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The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones)

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The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones) - Page 2 Empty The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones)

Post by Devi on Fri Mar 27, 2015 8:32 am

First topic message reminder :

The StarStone ~

Over 100 years ago before most of the tribes time, a burning white hot flame shot across the night sky, the bright light could be seen for miles. Many of the tribe watched the event, most though it was a sign from the gods. After the sparkling object finally crashed landed into the earth, an expedition was sent to look for the divine artifact. After several days there was nothing new, with many of the group failing to keep up and find the stone, there was one member a guardian named Gorda. A strong and large like dragon with marble like scales, fell his gaze towards a large like crater within the jungle. Grinning happily he had found the landing site, yet he didn't know what awaited him. Landing inside the large crater a dust cloud quickly formed around him causing him to cough, with a blast of his wings he sent the annoying dust clear. After a brief thought he couldn't believe how large the crater was, the meteor must had been large in size to create this scar in the earth. Trees where fallen around creating a strange small like wasteland, letting out a sigh he glanced around for any signs of strange material. Within moments he spotted a dazzle sparkling towards him, almost making him squint from the brightness. Rushing over towards the source he couldn't believe what he found, a white precious stone around the size of a coconut. Almost looking like a diamond he crept closer but as he did it seemed to change colour slightly this time to a bright red, in fact after moving his head around in different places the stone seemed to respond with changing colours like a rainbow. It was a strange sight, with his head now looking down onto the stone he spotted the reason why. The stone had nebula like patterns with an amazing amount of different colours, it was unique no other precious stone had markings like this. As he extended his paw towards the stone to take back to the palace, the stone's pattern suddenly changed to a more white like nebula no doubt to match Gorda's white scales. Then as his claw touched the stone's surface he felt a rush of energy run down his arm's length, freezing for a moment at it felt strange at first only to find it enjoyable. Feeling more powerful as he held it in his grasp, glancing around he noticed some of the group had found the crater too all gazing towards him.

After a number of days the stone finally returned back to the palace of the Lightwings, many celebrations where held as many for told this as a sign from the gods namely Astral that they where pleased. Even members from other tribes came to see the stone, many impressed with his divine like patterns. Though many rumors spread throughout Pyyria of the stone holding special properties, namely strength of both the mind and body. For its protection from both visitors and tribe members it was sealed away in a special like glass casing, built by the best vulcans of the tribe. For over 100 years it has sat undisturbed within the palace, over time people called the gem 'The Starstone' but others referred it as the 'King's/Queen's Jewel' depending of who was the leader at the time. Though with Devi and Lucian the leaders of the tribe the name stuck with 'The Starstone' as it symbolized the tribe.

A few months after the feast to announce Devi's and Sleenia's bonding, disturbing reports had arisen from the borders of the tribe, many about the increasing issues of the Nightwings who was there natural enemy, including reports those who told of a creature killing many animals and dragons in the rogue lands. Many referred to as an old enemy seeking revenge, still Devi didn't believe that was the case, only rumors as he had heard the stories before. It was a normal day at the palace, the sun was shining with ever increasing warmth temperatures many of the tribe where outside relaxing in the sun. Still Devi had tasks to do, which seemed to increase as Lucian was making less of an appearance every week. It wasn't right, Devi agreed with Lucian that he would take most of the diplomatic tasks and tribe facing, where Lucian was to run the tribe in the background. Admittedly it was hard adjusting to these new tasks, he seemed to hardly have any time to spend with Sleenia or Aakesh. Growing tired as the evening approached he decided to take an early night, heading to his den he spent the night with his family. Though tonight there was something lurking in the shadows who was watching Devi leaving the restricted part of the palace. Namely a traitor in the mist who was a respected member of the tribe, who secretly had his own desires and to help the mysterious enemy towards the borders.

// Alright guys, there's the setup. Feel free to start posting what you guys are currently doing. I'm still looking for someone to play the traitor. I will give it a day till I will choose to do it myself. Try to follow posting order, when its important posts. Though I don't mind those who do a small post if their talking to someone //

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The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones) - Page 2 Empty Re: The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones)

Post by Arkhor on Thu May 07, 2015 5:42 am

// the monster was Aero Dynamic, so go bug him about it Razz, if he doesn't want to do it then feel free to take over//

The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones) - Page 2 Otp62r

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The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones) - Page 2 Empty Re: The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones)

Post by Aero Dynamic on Sat May 09, 2015 9:34 am

(Fine fine, I will go ahead and do bad guy things)

I layed in my dark cave. the walks covered in moss that hardly got any sun, water dripping from the ceiling creating little stone mounds on the floor below. My tail flicked in patience about to explode as I waited for the stone to arrive. I looked behind at the piles of treasures giving this place color. I looked back at the tunnel where the creature would enter, so that I could watch him carry the shining stone here. He could take whatever he wanted as long as I had it, the stone of which held an intense amount of power. I shall rule all with it. I layed my head down on my paws and waited, the water counting the minutes passing by.
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The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones) - Page 2 Empty Re: The StarStone - EVENT - (Lightwing + invited ones)

Post by Shiningwater on Sat May 09, 2015 10:14 am

((Pardon me for controlling some guards, but I needed to get Vale back to the surface. Sweat ))

Vale dropped the armor as loud shrieks and roars came from above her cave. It hit the ground and dented. She cursed loudly and picked it up, gently bending it back into shape and setting it onto her stone ledge. She then turned and bounded back to the entrance. She stood at the entrance and glared at the guards, who had started the clamor. "I hope you know it's the middle of he damn night!" She spat at them, ignoring who ever else might be nearby. "So what the hell's so important?!"
"Vulcaness!" A female gasped. "My apologies, but someone has taken the StarStone!"
Vale started at this. "The StarStone? Stolen? How could they possibly get to it?!"

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