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Rateevko Lord of Sleep

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Rateevko Lord of Sleep Empty Rateevko Lord of Sleep

Post by Rateevko on Sun May 31, 2015 3:50 pm

Rateevko Lord of Sleep Rateevko_tiny_by_terra_anne-d8vke9c
   Personal Info
   Name: Rateevko
   Alias: Rat or Ratty
   Age: Seven years old
   Gender: Male
   Personality:  Ratty continues to prove that he is a momma's boy. He also finds amusement in joking with other dragons. He has retained a child-like personality and tries to make friends with anyone who tolerates him. Rat likes roughhousing despite the cuts and bruises he easily gets from doing so. He'll be defiant to a point; only submitting himself to dragons who very much scare him. Imagine him as the little Chihuahua yipping at a big dog trying to protect its owner. That's pretty much a good summation of Rateevko's personality.
   Interests: He is very child-like and enjoys performing practical jokes on others or just playing games with them. He also likes to fish and fly. Eating takes up a good amount of his time as he likes the taste of all kinds of food. He has a little pot belly because of the love of food he has.
   Dislikes: Scary things, unfamiliar faces, ice, cold things or places, and rain.
   Fears: He fears angry dragons, the dark, thunderstorms, fire, water, sharp things, pointy and sharp ice, the freezing cold, and rough objects.

   General Appearance
   Height: Seven year old size he is only a four feet tall from ground to head, and only a foot and a half tall from ground to shoulder.
Adult size he reaches ten feet and seven inches tall from the ground to his head. He is only four feet and three inches tall from the ground to his shoulder.
   Length: Seven year old size he is only a four and a half feet in length from tip of snout to tail.
Adult size he reaches twenty one feet and three inches long from the tip of his snout to his tail.
   Scales: He does not have scales. His tough leathery skin is stark white in color dappled by light gray speckles in some places.
   Eyes: Both eyes are a pinkish red.
   Appearance: Rateevko's body is long and lean but not hugely snake-like how some dragons can be. He can curl his body around himself once and that's it. Rateevko is muscular but with his diminutive size he does not look like a threat to pretty much everyone around him. His small pot belly helps to make other dragons underestimate him. His wings are nineteen and two inches long each and are soft and leathery much like a bat's wings are. In fact, had he not gained his lengthy body from his parents he would very much look like a giant naked white bat with legs and a long tail. His tail, by the way, looks like a rats tail. It is long and thin tapering to the end. He does have two small ivory horns at the top of his head. They sit just behind his temples though they are short and dull so even they don't look intimidating at all.

   Tribe Information and Status
   Tribe: He could be a skywing but I think its up to which parent he mostly stays with. Leaving him as rogue for now though because he's with his mother Areo.
   Rank: n/a
   Family: Mother is Areo Dynamic and father is Moonwing. Asero is a full brother, Moonstone and Zorya are his full sisters. After he turns age seven his parents have another clutch of eggs including Nyedra and Luca. He also has an adopted brother named Blaze, Nightstrike and Eveningsong are aunts, Kurai and Linus are uncles.
   Mate: n/a
   Hatchlings: n/a

   Skills and Abilities
   Strengths: Rateevko will become a master flyer. He will be faster than pretty much everyone but other skywings of the same size. Flying is pretty much the only real defense he has against an attack.
   Special Abilities: With the huge number of weaknesses this dragon has how has he survived at all? Perhaps because of the one special ability he received from that small fragment of Darkwing heritage. Rateevko can pretty much put to sleep anyone around him within one hundred and fifty feet. He releases a gaseous dark haze from his lungs, and anyone who breathes this in will fall asleep for about ten minutes. Ten minutes is the maximum time a dragon will sleep for whereas most wake up after six or seven minutes. This ability affects small and large dragons equally, and since Rateevko cannot do any damage trying to attack it is the only thing that balances his strength and weaknesses out. The gas spreads around on its own like mist or fog, though this is after Rat has already released it from his lungs. When he initially releases it from his jaws he blasts the gas out about ten feet out at a speed that mirrors a firewing releasing a stream of fire at an opponent. The haze dissipates from the area after four minutes. Rat can only use this haze ten times before he runs out of gas. Afterwards it takes a good meal and a few hours of rest to replenish his supply of sleeping gas.

Here's a tip, one really easy way of not falling asleep would be to hold your breath while going after Rateevko and exiting the haze cloud before breathing once more.

Since this dragon does not have any other special ability or body strength he cannot physically harm another dragon. He's just not physically strong enough to do so. So putting them to sleep for a while is his best and only offense+defense. Remember that because of his parents he is 1/2 skywing, 1/4 Nightwing, and 1/4 Lightwing.
   Weaknesses: Due to being scaleless, Rateevko can be sliced to bits by even the dullest claws or blades. Heck, as a baby he gets cut up just from playing over gravelly terrain. The weakest of flames can roast him alive and don't get me started on lightning. Lightning bolts will also most likely roast him and if he does survive being hit by them Rateevko would likely fall unconscious or become paralyzed. Cold is something else that can seriously injure him. Without scales he cannot ward off frostbite easily. Getting stuck in a snowstorm without being by another dragon for warmth would likely kill him rather quickly. An ice beam kind of attack from an icewing would definitely not be good. One hit by any of the above would most likely fatally injure him.

Water is one of the few things that might not kill him. Well... If he was hit by a giant wave, a hydro pump attack, or dragged under for a lengthy period of time he would probably drown or die upon contact. Rateevko CAN swim though he is not good at it.

Regular power attacks by other dragons larger than himself will also do serious damage. Basically Rateevko is a weakling who can't take a hit.

   Combat Style: He may try to fight but Rateevko can't do any damage to anyone. He can't bite anyone to kill them because his jaws are too small (both as a hatchling and an adult) and his claws are just too small and weak to even scratch an opponent. The only dragon he might be able to attack is one of equal size, but even then he is at a huge disadvantage because of being scaleless. The best attack he could do in that situation is to body slam them. Even with dragons his own size Ratty wouldn't be able to bite or claw through their scales. The only even fight he could get into is one against another scaleless dragon of his own size.

So basically everyone can kill him quite easily. If they don't fall asleep around him first.

   History: Incubated in an egg until "POP" he hatches out into the world. Then he was raised by Areo and Moonwing. Rateevko sometimes visits the skywings with his father Moonwing but mostly Rat stays with his mother near the nest.
   RP Sample: (Provide a RP sample of how you would roleplay.)

Rateevka rolled out of the hard constricting thing that had kept him warm and comfortable ever since he could think and remember. Upon hitting the rough ground the hatchling gave a cry of pain before whining relentlessly. His forehead and neck had been scraped after falling out of his egg. One sharp edge of his egg shell was jabbing him in the belly and side while he lay helplessly against the earth and the unbroken portion of egg holding his lower half. Then the tiny little dragon shoved one last time against the sharp edges of his previous dwelling and broke the last half of his egg into pieces. A cut opened up on his side as Rateevko struggled against the earth on top of a sharp corner of egg shell. When the young dragon propped himself up rather clumsily he opened up those haunting pinkish red eyes and looked up at the world.

The first thing he saw was his siblings who had hatched before him. This was normal for the weakest dragon of the clutch. They were happily roaming about the nest while Rat fumbled over the remains of his egg. The cuts stopped bleeding after a few minutes of the tiny white dragon roaming the nest. He eventually squirmed his way beneath his mother and stayed there while his siblings crawled about.

Last edited by Rateevko on Tue Dec 15, 2015 6:00 pm; edited 6 times in total (Reason for editing : added family)

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Rateevko Lord of Sleep Empty Re: Rateevko Lord of Sleep

Post by Rateevko on Mon Jun 01, 2015 6:44 pm

This is ready to be looked over. -sits quietly knowing the sleep gas is going to be some kind of issue to some-

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Rateevko Lord of Sleep Empty Re: Rateevko Lord of Sleep

Post by Arkhor on Tue Jun 02, 2015 12:00 am

Na its alright


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Rateevko Lord of Sleep Empty Re: Rateevko Lord of Sleep

Post by Rateevko on Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:57 pm

This has been updated now and can be put back into accepted I guess?

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Rateevko Lord of Sleep Empty Re: Rateevko Lord of Sleep

Post by Hyruu on Sat Dec 19, 2015 4:03 pm


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