes with every limb he has, legs, wings, tail, and even his horns. Combine this with his power and his special armor and weapons that cover all of those limbs, and he can devastate a battle field.

History: (What is your dragon's backstory? Optional)
RP Sample: (Provide a RP sample of how you would roleplay.)

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Draykai (W.I.P.) Empty Re: Draykai (W.I.P.)

Post by Celestia on Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:59 am

Are you finished with this?

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Draykai (W.I.P.) Empty Re: Draykai (W.I.P.)

Post by Draykai on Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:11 am

Not yet. I will make another reply when I am.


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