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Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon

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Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon Empty Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon

Post by Baelorfiron on Sat Nov 30, 2013 12:43 pm

*NOTE: This history contains lore originally written for a fantasy series I'm currently writing, titled The Fellowship of the Kyn. It has been modified to fit this site.*

Name: Baelorfiron (Bay-Lore-Fear-On)

Nickname: Bae, Baelor, or Baelorfien

Tribe: None

Rank: None

Age: Infinite

Gender: Male

Family: Baelorfiron is the firstborn of Baal-Dur; the Sleeping God.

His siblings are as follows:

Toriin; the Stone-Father - Dragon of Earth
Brinna; the Sky-Mother - Dragon of Air
Ash'iri; the Queen of Embers - Dragon of Fire
Aqu; the Dragon of the Deep - Dragon of Water
Esun; the Never-Ending Sun - Dragon of Light
An'yu; the Ever-Changing Moon - Dragon of Darkness
Avaar; the Justicar - Dragon of Order
Seht; the Chaos Serpent - Dragon of Chaos
Kahdi; the Mother of Mothers - Dragon of Life
Ghoth; the Reaper of Lost Souls - Dragon of Death
Samara; the Mother of Mysteries - Dragon of Magic
Sandalfirion; the Lord of the Wildlands - Dragon of Nature

Mate: None

Draglets: None

Appearance: Picture the most wonderfully beautiful thing you've ever beheld and you've only just begun to grasp the splendor of Baelorfien's majesty. He is a writhing mass of golden scaled coils, shining so bright that he seems almost entirely composed of light. His claws are sliver, his eyes are holy fire. A glowing orb rests upon his brow - the Magus Stone of Creation - containing all the power of the Elements. The very air tingles with righteous power, and all that behold him swear that they are in the presence of a god.

Personality: Baelor is love and he his hatred. He is mercy and he is justice. He his compassion and he is rage. He is forgiveness and he is wrath. Baelor is holy, the Dragon of Creation. He rules his lesser siblings with a stern but even-hand justice.  Naturally lazy, he is usually quite docile and prefers to spend his days lounging at the foot of his sleeping father's throne or slowing drifting among the clouds, spying upon the mortals and their games. An ancient and solitary creature, he is often loathe to interact with his fellow dragons, viewing them as only the diluted descendants of the true dragons created by Baal-Dur, and tends only to speak when spoken to or on the rare occasion he has something important to say. Slow to anger, when he is roused, his fury is like a storm of elemental power issuing forth from the orb upon his brow.

Strengths: Wingless flight; he slither's through the air like an eel through water and climbs clouds  as though they were mountains. Water-breathing; the sea is no hindrance to him. Eagle's sight; He is an excellent hunter.  

Special Powers: Holy Fire; his breath is the fire of heaven, burning men and demons alike.

Weaknesses: A glowing orb rests upon his brow - the Magus Stone of Creation - containing all the power of the Elements. If it were to shatter he would be as any other dragon; long lived, but mortal.

History: Baal-Dur is infinite.He is the One God, the spirit of all this and all that shall ever be. Such was his power that all he spoke, or thought, or dreamt became Truth, and with his voice, shouted into the darkness of Void, he calmed the swirling maelstrom of elemental fury; forever silencing its rage and forging a realm of endless beauty and glory unending.

From the vast nothing, Baal-Dur brought all things into being. He alone presided as the singular Master of the world's dawning. Atop the tallest mountain, which he named the Highest of Heaven, he carved a throne of solid stone from which he could sit and view all things.

Gazing across the endless detail of newly crafted wilderness, Baal-Dur saw that he was alone. So he breathed, and by his breath, brought forth every beast of the field, bird of the sky, fish of the sea, and all manner of creeping crawling thing. He brought forth humankind, that they could take joy in his creation and worship him. lastly, he brought forth the Dragon Primordial, among whom he divided the Elements of Creation. Each he granted the twin gifts of life and free will, so that they could serve him and lead the people in his ways. The greatest of the dragons was Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon. To him alone Baal-Dur granted dominion over all creation.

In the beginning the world was filled with many wonders, which men spent centuries praising and admiring. For the first time new voices sounded in the heavenly halls, as the dragon began to sing and praise Baal-Dur. Their sweet melody washed over him, causing Baal-Dur to fall into a deep slumber from which he could not awaken. Soon, the sleeping god began to dream dreams which echoed in creation. Demons, nightmares, and other abominations thundered across the land; throwing all the world into chaos.

Order needed to be restored, and Baelorfirion was the one to do it. He was the first born of Baal-Dur and Lord of the Primordian Dragons, it fell to him to rule in his father's absence. Not all agreed with him, however, and they made their stand against him. Ash'iri, Queen of Embers lead this band of rebels and Godswar raged throughout the heavens. Six dragons sided with Baelorfirion - Toriin, Briina, Esun, Avaar, Kahdi, and Sandalfirion; and five with Ash'iri - Aqu, An'yu, Seht, Ghoth, and Samara.

The rebels were strong, but Baelorfiron was stronger. He and his allies cast down the rebel dragons and banished them into the utter darkness of the void between worlds. Thus Baelorfirion arose King of the Gods, and Lord of Creation.
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Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon Empty Re: Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon

Post by Shiningwater on Sat Nov 30, 2013 12:59 pm

Nice! You really took time to create your character fully, I like how descriptive it is. I hope to RP with you soon!

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Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon Empty Re: Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon

Post by Avian on Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:10 pm

Hello Baelorfiron, nice to meet you. We're all friends here, hope to see you soon in an RP. Very Happy

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Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon Empty Re: Baelorfiron, the Celestial Dragon

Post by Phantom on Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:13 pm

This is a really good bio.

I'm Phantom, Dragon God (the tech admin and the co admin).

Whoa. A family of gods, hmmm? Technically, the Queens and Kings rule everything.

But it's fine. If you join a tribe the leader is in charge of you, so don't blast him/her to bits! Razz


Have fun here Smile

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