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Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari) - Page 2 Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari) - Page 2 Dragon10
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Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari)

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Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari) - Page 2 Empty Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari)

Post by Arkhor Sun Aug 23, 2015 6:30 am

First topic message reminder :

With Dusk still out in the wildness, shivering from the cold night coming he was still in his true form, unsure what to do he heard some voices in the background, gasping as he recognised it was English, almost panicking as still in the back of his mind he was a dragon. With all that he and Aari had been through his mind was more dragon than human. Spotting lights he couldn't see anywhere he could go as the thick forest was difficult to move around especially with very little protection for his weak covers. Frowning he knew that he was in trouble either way, knowing that with the cold night getting worse he wouldn't be able to survive the temperatures without shelter. Still shivering he decided to take the bullet, and hope that the humans would help him. Approaching the lights slowly his feet where sore almost bleeding from the rough terrain. Suddenly his eyes widened as he gazed upon one of the humans, it seemed to just be a small group of travellers. Feeling weak he managed to speak out "Help..." only a few seconds later as he noticed one of them spotted him, he collapsed from exhaustion blacking out.

From what seemed to be a few days later he found out that he was in a camp of what seemed to be hunters, happy to know that he was alive his only option was to adapted back to human life. It would be hard though keeping his hidden past a secret as they would think he's crazy or even worse, that they would treat him like a dragon. --Time Skip-- Many years had past as he lived with the humans which found him, luckily they accepted him in though at a price. Knowing what they hunt scared him but he had no choice, dragons, similar to the ones who caught him and Aari many a time ago. He hated himself for just being with them but what they could tell him the camp was based close to the large lake and many miles from any other settlement. Lately things had seemed to get worse as tensions where high, since Dusk didn't take part in the hunting he only helped out with catching food for the camp. To them he was only a young adult more like a boy yet his age was older with a body of an 20 year old yet his mind was over 40 no doubt due to the change back with the time difference between dragon and human's age. This one particular night most of the leaders where getting angry, taking it out of the other members it was almost insane what they where doing, mostly due to the lack of food and drink. Though Dusk's worst nightmare happened they caught a dragon, only managing to see its scales he guessed it was a seawing. Pain grew in his heart as he dreaded to think it was someone he knew or at least met at some point, then suddenly he thought what if it was Aari, panicking he had to make sure it wasn't. Bursting past the crowd he gasped holding his breath for the worst, he was right it was a seawing yet he didn't recognize the poor guy, covered in a net which was held down by only a few stakes. Deciding that he couldn't just hold back and let the camp treat the dragon as a pet like he and Aari where. Darting forward ignoring the other humans he quickly released the net from the stakes allowing the dragon to move around shouting out "Go! Get out of here!"   in the dragon tongue from what he could remember, of course it wasn't very close to what it should be like but it was close enough. Soon enough the dragon broke the net with his wings attack a few of the humans in front of him only to take off heading back to the Ocean. Still panicking Dusk was now running for his life, no doubt the humans thought he was some sort of freak and wanted him dead for the helping the animal. For what seemed to be hours of running he spotted the lake which himself and Aari usually came to play back then, hoping to find shelter he hid in the forest line waiting for a few moments incase the camp where still after him. Holding his breath as much as he could, making as little noise as possible he heard footsteps behind him, cracks of sticks and leaves following with a few voices. As the noise and light dimmed he sighed in relief glad to know he escaped, yet it struck him where was he going to go now?

Walking up to the lake side he fell on his knees, hands against his eyes trying to hold back his emotions. It felt like the world was against him, as one small mistake ruined his life, his only life. gazing towards the relaxed water sniffling a few times as he tried to stay in control only to think of his memories of being Dusk. Though he wasn't alone under the water eyes where watching him, unknown to him. It was Arkhor, hearing his cries he knew from his scent and emotions he guessed that it was indeed was Dusk. With the human Dusk still in tears against the calm waters he suddenly heard a splash, panicking for a moment falling onto his back as Ark appeared close by out of the water, Within a few moments he recognized the much larger dragon, shaking his head and crying out "I'm... Sorry.. Ark... Please..." trying to speak in the dragon tongue, hoping that he would understand. With Ark frowning slightly at the sight he replied with a soft voice "Dusk... I've been watching you for some time... what you did to Aari... it ruined her.. she doesn't speak anymore.. not even to me, why shouldn't I kill you now?" With Dusk looking like he was going to burst into crying again he gasped and held his breath and replied with his eyes down "I don't have a reason... I never meant to hurt Aari.. its my mistake I know that.. I...I... still love her.. but like this... *sigh* I can never be with her again.. I'm sorry.. Ark.. If you want to end this.. do it.. I have nothing left to live for.." Closing his eyes waiting for his response, in a way he felt peace at the thought of dying yet he waited. Ark sighing for a moment, replying again he shook his head "Dusk, I don't want to kill you I only wanted to know what happened, you made her happy but after your change.... *sigh* Alright.. Dusk, you must promise me something I don't want you to hurt Aari again, you can try to help her but I don't know what goes on in her head anymore.." With Dusk opening his eyes again he felt confused and replied "W..What do you mean? I can't see her like this.." Ark chuckling slightly "Well... who said your going as a human" With Ark suddenly starting to glow a light blue, water from the lake slowly crept up against Dusk's side and started to wrap around him, Dusk gasping and panicking his body tried to resist the water enveloping him, yet within moments his whole body was covered his water. Feeling strange he couldn't help but cry out in pain from the changes luckily it wasn't so bad from the last time as his size increased to around half the size of Ark. Suddenly the water around him splashed down along with Dusk collapsing onto the ground. His vision blurred with his muscles coming back to life, groaning he replied "Errggg.. God...that was weird.." Gasping in shock he could fully understand and feel the words he was saying, quickly looking over his body it was just like how he remembered, almost like the last few years where just a nightmare. Sitting down for a moment as he took it in that he was a dragon again, almost panting his shock his emotions where eustatic, quickly jumping towards Ark he couldn't help but hug him and crying out "Thank...you, thank you..." repeatedly and smiling in joy. Ark looking slightly shocked from his reaction making him smile that he could feel the joy which he gave Dusk, "Remember what I said, If Aari doesn't want to know you anymore you have to respect it, I know it will hurt but I've got to think about Aari. Of course I would prefer you two together again, but its her choice"

Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari) - Page 2 Otp62r

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Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari) - Page 2 Empty Re: Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari)

Post by Aari Thu Feb 23, 2017 11:02 am

"Yea I guess I am." Aari said before he took off. When he came back with the rabbits she scarfed them down before Dusk could even finish panting. She was really still hungry but Dusk was winded after grabbing just 4 rabbits. "I should be fine for now." Aari said though she still felt weak. She huddled up next to Dusk. "I'm glad you never gave up on me."
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Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari) - Page 2 Empty Re: Changes For The Better (Private - Dusk/Ark + Aari)

Post by Aari Fri Feb 24, 2017 12:58 pm

Dusk wrote:
Dusk looking shocked as she quickly ate the rabbits, widenning his eyes as she huddled up next to him. Relaxing for a moment smiling Well how could I... I've always loved you Aari.. lowering his snout resting on her neck.
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