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Nidhogg, Malice Striker Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Nidhogg, Malice Striker Dragon10
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Nidhogg, Malice Striker

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Nidhogg, Malice Striker Empty Nidhogg, Malice Striker

Post by Nidhogg Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:46 pm

Nidhogg, Malice Striker Bc94b9fd-2b8f-4790-bcef-4f714da956c4_zps03czuslo
Personal Info
Name: Nidhogg
Alias: Malice Striker
Age: 21 (Before being frozen); 10,721 (After exiting being frozen)
Gender: Male
Personality: Nidhogg is a very unusual being, he is rather quiet, only speaking when he feels he should, and that is only when he finds something new. If he doesn't understand, he will ask questions without hesitation, but other than that, he is quiet and like his other bloodline. Since he is both Firewing and Nightwing, he is very easily angered, and will fight with all his might, but also very quiet and stealthy. Due to the fact that he is a Nightwing, he can hide in the dark and observe when he needs to, he is a very curious being, though he could care less what it is. If it interests him, he will go after it, though be it told, he is somewhat of a bullheaded being. Not giving up on something he finds interesting, but even so, he is nothing more than a big child, never really being punished.

So he was treated with more kindness, making him have have somewhat of a more childlike manner. But this also lead to him being more of a prankster as well, using his mind powers to mess with certain other beings, in a playful manner, he did this in a manner his mother never noticed. Nidhogg though he may have a childlike mannerism, and be curious, he does have the sense to not care what others think about him. And this leads to him not caring about the problems of others, even though he was taught to aid others if needed, he found that this was not the case with the current timeline. He found that other dragons never got along as well during his time, so he developed the tendency to not get involved in things that didn't concern him. And made him care less about the problems, but he still was curious about the dragons, and much they changed.


  1. Humans: His interest in the humans is something that has come from the fact that he can learn from them even if they are a young race.

  2. His powers: Though he knows about his power, he still wonders what more he could do with it. He could try all his life and still never know, with his telekinetic powers. He wonders if he could use them in more than he knows.

  3. The other dragons: During his time frozen, much has passed, and Nidhogg has missed so much. The other dragon races seem to have changed, if only a small bit. Though he cares little for their quarrels, he wonders how they have changed if any.


  1. Rudeness: Nidhogg despises another being being rude and not showing respect. He will tell them to show it or he has no business with them, and if that doesn't convince them after leaving, he will show his true colours and force them to respect him. By hitting them with a invisible telekinetic blast.

  2. Cold areas: Due to being in the cold for 10,700 years, Nidhogg clearly does not like cold places, in fact he hates them. He fears them and tries to avoid them, that also includes the Icewings, so knowing about them is out of the order.

  3. Conflict: Though Nidhogg is one to go into battle, he dislikes it very much, and tries to avoid it. The only time he goes into it, is if he is attacked, or needs to aid someone. Whatever they are he will go into battle if needed.

Fears: Coldness: Nidhogg before never liked cold areas to begin with, but with being frozen, and trapped. It was the final straw, he finally hated and feared the cold, and all places like it. And if anything that is cold comes near him, he targets it first and sends it in the opposite direction. Or he runs like hell, and hide from it.

General Appearance
Height: 115 feet. (Firewing ancestors.)
Scale Colours: Blood red & Obsidian black.
Scale Design: Blood red are a hard bone like type of scale shaped in stacking shard like formation. While the Obsidian are diamond shape, staking upon each other.
Eyes: Crimson Red
Appearance: Nidhogg is a very unique looking dragon, having multiple limbs that most dragons would not have. In total, he has two pairs of wings, a pair of arms, and a pair of legs. As well as a long slender like bony tail, he is very ornate looking, but not that, he is also very terrifying as well. Being part Firewing and Nightwing, he retains the size of a Firewing, but having the Nightwing scale colours. He does have red, but he is mostly black, his wings are rightfully the correct size for a Firewing, him being 115 feet, his wings spread out and extra 95 feet from his body. Nidhogg wings are the most striking of his form, upon his frontal wings, he has a set of frills. These frills are very graphical and hold four extra little wings, they are not only on his frontal wings, but his secondary ones as well. Being in the top of the hand region, his wings extend out to his elbow, and stop there, and at the end of each elbow is a set of bone like appendages, that connect the leather membrane of his wings together. Which are bony and sharp like, having points at the end.

The same goes for his second pair of wings, his main arms are rather smaller, only used for picking things up, and eating as well. But in his hands, holding five fingers, his own claws are very sharp but as stated they are used for picking objects up, and also eating. His feet on the other hand, are rather large, him having three large talon like toes. These talons are long, elegant and sharp in nature, being like the rest of his body, black. He uses these for combat, but mostly for gathering food and walking on, as he walks on the flat part of the foot, having his heel up, which has a talon on the end. His tail is long, and very elegant as well, bending in any which way it can, as it has plating of bone like scales on it. At the very end of his tail there is a set of bone arrow shape scales, his tail is a barb like tail. Another thing that should be stated, at the end of his wings, there are metal like tassels, holding red fabric, these are nothing more than his way of standing out. As well, he is surrounded in chain like hooks, these chain hooks are nothing more than a accessory of his.

Nidhogg's upper region, has a unique set of horns, they fan out in a perfect reflection to one another. Being twisted and evil like, as they to also hold a few tassels upon them, two on each side. Upon his face, Nidhogg has a rather small face, his eyes able to see certain things due to their size. But not only that, his scales are more heavily focused around his face, as they fan from the top of his head, down his spine, and to the tail. All of which are the blood red color, and are bone like in nature. His scales upon his body are, Blood red upon his spine, bone hard and shaped in stacking shard like formation. While the others are Obsidian black and diamond shape, staking upon each other. While he has his scales and weapons, Nidhogg has one other thing about his body, he is constantly releasing a black like mist from his body. Every movement he takes, the mist leaks from it, but never hinders his sight, nor gives him anything other than his evil and demonic aura.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue
Rank: Rogue
Family: All deceased.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities


  1. Enhanced Endurance: Due to the fact that Nidhogg requires more energy to move his extra limbs and to focus on his mental powers. He has twice if not more than that of other dragons, this gives him the time he needs to keep battles going longer. And in turn, also, grants him more time in flight, or in battle.


  1. Mental Strength: Due to his Telekinetic powers, he is a far more powerful enemy, using his mind to attack foes, is something that not one person can stop easily. As his power is invisible, not even the sight of dragons can see this attack coming.

Special Abilities:

1.) Psychokinesis (Telekinesis): Being that his brain is more complex than other dragons, not meaning he is smarter, but due to the fact that Nidhogg is a rather unusual dragon, having multiple limbs. His brain needed to compensate for the extra work his body needed to pull to operate his other limbs. Unlike other dragons, Nidhogg doesn't breathe fire, ice, earth, or even scalding hot water, he uses his mind to attack his foes. The ability is referred to moving objects from one place to another without using physical contact. It also means re-shaping of objects using the mind's energies, such as bending a spoon, or key, by just holding it and focusing. Nidhogg focuses his psychokinetic powers on the environment around him, allowing him to pick up surrounding matter with the power of his mind without exerting physical forces on them, causing objects to be hoist into the air and move according to his will.

Whenever in usage, Nidhogg's psychokinesis power surrounds the targeted object with a cyan aura coating. Due to the fact that Nidhogg's brains cells regenerate faster than others, this means he is giving the ability to use his unique power, he can move objects to his whim, send them at his foe(s), shatter them to make a cloud to escape. Or to even send a blast of telekinetic energy at his foes, in a form or invisible pulses of physical attacks, this also can be used to aid in defense as well. As Nidhogg can stop mostly anything that he can focus on, though too much such as taking on four Earthwings, even two would be too much for him to stop. He can stop masses that are twice is own weight, and size, with some struggle. His power is not without limitation, due to the fact that this exerts much of his energy, causing him to faint if too much is used, and possible cause slight bleeding in the brain.  


  1. Easily exhausted: Nidhogg is a powerful dragon, but not without a price, though he has a powerful power, body, and mind are more prone to weaken his strength than others. Meaning if he uses too much energy, he grows physically weak, and will possibly collapse from energy lost.

  2. Ice/Cold Element: Nidhogg as said before, is one who hates cold, but it's more complicated than that, since his release of the ice tomb he was in. Every time he comes into contact with ice, he begins to lose energy, and will weaken faster than other dragons. And to a point, it will kill him, if he can't escape it, his body will recover, so long as he gets the necessary energy back into his body.

  3. Telekinetic Exhaustion: This occurs when he uses his telekinesis too much for too long, if he uses his power too many times in a short period of time without rest. He will begin to bleed in his brain, causing major brain hemorrhaging, and if he still continues, his brain will surely explode, quite literally.

Combat Style: Nidhogg is like any other Nightwing, he watches and waits to strike, but he will not give a single hint that he is going to to anything. He won't move, or blink as he is being watched, he will be like a statue, and will try to play off as the innocent being. Thats is if he is needing to go into combat, but if angered, or tired of waiting, he will charge in full blaze, and shooting off his Telekinetic power. When he is in his full out attack mode, he will not let his foe rest, or give them a chance to return fire. He is a hard hitter, and won't stop until his foe is down for the count, willing to give in, or take them out for good. Thought when he is being the statue, he is will go for limbs, and try to trip his foe(s) up and make them confuse, this gives him the chance to attack and eliminate his foe in one fell swoop.

History: Born in the Nightwing territory and raised there for most of his life by his his mother, who could not bring her mate into the plain. When ever she had a chance, she would bring Nidhogg with her to meet him, so he could get to know his father. And like most Firewings, he was tough as nails, but he cared for not only his child but his mate as well, with his father teaching him how a male dragon of his caliber should act was to guard the weak and to protect others in need, But to never fight a pointless battle, his father quickly noticed his sons ability to not cast any breathe abilities but also his multiple limbs when he first was him. This was a concern to him, but when time passed, and he got into a fight with his mate, Nidhogg didn't like it at all, and as any child in distress and wanting to protect his mother. He attacked his father, but unlike the way his father expected, he found out the power his child wielded was not of his breathe, but of his mind.

Confused and shocked that his son attacked him, but also proud that he protected someone, he found his son's power to be rather unique, and interesting. So with the time passing on, Nidhogg quickly grew up in the darkness of the territory he grew up in, avoiding others as much as possible, But observing them from a distance, he yearned to explore the outside world, and not be cooped up in domains of the home he loved. He left his home one night to discover, only to have his mother follow shortly behind him, being him only 14 at this age, she needed to keep her child safe, but she made sure he didn't know of her presence. After he left and went into the outside areas of his home, he found it to be a wonderful place, the green forests the Earthwings held. But before he could continue, his mother captured him, and told him his fun was over, he just pouted knowing he couldn't disagree with her. He returned to the home, but not before meeting up with his father once more, spending time with him, and then truly returning back home.

With his curiosity never truly sated, he grew more and more, before he was lager than the other Nightwings, and his mother. Being now at his full size of 115, he towered over them, with his mother worried that his size would bring trouble, she asked him to find his father and spend time with him until she sorted it out with her leader. With his leaving of the territory, and entering the Earthwing territory, he found his father. But was not acting right, he told him to leave the place and go towards North. As it turned out, both races didn't like it that their members had a child without knowing the mate, agents of the Firewings went after Nidhogg's father. While his mother was exiled from the tribe, and sent to the plains to wander, while his father tried to get his son away. Only to have him tracked, with his father taking on three other if his own kind, not willing to talk, attacked, his father being a dragon who controlled his blood as a weapon. Having it combust into balls of fire at his whim, made the land shake. But alas was not enough, his father fell in battle, but not before his mother got to him and took him away towards the north. Fearing the fight of the Firewings, she hid her child away in the northern reaches of the Icewing border.

And with her mind correct, the Firewings did follow, even to this place, as they wanted the defiled child of Markthros the Blood Fire Vulcan. But they were not so lucky, they only found the mother and mate of the child, with her eyes set to draw them away, one had suspicions that the child was hidden. So with them all targeting the mountains, they opened fire and attacked. Nidhogg's mother taking both attacks, so her child could get away, was not the case, one of the fireballs hit the mountain range, and made it collapse, sending water in. Nidhogg now trapped, and ice cold water pouring into the ran in cave, quickly succumbed to the effects of being frozen, as the temperature dropped. The Firewings pleased with the outcome, the Nightwing mother, and traitor Firewing Vulcan were dead, and they were sure of the child's death, they left the ares as night was falling.

This meant the temperature was falling below freezing, and just like that, time took hold, being 21 now, he was trapped in a prison of ice, stuck. The next thing Nidhogg remembers was the ice shattering and his body returning, as he burst forth and escaped his prison. Only to find his prison was on the shores of what seemed to be the Earthwing territory, not sure what happened, all he knew was his capsule must have been broken off during earthquakes, and raging sea's. Not sure how much time had passed, he did know that the area change very much in his time. Now with no one to call his own, his mother and father both dead, he was unable to fight and help, due to weakness. He went and trained, learning how to use the power of his mind as well, with his new body now realized, he went out into the world, as he was nothing more than a wanderer now, trying to learn of place in this world.

RP Sample: A glimmer of light, as the sun trickled through the clouds that littered the azure blue sky, the plains of the Earthwing territory was wonderful. Nice warm days, and slightly warm, yet cooling nights, was a perfect place for a dragon as Nidhogg to rest in. The red and black dragon not blending in at all with his surroundings, his four wings folded up, giving him a larger appearance than he should have. As his tail flicked, and whipped around, he gave a bored yawn, as the black mist from his body rose from under his wings, and body. Filling the air around him with a cold like aura, that was almost towards his lonely like personality. The leaves of the trees around him, brushing against his frame, as his tail stabbed a few of them as he clearly was bored beyond help. The sun was warm, and pleasant, making this a ideal spot of him to rest, the gust of wind, grazing along his wings, making the membrane vibrate. He just sighed and closed his eyes, letting the blood red crimson orbs disappear behind a set of Obsidian black scales covered skin.

Last edited by Nidhogg on Sat Mar 14, 2015 4:27 pm; edited 22 times in total (Reason for editing : Unfinished work.)

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Nidhogg, Malice Striker Empty Re: Nidhogg, Malice Striker

Post by Celestia Fri Mar 13, 2015 8:46 pm

Oh boy where to start. I guess I'll start with the poison. Its a no go. Poison is unique only to the EarthWings and given your not an EarthWing you can't have it. NightWings also have never had poison. Which brings me to the next thing. I'm afraid you can't go making up lore like that and even if you were aloud to you can't be working towards undoing current lore. Besides 5000 years isn't enough for the tribes to change so dramatically. Try more like half a million years. Not to mention dragons live for a ridiculously long time which would dramatically slow the change. I mean if that dragon lifespan topic ends up going towards 6,000 year life spans your parents could still be alive!

Your character is much too overpowered. Of all the powers you listed like telekenisis, the super sharp stuffs, hooks, and what not you may chose one to keep and the others are to be scrapped.

The last issue is with your father. Not only also over powered but even if he was a god I'm afraid meteor controlling couldn't be his power. Since meteors are the goddess of the moon and stars domain. One of the three gods of creation.

You can still have all the crazy limbs though.

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Nidhogg, Malice Striker Empty Re: Nidhogg, Malice Striker

Post by Nidhogg Fri Mar 13, 2015 9:20 pm

~Bump: Derp.

If there is anything else I missed, let me know and I will edit it out.

I took care of.
- Chains, they are now accessory.
- Bone Saber and Spears, gone.
- Poison, gone.
- Fathers power, changed to Blood Fire.

Changed info ___
- Nidhogg is now 10,700 years older from the ice.


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Nidhogg, Malice Striker Empty Re: Nidhogg, Malice Striker

Post by Cosmos Sat Mar 14, 2015 3:53 pm

Approved by your favorite moderator~


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