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Ragnarock (Finished)

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Ragnarock (Finished) - Page 2 Empty Ragnarock (Finished)

Post by Ragnarock on Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:53 pm

First topic message reminder :

Personal Info:
Personal Info
Name: Ragnarock
Alias: King of Sin, God Slayer, Devourer of Earth
Age: 2400
Gender: Male

Personality: Ragnarock is a calm gentle drake, understanding ones situation as he grown to be more peaceful so to say. He is knowledgeable of life, knowing it twists and turns he will be happy to help or even teach others about it. Since the years of his awakening he set aside his selfish acts and ambitious ideals, learning what the world has to offer. Ragnarock believes he was given a second chance, so, to serve his years in return for his misdemeanors in the past he decided to be a Royal Guard for the Earth King, Baldirack Sapiens (if thats how its spelled). Since then he has watched other dragons, seeing how they act in public.
When ill Ragnarock acts like an older drake, grouchy yet aggressive, he immediately treats the sickness with natural concoctions and potions.
Ragnarock will not leave his role as Royal Guard until the day he dies, but in attempts to prevent that he has searched for ways to rejuvenate his body and mind so that he may remain to protect the Earth Kings to come.

Interests: Ragnarock likes to constantly train to upkeep his strength and remain fit so he is not as weak as others. He constantly studies the arts of alchemy and magic, trying to make potions aand elixirs and natural herbs to aid in health and combat. He is always by Baldiracks side most times, watching out fir possible threats that could harm the king and royal family. Other than that he us either training or studying in spare time, some have come to hin for advise and guidance due to his age.

Dislikes: Ragnarock, being as old as he is, dislikes cockiness from others, bragging and boasting, he hates it when the drakes are "high and mighty", always saying hiw they are the strongest or greatest but all talk no show. He hates being distracted from his studies, he prefers to be alone during this time for he is in deep concentration, unaware of his surroundings fully.

Fears: Many have called him crazy, but he is not afraid of death, saying and feeling that its natural in any manner. However, his fear is failing his duty as Royal Guard, Ragnarock has made it his personal top priority to protect the Earth King, most importantly, he fears that one day he'll be too old to serve and the king and his people will be overtaken by any othet tribes.  

General Appearance:
General Appearance
Ragnarock (Finished) - Page 2 GPtCSaV
Ragnarock (Finished) - Page 2 UrMOV48
Height: 160 Ft

Scales: Of black and gold, his scales range in various shades of black, the gold plating and armor are melted and molded into his body forever on there as a scar of his renouncing and acts of aggression towards the gods and their plains. The black scales are hardened like any other dragons,but he has three layers of black scales while his golden scales are thick and compact, some forming into smaller parts of armored plating and leading up to the armor that he has. The large horns and armor on his head are a mix between silver and golden colored, as well as any other parts of the armor except for the chest and shoulder pieces, which are black and a maroon red.

Eyes: The whole pupil is red

Appearance: Lager in size and width, Ragnarock is more of a land based dragon, rarely taking to the skies unless absolutely needed. He resembles more of a ram-like dragon, his hind legs are thicker with much metal plating, scales, and pure muscle meant for running at high speeds granted his size. The armor he has connected all over his body, including to his horns and head are melted even beneath his flesh, making it a permanent part of his body. The metal on the head and horns are surprisingly close to the weight of a quarter of his body mass, thick with compact metal, this is used for heavy and hard ramming and hitting with the head. His arms may seem thin and smaller compared to his legs, but they are in fact used for digging and claws are for slashing. His legs are pure muscle, excluding the armor and metal plating, the large nails that protrude form the feet are used for gripping rough lands or being pushed back, and they can retract to normal size as well, easily with his legs strength he can run to speeds up to 145 miles per hour sprinting, but as for starting running he can start to speed up to 20-40 mph. The armor on his body are heavy and they are indeed magic resistant, because of his time in his studies and practices in dark magics he has learned to make his armor armor resistant, even against advanced and stronger magics to a certain extent until the armor gives out.

Tribe Information and Status:
Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: EarthWings
Rank: Royal Advisor
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities:
Skills and Abilities
Strengths: His most remarkable strength is his own speed and strength go his body, holding up to heavy impacts such as powerful blasts, the armor and pain resistance helps him endure half of these those attacks. His armor is magic resistance which enables him to withstand most magical powers and the such, only to a certain extent to where he can at least resist from harm, anything that is more advanced then stronger magic attacks, speeds, and traps will deal some damage on him. He uses anything to fight with, in any area, and he does not back down, even on his last strings he will stop at nothing but to kill his opponent, and will take any further damage to do so, putting himself through a rage that reduces pain, but if he takes too much that pain will haunt him after battle and kill him. In the air he is somewhat slow, only reaching 50 mph due to his great weight, diving speeds are far more swifter then flying speeds, and it is unrecorded of what speed he can truly dive at.

Special Abilities: Titan Force: Building up all of his strength, Ragnarock can use this power to give foes devastating attacks, form his legs to his body and his head, this force can frequently, although it leaves a fatigue on its users body and has a recoil damage to it, it is mainly used for heavier and more defensive dragons and the such.

Gaea's Touch: A magic ability, this allows its user to connect with he earth and gather energy for restoring energy within the body, but can be used for attacks. This is specially used for the user firing green energy beams or green fire, which the earth-like energy used for these attacks can affect flame because fire does not affect earth by much, and darkness since the earth element has a natural and more lively affect towards nature and the sorts.

Weaknesses: Powerful magic attacks, In air he is slower then other faster dragons (this excludes diving speeds), every powerful attack he must suspend his energy for magics and blasts for some time in order for him to collect enough energy for later properly, and there are spaces between his armor and thicker scales that can be attacked more easily then other spots of his body.

Combat Style:
Combat Style: Ramming, punching, and kicking, Ragnarock takes the more "up close and personal" style of combat. When up close he attacks with a ruthless barrage of hits to make sure his foe does not get back up at all, but its more the fact he does not fight fairly. When in range he uses time wisely and uses ranged attacks that varies pending on how powerful and the size of the opponent. In the air, he uses ranged attacks as well, but will dive very so little to gain speed on his opponent, if he were collide with one in the sky, then he would ram the base of their wings to make sure they cannot fly again.

Role-playing Sample and Histnatura Sample:
"He is not to come back!" A white and red dragon said raising its voice.

There was a group of dragons, eight in total in what seemed to be a large room, and they all sat at a long, single table, sitting in a chair each. The ceiling was engraved with carved paintings of many adventured of dragons and other creatures, the great legends and tales of gods and heroes who have slain the many evil, the linings between each carving of a characters was made of pure solid gold, the floor was made of cobblestone and was engraved with emerald ivory leaves that crawled up the walls as well.

"Alsolin we have gone over through this, if we keep him imprisioned what control of the void do we truly have? The only way to keep it at bay is to attack it daily with light magics, and we are running out of powerful scrolls to even do so!" A female dragon replied to the red and white dragon. Her scales were as blue as frost, her eyes matching the color of the scales, she was smaller then the rest of the other dragons, "We have to think of something else, if we kill him there is no way of stopping the void... I fear we may have lost this time..."

"There can be another way, but it requires something more then some scrolls to do so,"Another female answered, her scales were pink camouflaged with a red, she was the second largest of the dragons, "Its... we would have to sacrifice ourselves to forever lock away the Void-"

"No!" The white and red dragon, Alsolin, replied, "We are part for he Holy Order! Keepers of power and protectors of the Gods! How could you think of something like this?!"

"What other choice do we have? It's only a matter of time before the Void arrives and releases him! Look at us! We are eternal, we have lived our lives serving and protecting out lords, only to be ignored by them as if it is just an everyday thing! We... we are too old for this anymore, even my own bones are cracking and grinding from our last battle. We have lost over hundreds of our comrades, and the remainder of us are here now, please Alsolin, we cannot just kill him and deal with he Void, as long as he lives the Void is slow! But if he dies the Void will swiftly take us all! Do you want that?"

"I agree with Mara," A lime green dragon said, "If we are to lock away the Void and this is the only action, why do we not take it?"

Most of the dragons agreed but two, Alsolin, and another dragon who sat at the end of the table. This dragon was as colorful as a crystal, he had his eyes closed the entire time, being in great thought. He sighed, and opened his neon colored eyes to the Holy Order he forged long ago, "I will agree, but, if we sacrifice ourselves, what good will there be to stop the next evil? You know that the Void has crafted yet another foe, Shizarou. He is not of our kin and neither is the imprisioned, yet neither of us could bring ourselves to kill either of the two. Mara, prepare the Soul Arbiters Scroll."

"But my Lord! Are you sure? That power is forbidden! Not even the other Arbiter Items are-"

"What options do we have?! We lost many of our own kin to a God who wanted to kill off this plains! Now that the Void is near we must take immediate action damnit!

Mara, the pink dragon replied, "Yes my Lord, I will prepare the scroll..." She then left the table, the crystal dragon staring at Alsolin, "What choice do we have, Alsolin? If we do not attempt this, we have doomed the existence of our own kin, please, do not turn away from us now."

Alsolin sighed sharply, and gave a low grumble,"Fine, if this is the only way then I will do it..."

Now humbled, the crystal dragon spoke, "Then good, let us prepare for the ritual."

Deep beneath the island of the Holy Order lies a great chamber of scrolls and artifacts, yet, beyond that led to a large cavern, big enough to fit five world devourers within itself, lies a great door of many symbols and keyholes. The symbol of the imprisioned carved into he door, glowing a black red. In this door, was a great compact prison of many struts, gears, and heavy metals, meant to keep in a greater being, the same one the Holy Order was nearly wiped out by. This great being had its power taken from it, becoming a mortal creature, and forced into a never aging slumber... only the deep breaths of the creature can be heard, its darkness and evil leaving behind negative souls to whisper into the ears of the insane and dangerous. This being, known as the world devourer, was indeed named Ragnarock.

Ragnarock did not begin as the Ruler of the Void at first, a being who triumph over any and all who entered the Void, or the Eternal Abyss. Malek began as a simple dragon making his daily life work, form farming to tending to his students he taught at the School of Magic. At the School of Magic he was a well known wizard who knew bot of the light and dark arts of both white and black magics, he was friendly, kind, and always looked forward to the next sunshiny day of his life. It all changed the day the Void was discovered by moral eyes. When he discovered the great Void, he studied it, becoming obsessed with the black plains and took notes, yet, it evener stopped form his everyday life. When he took enough notes, Malek began to test some of his studies during a cold and rainy day, far away from the school itself he went to the forest where he would have better testing periods. As he progressed through each study and test correctly, he began to experience odd hot flashes and began to grow horribly sick a plague as he progressed, yet, he did not stop at all. As the final test was ran through a crystal infused with many magics and connected to the Void, Malek began to run his test, making sure his body was covered in a protective layer of armor. As the test began, he thought it failed and when he touched the crystal, a lightning bolt crashed atop the two.

Both, the crystal of the Void, and Malek, were dragged into the Void itself, where the darkness forced itself inside Malek's soul, body and mind, shrouding it all in the everlasting sin of lust, greed, gluttony, pride, wrath, sloth, and envy. His body infused with he armor and caused him to grow, the armor growing as well into a wicked form of his body. As Malek began to escape the Void, he released darkness with it, and the last fight he had was for nothing as he was transformed into a monster. Trapped forever, the new creature ran rampant, killing whatever within the Void, and claiming it as its King.

Using the same crystal, the creature opened a portal to the mortal plains, and began its assault, allowing the Void to devour the plains along the way. Everything Malek knew, loved, and held dear, was all devoured by the creatures sin, taken by murder and despair. As the Gods saw this, they formed an army of beings who could stop the creature known as the Holy Order. As the soldiers clashed with the creature, this act would begin a war that lasted for a millennia. As the soldiers clashed with the creature, one of the gods joined the ranks and fought the creature, but had fallen along with the army. As the creature stepped on the corpse of the dragon god, the god asked what the creature was, and why it was.

The Creature simply laughed, and would say, "I am devourer, I am end, I am... Ragnarock." And with that, using the power of the Void, the creature, Ragnarock, devoured the power and souls of the army and god, taking in the massive strength, and grew stronger. His rampage would not stop... and this lasted longer then what was expected. King of Sin, God Slayer, Devourer of Earth, Ragnarock, were the names of the creature known by locals and strangers alike, the Void slowly taking the plains as Ragnarock progressed in his slaughter. He created a council of seven, each dragon based off of the seven deadly sins, each one had its unique power and strength, and together, they all defied the Holy Order and destroyed as they please.

The Gods, furious by this action, began a last assault, imprisoning each of the council until they reached Ragnarock. The Gods had sent their best armies, and as the final battle would enact Ragnarock sent his own forces of darkness upon the armies. What took as a battle for days, was closely won, but nearly lost as the great tyrant would fall. The Holy Order would send the tyrant into a sleep far beneath the earth in steel and ground, magic bound to keep him from reawakening. As the Void grew closer to devouring the rest of the plain, the rest of the Holy Order sacrificed themselves using the Soul Arbiters Scroll, and they would send the Void back into he depths of where it came from.

Many years had passed, and the war had only turned into a simple fable to tell of mythical heroes and those who had fought the darkest time of the mortal plains. Beneath the far reaches of the Earth, beneath the temple of the Holy Order lies a great cavern, where a devourer sleeps...

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Ragnarock (Finished) - Page 2 Empty Re: Ragnarock (Finished)

Post by Ragnarock on Sat Oct 26, 2019 11:58 pm

Done. Only change was rank.

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Ragnarock (Finished) - Page 2 Empty Re: Ragnarock (Finished)

Post by Baldirak Sapiens Draco on Fri Nov 22, 2019 5:25 pm


Astral's favorite person. ^.^

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