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Erza - the Fairy Queen Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Erza - the Fairy Queen Dragon10
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Erza - the Fairy Queen

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Erza - the Fairy Queen Empty Erza - the Fairy Queen

Post by Erza Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:08 pm

Erza - the Fairy Queen Red_dragon_girl_october_winner_art_by_the_sixthleafclover-d5ktw35
Personal Info
Name: Erza Scarlet
Alias: The Fairy Queen
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Personality: Erza is a very strict Dragoness, often criticising other Dragons' bad behaviour, usually making them apologise since she is extremely powerful and has a feisty temper. She is also quite impatient, often getting angry at those who don't answer questions quick enough. This, coupled with her own tragic childhood, caused many of her fellow Dragons to avoid her due to her social awkwardness. She also prefers to be alone. Despite the facts mentioned, once she gets to know you and learns more about you, she warms up and starts acting kind. She's usually caring to others and passionate about fighting. If she trust you, she can be trustworthy and reliable and a good friend. However, she can get carried away and try to fight, despite not being in the physical or mental state to do so. She usually has a plan for everything and does nothing without intense planning.
Interests: Fighting, cake, swords,
Dislikes: Her past, injustice, foolishness
Fears: Her fear is of losing such few friends she has. Especially since what happened in her past.

General Appearance
Height: 124' 5"
Scales: She has deep-red scales that layer her body. Her underbelly is a yellowy-brown colour.
Eyes: Teal-blue.
Appearance: She has long, light-chesnut horns that branch off at the ends. Her spines start off quite large at her forehead and gradually become shorter util the tip of her tail. He tail is forked at the end. Since she owns many suits of armour, it would be nearly impossible to list them all. However, she wears one particular one more frequently than the others. It is a clean light grey and covers her whole torso and mid-upper arm. On her elbows she has iron blades and near her wrist iron arm-braces. Her helm covers about half her horns and all her head except for her lower lip.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rouge
Rank: Would be Vulcan if she was in a tribe.
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: She is usually quite strong and fierce. Despite her being careful and quite sensible, she normally uses her head in fight.
Special Abilities: She can 'Requip' armour, meaning she can change her armour at will. She gains the element of her armour, meaning she can theoretically use any element.
- With her such strong ability, she is extremely weak to the opposite element her armour protects agains. For example, if she wears Fire     Empress Armour, she would be particularly weak to Water attacks. Or if she wears her  Heaven's Wheel Armour (Air) she would be extremely weak to Earth/Ground attacks.
 - When 'Requipping' It takes her quite a lot of time to change armours so she is weak while summoning her armour and/or weapons. Her vulnerability is usually her downfall.

-She has the chance to mess up her Requip due to her not concentrating or simply not having much energy.

- Her elemental attacks are usually quite weak unless she uses up all her magical energy to use them, which usually leaves her weak instead.

Combat Style: Erza particularly likes to use swords, which she can summon along with her armour. These usually have a weak elemental effect that usually have a ten percent chance of activating.

History: Will be added later, very tired right now.
RP Sample: I'm NightStrike and tired.

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Erza - the Fairy Queen Empty Re: Erza - the Fairy Queen

Post by Arkhor Sun Apr 12, 2015 2:52 pm


Erza - the Fairy Queen Otp62r

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