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Daryu The SeaWing Empty Daryu The SeaWing

Post by Daryu on Fri Feb 13, 2015 8:18 pm

Daryu The SeaWing Daryu11_zps0c437970
Personal Info
Name: Daryu
Alias: N/A
Age: 35
Gender: Female
Personality: Daryu is a childish hyperactive playful, curious but friendly dragoness that no matter how old she gets, she'll never act her age. Daryu is friendly to everyone and is always willing to make friends not unless they have attacked her or her friends. Daryu doesn't like to fight and would prefer to avoid fighting unless she is forced into a fight and must protect herself in self defense. She'll try her best to get her friends to safety but if she can't escape or get her friends to a safe place. Now, she can be easily scared by strong creatures who show threats.
Interests: Being a seawing, she loves swimming in the water and loves exploring the many vast secrets they held, she'll collect treasure and gems for her home but he is very willing to share if the people she is giving to are good people. She loves making friends and being with them but of course she loves to learn about anything that interests her, especially if it involves making jewelry as long as it isn't about smithing.
Dislikes: She dislikes fire and hot places as it'll dry up her scales, she also hates sour food and anything that tastes bad, like Meat and dead fish that's been around too long.
Fears: She hates being alone, it makes her feel unwanted or if she's done something bad.

General Appearance
Height: 29 feet long.
Scales: Blue scale with dot patturns
Eyes: Yellow
Appearance: She wears a water tear drop around her neck. For everything else just look at pic.
Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Seawing
Rank: Citizens
Family: Father: Tharus , Mother: Karu //Both Dead//. Arkhor.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A
Skills and Abilities
Strengths: She is a fairly fast swimmer with strong limbs, capable of allowing her to leap into the air from the water.
Special Abilities: She can create barriers made of water big enough to shield three people or to use those barriers to prevent anyone from getting to her or her friends. She can use those to push objects or people. Now, she needs to be near water in order to create those barriers, but if there any none nearby, the barrier will be as small shield that is big enough to shield her face and push objects/people as small as her face. There is more to her powers, but it is locked deep within her and needs help drawing it out.
Weaknesses: Even though she can weak fire with water, water powers will be useless against intense fire.
Combat Style: She prefers to avoid fighting by using her powers to try getting the threat out of the area or use her powers to get it away from her friends and herself. However, if she is cornered and forced into fighting, she is fierce when she is scared and trapped.

History: Daryu washed up on the shores of a beach and has suffered from a little bit of amnesia. She can remember everything about herself except for her family, where she came from, what specie's she is, etc. The only hint she has to go by to find out who she is, is the tear shaped necklace that was given to her by her mother. She has a brother named Arkhor she has yet to discover.
RP Sample:
The seagulls were flying around above the beach, they were calling to each other and cawing. Someone had washed up on the beach that they were worried about, or perhaps they think it's dinner to feast on, but they were confused as to how such a big fish washed up on the seashores. Upon closer inspection, the seagulls soon realized it was a sea wing dragoness.. but why was it laying here?

The sea wing dragoness moaned softly as she woke up. "Where... am I?" she asked with a confused look upon her face. She slowly got up and wiped the sand off of her muzzle, she took a look around "H-hello?" she spoke weakly. "A-anyone here?... Anyone?" she said. She sounded so confused and shaken. Tears began to flow down her nuzzle. "please.. anyone..." she said weakly as she laid began down and curled up. "Please.." she said as her face got covered with tears. Anyone nearby could hear her sobbing.

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Daryu The SeaWing Empty Re: Daryu The SeaWing

Post by Frostflare on Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:31 am

I don't want your Sheet to get lost in the void.

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Daryu The SeaWing Empty Re: Daryu The SeaWing

Post by Arkhor on Sat Feb 14, 2015 3:39 am


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