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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Nightshade Dragon10
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Nightshade Empty Nightshade

Post by Night Shade Sat Apr 04, 2015 12:45 am

Insert Image Here
Personal Info
Name: Nightshade
Alias: The Apothecary, Demon Fox, Fox of Blue Fire
Age: 19
Gender: Female

She is not a child of bloodshed and death.

Cold. Calculating. But far from cruel.

For one so young, one could've guessed she'd be as old as the eldest of her time. Her form is youthful, but the eyes always reveal what a soul truly is. A quiet one. An old soul. One who is scarred with the lessons in life at the younger ages. Scarred.

At the same time, a spark of life. A prideful demeanor in her somewhat shadowed nature. Just as when a dying flower is given water and light, a quiet dragon, given trust, will take off her mask, revealing a smiling spirit fit for her age. Tranquil, proud, eager, mischievous.

Mischief. So her name presents. Nightshade, a berry so sweet and delicious, but lethal. So be her intelligence. While others of her kind look toward the primal elements for power, she looks toward a life given from the very earth itself: flora. A dragon handling flowers, one would say, would seem preposterous, but you see the dark-scaled creature picking at plants all the same, like some lowly two-legged being.

So be it, if she is lowly. The mutt of a dragon scoffs at the ignorant, as the poison from her precious plants courses through their veins, or her herbal remedies heal an injured hatchling.

A dragon with a sharp mind. She may speak little, but she speaks out. Against bigotry, against slavery, against discrimination. To come across one for such causes, and the once patience-driven drake shows her true colors: temperamental.

What's more, it's quite obvious this little thing hides a secret. While others boast about their powers, this one grows quiet...

She is the daughter of life and sentience.

+Plant Studies
+Considerate and Friendly Creatures
+Helping where help is needed
+Having fun, and maybe playing a few pranks every now and then!
-Inconsiderate and Ignorant dragons
-Loud noises or bright light, anything that can break her concentration
-Bloodshed, if she can avoid it.

It's hard to pinpoint fear. But for Nighshade, thought ends there. The small flying reptile fears fear itself. She fears emotion that gets the better of her or others. Anything that can lead to anger, violence, and retaliation.

Above all, however, she fears captivity. Death does not phase her. Pain she can bear, but captivity... To be bound to another's will terrifies her. She cowers at captors and shies away at chains. Such is the life of an equalist.

General Appearance
Height: 20 ft. Quite small.
Scales: Her scales are a dusky black, with a few of them resonating a bright vivid cyan blue. Her wingspan seems to appear as a blanket of tiny stars in the night sky, twinkling from the natural heat that burns inside her.
Eyes: A stunning silver, ones that may have the more jumpy and unawares taken aback from time to time.

Oh, woe is he to look upon her lineage! Look, and look with disgust!

There has been no pure-blooded dragon in her ancestry for generations! A line of rogues. One after another, no matter for what reason, had mated with another of its wandering kin. Genes have mixed. There is little of a dominant race left. A mutt. An undefined mutt of a dragon.

Scales of black, a forked tongue even blacker. Wide, silver, intelligent eyes. A long, lithe, serpentine body placed upon a small frame of one of the smaller dragons in existence. Ears like a canine, and soft, feminine features. A wingspan of around a hundred feet or so to match her body length. Her flight-giving appendages are dotted with glowing star-like marks. A painting of constellations. What's more, her horns, her crest, her tail tip, all of them a bright cyan azure, standing out amongst the shadow, as if making a challenge.

Perhaps strangely, what comes with her special abilities comes another unique feature- plant growth consumes parts of her body, roots at one with veins of blood, painful to remove.

And we now come finally to her last alias. The Demon Fox. Many dragons shift forms, an admirable ability. However, Nightshade transforms into something much more terrifying. She shifts. She loses scales and gains fur. Her wings are traded for a cloak of blue fire and her tail is duplicated by nine. Nightshade becomes a nine-tailed demon fox, capable of controlling that strange blue fire she possesses
Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: N/A
Rank: Rogue
Family: N/A
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: What Nightshade lacks in physical power she makes up for in wit. Though not strong, and about a top speed a bit better than average, she is quite agile. Adding to that, her use of poisonous plants makes her dangerous, should her coated claws pierce through to blood. On another note, she seems to be fairly pain-tolerant, and her poisons have little effect on her.
Special Abilities: Over all, she has two. The first is her shape-shifting. A demonic fox being her counterpart. Her second seems to hint at a slight FireWing gene: She can breathe fire. This fire is different, however, as it glows a bright blue rather than the regular orange-yellow.
Weaknesses: Strength. It may be hard to catch a bird, but once it's in the net, it's hopeless. She also does not appear to have any resilience to any sort of magic whatsoever. And finally, is her mental weakness. Her temperament can lead her to being prone to mental breakdowns. Soul-Shattering, paralyzingly, fear-inducing episodes that could leave her frozen in a time of battle.
Combat Style: A predator does not flaunt its power, the eagle hides its talons. And so does Nightshade. Though not strong or fast, her agility and tricks require a close combat style. Once her claws break skin, her poison-oak-covered claws can cause a wound to fester, leaving a fairly solid reminder to who the opponent was dealing with.


The only thing I remember... was the mingled scent of blood and fear. The colors seem blurred, but I remember the red scales of my single mother coated in the darker crimson of her lifeblood. Her body had lain sprawled with another. A grey male. Not my father, who had left when I was an egg, but an older male, attempting to kill me and my mother for some odd reason. I remember his muzzle was covered in foam...

After that, it clears. I had taken a single human book that my mother once stole from one of their villages to teach me how to read for some odd reason. I believe it was called "Plant Life: The Apothecary's Guide" or something. Well, it helped me learn how to work with plants, at least! After a few years of that, I studied and memorized every page. I knew what I was doing. I had hands-on experience in making these things. In the end, I lost that book to... That fire.

It wasn't long after that I came across a couple of traveling humans. I want very young at the time, barely past hatchling. These two, when they came upon my cave in the midst of a storm, they were terrified and armless. Thankfully they didn't see my in my real form, because at the time I had transformed into my nine-tailed furry self. At first they thought I was going to attack. Knowing their language, however I calmed then down, and gave them shelter from the storm. They appeared grateful, but...

A few days later, these men came with weapons and nets and torches. Quite scary. But in my fright, something happened. I snapped. Suddenly a burning blue fireball erupted from my throat, charring the group of men in my cave.

Needless to say, I left after that. I've been aimless ever since, really.

RP Sample:

The leader of the humans strode proudly into the cave, where days before the young teenage couple claimed to see a black and blue fox demon, with nine tails. He decided to take a group of his finest men in the village and capture, if not slay the beast, if here was one. It'd make a good prize for his wife, alive or stuffed. Upon entering, he called. "Reveal yourself, Beast! I know you are in there."

Silence. The leader motioned to one of his men to pass a torch. He almost dropped it in fright.

Revealed to him were merely two silver, startling eyes. The rest of the figure did not reflect the light they did. The eyes blinked.

"Beast!" the man continued, albeit with less confidence. "You have threatened two of our fine citizens, and for that you shall be punished!"

More silence, before the figure sighed.

"So this is the thanks I receive for sheltering two lost souls? A punishment?" the demon fox scoffed, "A crime sentence?"

"Beast! You are to be bound and presented as a trophy! Otherwise you die! You have threatened my village-"


The fox had risen now, hackles raised in anger. The creature's shoulder rivaled the height of the leaders, and with all flowing tails flailing furiously, it looked about as big as a dragon.


The last thing each of those men saw was a cloud of blue flame rushing towards them.

Additional Notes
I plan on getting a picture and avatar up here soon, but otherwise it's done, ^-^ hope you enjoy it!

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Nightshade Empty Re: Nightshade

Post by Aero Dynamic Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:05 am

Wow, this is amazing.

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Nightshade Empty Re: Nightshade

Post by Arkhor Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:50 am


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