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Lorien the Blind Baby

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Lorien the Blind Baby Empty Lorien the Blind Baby

Post by Lorien on Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:41 am

Lorien the Blind Baby Pern_dragon_baby_by_lxxmellodyxxl-d6w8yb7

Personal Info

Name: Lorien

Alias: Blind baby, Seawing Jokester, The forgotten one

Age: Barely 1 year

Gender: Male

Personality: Though the dragon was basically forgotten by his parents, it doesn't seem to faze him. Though he's been raised pretty much by the whole tribe, Lorien is not unwelcoming. In his tribe, he is a friendly, happy go lucky hatchling. He loves playing jokes and meeting all of his tribe members.

Outside of his tribe, he tends to be very shy and scared. Because a lot of the dragons are larger and stronger than him in the other tribes, he tends to cling or stay next to his tribe members. Though he doesn't talk to other tribes much, he loves interacting with other hatchlings.

Though he is blind, Lorien is as happy as can be and nothing stops him. He tries to do everything that he probably shouldn't even though he is blind. He tends to get himself into trouble but gets out of it easily with his cuteness.

*his tribe
*His family

*Larger dragons
*getting lost
*Not having any of his tribe members around.

*Large dragons
*Having to leave his tribe

General Appearance

Height: 6 ft tall

Scales: His scales are still sort of like dolphin skin cause they are still developing

Eyes: Ocean Blue

Appearance: Smallish - Large wings - Multicoloured scales - Horns on the top of his head - ocean blue eyes

Tribe Information and Status

Tribe: Seawings

Rank: Hatchling

Parents - Abandoned him
Adoptive Parents - Asaillia and Arkhor


Hatchlings: Um cough excuse you I am the only hatchling you need (No)

Skills and Abilities

*Cute-ing his way out of trouble
*Finding his way around the Seawing territory

Special Abilities:
*Lorien can emit a sound that his tribe can hear from far away. This helps him if he gets in trouble and his tribe will be able to help him. This also works in the ocean. Because he is blind, its also like echolocation. Bouncing off objects to tell him where to go and how to go through the ocean.

*He can shoot steaming hot water from his maw

*Lorien can make a tiny whirlpool and in the future he can make a large one

*Lorien can make a small wave and when he is older he can make a really big one

*Sounds coming at him all at once or surrounding him cause it confuses him
*His blindness

Combat Style: Calling for his tribe because he can't fight.


History: Optional
RP Sample: Optional

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Lorien the Blind Baby Empty Re: Lorien the Blind Baby

Post by Lynx on Wed Jul 01, 2015 9:55 am

Just a tip, if this isn't done, put WIP (Work in Progress) in the title. Wink

Lorien the Blind Baby B8EPd
Lorien the Blind Baby GEDcW
Lorien the Blind Baby GYebI
Lorien the Blind Baby WE3AE

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Lorien the Blind Baby Empty Re: Lorien the Blind Baby

Post by Arkhor on Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:46 pm


Lorien the Blind Baby Otp62r

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