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Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue Dragon10
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Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue

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Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue Empty Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue

Post by Aero Dynamic on Thu Mar 12, 2015 5:50 pm

Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue Comission_for_kfalash_by_mikonasa_d985906__1__by_kfalash-da0709y
Personal Info
Name:Aero Dynamic
Alias: Dynamic
Age: 52 years
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Her mood can change very rapidly, so one second she can be happy and the other mad. She is also unpredictable, going along with the same lines as her mood. When bored she can become a bit unreasonable, like starting fights or just wandering into a tribe territory. Most of the time she doesn't like to fight, unless she is in a bad mood. Storms and rain are calming to her, making it nice when they roll through. To also calm down she will just take a flight, or maybe a dip in a lake. When trying to hide that she is part SkyWing she tells everyone her name is 'Dynamic,' and also takes on a more cocky attitude.
Interests: Aero loves to fly. Why? Most likely because she's a dragon. She uses flying as her main mode of transportation, or to get away from people faster. She's actually a pretty good flier too, able to do many aerial maneuvers. It's also a lot easier and faster than running.

With that, Aero loves high places. Whether it be from being in a high tree or tall mountain to even just being high in the sky. It makes her feel safe and it's so peaceful.

Aero likes storms and rain, as it is usually cooler and she likes the sounds. The sound of the rain falling, of the wind, and of the thunder. It's also pretty to her, not to mention it sounds good. If she's not sitting watching it, then she'll be flying above them.

Another thing Aero likes is the nighttime. At night, she can practically blend in with the night sky. It's also calm at night, just herself in the cool air with a few other night-time predators. Humans are usually asleep at this time too, she she doesn't have to worry about them.

Next, she likes to learn stuff. She won't admit this, especially from a human. Most of the time she acts annoyed or like she already knew about it, unless she learned it from another dragon.

Her list of dislikes goes a long way, and many are closer to the top than others. The one that she considers first would have to be rotten food. Rotten food is terrible, it smells bad, looks bad, and it virtually inedible. This would be the thing that killed her if she ran out of food.

Aero doesn't like mud, for she has a little sense of vanity. Getting a bit on her paws when walking through a field doesn't mind her, and if she gets some on her scales she isn't going to go rage on everyone, she just doesn't like it. Maybe if she knew it could be good she'd like it...

The next thing she doesn't like is the heat. She doesn't like summer as much because of this, making it hard to sleep in the evening and 'harder to fly' in the day. She tries to avoid heat at all costs by going into the shade, water, or just a colder place.

Maybe this should be higher up on the list, but Aero doesn't really try to express it. This dislike is losing. Everyone hates losing, but Aero will try her best not to show it. She may seem annoyed, but she'll most likely keep the yelling to herself. Why, I don't know.

What she calls her last dislike is; being bored. She doesn't like to be bored because it's, well, boring! It's what causes her to be unsensible.

Fears: Her worst fear is not having anyone around. Even though she is a rouge and lives alone most of the time, she always has someone she can go to. If she was the last dragon on earth, she would eventually befriend all of the animals and slowly go insane.

Another fear is not being smart anymore, and just being ridiculously dumb. Although, if she was, she wouldn't really be able to tell, would she? Still doesn't deter her from having this fear.

She fears losing her eyes. Maybe it's because they're beautiful, or because then she won't be able to see. It definitely doesn't help that she'd end up being 'useless,' and not able to defend herself from other dragons or hunt.

She also fears losing her wings, because she loves to fly. It also doesn't help that without them she'd think she was useless, just like with loosing her eyes.

Another fear is never being able to fly again. If her wings got cut off or injured very badly she would, very sadly, try and kill herself.

Aero will say, or not say, her last fear is dying from a 'lesser,' or human. But what it really is is she fear dying. If anything, she'd want to go in an honorable way, or just die peacefully through the night.
General Appearance
Height: 54 feet tall.
Scales: Circular black scales with dark gold spots mixed in.
Eyes: Sky blue
Appearance: Starting from her head she has two horns on the back of her head. These horns are an off-white color and are angled at a 25 degrees. Next are her spines, also an off-white color. She has three spines on her muzzle, three on top of her head, and the rest going down her back. They stop 1/3 down her tail, getting smaller as they do so. For the ones on her head, the middle spine is always the biggest. These spines react to her mood, making them stand when happy or surprised and making them fall when sad or worried, and having then be in between when bored and mad. Next are her eyes. She has sky blue eyes that dimly glow in the dark. At certain times of the day, they may even blend in with the sky. She has a hooked 'beak' and a medium length dark reddish-pink tongue. Following that she has a dark gold underbelly. This starts under her neck and goes down to the tip of her tail. From that we have the legs, that at the end of have five claws, one acting like a thumb enabling her to pick up objects. This is similar on her hind legs, although she doesn't have a 'thumb' per say. Her wing membrane is slightly see-though, and is a lighter gray than the black of her scales. Speaking of her scales, they are black, making it so that she can blend in easier at night. They are actually covered in dark gold spots, but she can't even notice them. Her scales are circular and in some places may overlap.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue
Inheritance: 50% SkyWing 50% NightWing
Rank: Rogue
Family: Mother - Unknown
Father - Exodus
Sister - NightStrike
Brother - Linus
Sister - Eveningsong
Brother - Unknown

Mate: MoonWing
First Batch


Second Batch


Skills and Abilities
Strengths:  Aero's a pretty good flier. As her main mode of transportation, she'd have to be. She can do many moves, like twirls, dives, flips, ect. She can also fly really fast, especially if she picks up speed from diving. Flying is a lot faster than running. Aero's max speed is 100 mph.

And, with any reasonable predator, she likes to hunt. I mean, if she didn't hunt what would she do? Her main source of food is deer, although she'll eat other things she will come upon. She'd have to be a good hunter to sustain herself.

Aero is a fast learner... most of the time. She learns quick what not to do, and how to do stuff. Sometimes though, she might be unable to do some of the stuff someone tries to teach her, which can lead her irritated. When learning some things herself she can be patient. When someone else is trying to teach her, she may act more like a bad school child...

She is able to pick up things with her paws and tail. Her paws has a thumb like a humans, making it so that she's able to pick objects up and examine them. With her tail, it's very flexible and able to curl around an object like a snake, making it so she can pick things up with it. She's also able to fit things in her mouth if needed.

Special Abilities: None for the moment, probably forever.

Aero can be really cocky at sometimes, thinking that she is better and stronger than everyone else. It's usually what causes her to get into fights.

When bored she does things that she normally wouldn't do for entertainment. She's more likely to get into fights when bored and other things that can cause her trouble.

Like most animals, her underbelly is softer than the rest of her, making it a big weak spot. Her eyes are also easy to hurt as they too are less protected.

Even though she may seem big to some SkyWings, Aero can easily be overpowered by bigger dragons. Most of her is used for speed, not as much for strength.

Combat Style: Aero will try and use her speed to her advantage, coming in close to take a swipe before backing out of their range.

History: She lived with 7 and was the only Skywing out of the Nightwings except for her pure Skywing mom. When the 'normal' dragnets were old enough, her parents took them to their tribes. I flew away from mine and don't know where they are now. I had to learn a few skills but my parents were very nice and taught us a lot. Because my mom was a Skywing and my dad a Nightwing, they became outcasts.
RP Sample: Aero smiled at Ratty, giving him a little nuzzle. "Who knows what your father will think? He must be around somewhere." She said lightly.  'I'm just surprised at how nice they're being...' The female definitely wasn't going to expect this from a tribe. They must be soft from all of this 'luxury.'

Aero smiled as the maid returned, although it was more of a smirk. As she took the water another dragon came in, with what looked like guards accompanying him. She nearly choked on her water when she heard who it was. It was even better that she was taller than him, but of course her NightWing blood would do that.

No sooner would another dragon come in, this one also covered in armor. She seemed stuck up, and other things... The way she bowed so lowly, much more than she needed too, was probably just to show off her hindside. She was also way too cheerful for Aero's liking.

Taking her mind off of that dragon she turned back to Tion, doing what could be considered a mock bow as she spread her wings and bowed, glancing down at Tion for she wasn't going to go lower than him. When she came back up she sat and smirked before replying to him. "Hello Tion, what a pleasure to meet the SkyWing King out of all the dragons we could've met. Of course he didn't mention any of us, he can't speak if you were to remember your poor Vulcan..." The black dragoness said, showing her teeth in a humored smile. "I'm Dynamic, MoonWing's mate. This with me is Rateevko, my son. You know, you should be more careful with just letting rogues dilly-dally into your territory, it could be a hazard."

She turned back to the annoying dragoness, her smile fading. "I'm just here because Rateevko wanted to show me the SkyWing Kingdom, considering he's come here with his father before." She then turned her head away from the dragon, glancing at her with another question. "Since we've said ours, what's your name?" Aero held herself from calling the dragon a name, as if her behavior alone isn't enough to say she wasn't pleased with her. She then turned her full attention back to Tion, her laid back look completed with her smirk as she waited for him to continue to talk.

Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue Areo_d11

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Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

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Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue Empty Re: Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue

Post by Celestia on Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:56 pm

Well don't be challenging any of my children. They'll cause you mental break down after mental break down.


Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue 158avbn

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Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue Empty Re: Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue

Post by Aero Dynamic on Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:52 pm

Edited after because of Nightflare and added family, please accept if it needs to be. ^_^
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

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Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue Empty Re: Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue

Post by Aero Dynamic on Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:07 pm

Out for edits~
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

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Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue Empty Re: Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue

Post by Aero Dynamic on Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:47 am

Bump for finish :'3
Aero Dynamic
Aero Dynamic

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Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue Empty Re: Aero Dynamic, The Skywing Rogue

Post by Hyruu on Sat Aug 20, 2016 8:56 am


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