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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Leviathan Dragon10
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Leviathan Empty Leviathan

Post by Nightrun Tue May 05, 2015 10:13 am

Leviathan Dragonstuck_gamzee_by_azheiim-d46pttc

Personal Info
Name: Leviathan
Alias: Leviathan the Storyteller
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Leviathan is as eccentric as a being can get. Along with said eccentricity,
he hates being ignored. He enjoys looking over scenery from high up places
and feels more comfortable off of the ground. Due to this, he is often found
on ledges of caverns. He is also very hard to trick, mostly because he's
the one doing the tricking. He is an incredibly mischievous creature and often
gets himself into trouble because of it.
Interests: Leviathan has a tendency to partake in various hobbies. Most
of them revolve around the jester/clown type field. His major interest is telling
stories. He can delve into a character’s story and act it out with ease and precision.
He can juggle surprisingly well and is excellent at the element of surprise. When
he's not entertaining, he partakes in small puzzles or books.
Dislikes: He cannot stand to be ignored. If he has something to say, it will
definitely be heard.
Fears: Leviathan has a fear of being forgotten, that his story won’t be told.

General Appearance
Height: 60'
Scales: All of Leviathan's scales are a deep purple, almost appearing to be black.
They are all 'bullet' shaped and are surprisingly smooth to the touch.
Eyes: Piercing Yellow
Appearance: Leviathan is a reasonably sized dragon, while not being the tallest,
he's certainly large. His ears are long, almost the same length as his spindling horns.
The back of his head has thick, yet well groomed, mane. His teeth are small, save for
eight prominently longer canines. Four on the top, and four on the bottom.
His body is long, like a serpents, giving his a snake-like appearance. His tail is also
serpent-like, and it’s almost the same length as his complete torso. His underbelly is
considerably softer than his hide scales, similar to many other dragons. While it’s not
shown in the picture, Leviathan has incredibly strong wings that propel him at impressive
His talons are all fairly sharp, sharpened to a precise point. They are purple in color, but
are often stained with paint.
Speaking of paint, let us dive into that a bit. Along his entire body are different splotches of
paint. It could be considered ‘war paint’, but he does it simply for the entertainment of it all.
It takes a skeleton-like pattern. You can notably identify vertebrae, ribs, his skull, and the like.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: NightWing
Rank: Tracker; Mostly Partakes as a Spy
Family: Not Evident As of Yet
Mate: None
Hatchlings: None

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: While he might not be the most physically inclined, Leviathan is quick and intelligent.
He can be unpredictable, which makes his a respectable foe. His cunning has proved useful multiple times
over in the past.
Special Abilities: While it doesn’t always prove to be useful, Leviathan has the
ability to create and/or animate pictures with his breath. He can legitimately ‘bring stories to life’.
With a simply exhale, he can retell stories of old or record current event in history. While performing,
he can visibly display stories of heroes, history, and even tales of gods and goddesses. The pictures
can either display what truly happened or he can manipulate them in small ways. Creating a little
flare here and there.  
Weaknesses: Leviathan simply cannot take anything seriously. Even if he’s being scolded
by a higher up, he’ll struggle not to grin or laugh. Immature, I know, but he honestly cannot help it.
Aside from that, he struggles to be motivated when it comes to work. He may be an efficient worker,
it takes an incredible amount of persistence to get him out of his procrastinational habits.
Combat Style: When it comes to fighting, Leviathan likes to start them slowly and finish them
quickly. His swift movements often allow him to overpower his opponent before things get too bloody.
If things get out of hand, he’ll attempt to appease the brawler so that neither of them get seriously injured.
While facing an obvious enemy, he’s incredibly violent. He’ll lash out and go for the neck.

History: I May Want to Develop This Via Roleplay.

RP Sample

The day's waning light cast a subtle glow down upon the cave wall. Shades of purple,
pinks, yellows, and reds all created a beautiful, yet melancholy, end to another dreary
day of laziness. A great beast, it's dark scales shimmering in the dying light, marveled
at the sun's decline. It's glowing eyes lazily followed as the sun crept lower and lower
into the horizon. It was sad to see one day go, but pleasing to know that another was
coming. Not to mention that the night was soon to rule over the sky once again. The
eternal exchange of night to day was an ongoing mystery to the beast. Who told the
sun to rise and fall? Who banished the moon from the sky then embraced it in the height
of the sky once again? It was not for him to know, it was simply his task and pleasure to
record what happened in between. Along the wall behind him were white blotches of paint,
given the proportions of the sun and moon. There was a line dividing the two. The great
beast turned his head towards the painting. His great jaws opened, revealing his glistening
white teeth. Out of the beast's throat and onto the picture came a dazzling mist, enriching
the painting with color and life. The drawn moon soon started to move as the real moon
did. The beast's name was Leviathan, and he was born to document these wonders as they

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Leviathan Empty Re: Leviathan

Post by Nightrun Tue May 05, 2015 7:43 pm

Ready for Review!
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Leviathan Empty Re: Leviathan

Post by Atlantis Thu May 07, 2015 4:06 pm

Approved ^^

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