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Lucifer, Purity of Embers

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Lucifer, Purity of Embers Empty Lucifer, Purity of Embers

Post by Despair on Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:43 pm

Lucifer, Purity of Embers Hsuru0
Personal Info
Name: Lucifer
Alias:  To Be Gained
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Early Childhood Persona
Griffon is a cheerful kid. He's playful, funny, and always tries to make someone smile. Unlike some Firewings, Griffon has a gentle spirit. He doesn't like fighting and tries to influence others not to fight either. To others around his age, he always tries to look after them. Being the "big-brother" model. He is protective, possessive (at times), and clingy. He always tries to be peacemaker but sometimes starts fights of his own.

Griffon is often shy, and hides behind his father, but can be very open to others. He is straightforward, and considerate. But despite being the responsible child he is, he can be really sensitive. He would put himself in danger in order to speak his mind. He's brave and thoughtful, kind and friendly, and often doesn't leave a friend's side.

Developed Persona
Lucifer is an easygoing and friendly person who gives away smiles like confetti at a parade. He is generous  to a fault and is extremely protective of people he cares for, though despite his friendly attitude he seems to keep most people at an arm's length when it comes to his personal issues. While he has a fairly laid-back attitude, he takes things seriously when it's important and gets the job he's required to do done. Lucifer does tend to tease people a lot, and has a naturally mischievous attitude.

Despite his cheerful exterior and laid back demeanor, Lucifer seems to have a somewhat nihilistic view on life as a whole, a view that he hides behind humor and a good-natured personality. While his alignment isn't a façade entirely, he does admit to disliking both legal guilds well as dark ones, though quickly covers it up as a joke.

In many ways, Lucifer's calm and passive disposition exists as a foil to people’s more abrasive natures. Lucifer is kindhearted, notably hardworking and patient almost to a fault, acting often out of protective selflessness or selfishness, willing and unwilling comrades, and sometimes even toward his enemies. Having had his psychological growth stunted at the age of fifteen due to loss of his left eye’s sight, Lucifer retains a sibling-like purity in the face of all his encountered horrors; however, despite his age, he has always displayed a significantly higher level of maturity than youths and elderly alike. Though Lucifer is as passionate the average Joe, he has remarked that his anger takes longer to spark and jokes that he is always beaten to the punch.

Lucifer, despite his friendly nature, is completely aware of many people’s intents and tends to hone on their foolishness. Manipulative, resourceful, or smart, you might say. Like Yin and Yang, even Lucifer has a darker side of himself. When confronting an opponent or person he has a problem with, he will often avoid is reasoning and display a more sadistic tone. This branches off into a darker side of Lucifer.

As his a young teenager, he detested his own diminutive stature. Lucifer dislikes being reminded of his strange tattoos and left eye, and often becomes melancholy when it inhibits or calls undue attention to him, lamenting that it was not his choice to become so notable. As such, he displays a great deal of pleasure when others treat him as a guide instead of the hulking brutish adult persona that his appearance gives off. But will often use it to his advantage if need be.


  • Exploring

  • Socializing

  • Hunting (He likes the tension of hunter versus prey. It makes him feel like a knight in shining armor.)

  • Books and Scrolls

  • Satisfying others and meeting their expectations.


  • Fish- Tasteless. Icky. Cold. Smelly. He has a whole book on how bad they were. He doesn't like fish and prefers mammals.

  • Aggressive People- He doesn't like hostile brutes. Who would? Anyone with a aggressive nature he often stays away from.

  • Isolation- The silence is unimaginable!

  • Arrogance and overconfidence.


  • Death- It's natural. He's a sensitive guy, and takes the thought of death to heart sometimes.

  • Being Separated from his father- He was always close to his father. He's the only one he can rely on.  If he lost him.. he wouldn't know what to do.

General Appearance
Height: 120 Feet
Scales: Smooth and leathery, and scaly at certain places.
Eyes: Blue
Appearance: (Short description due the picture being sufficient.) Lucifer has feather-like horns, scales, and talons on the back of his neck, head, and heels. He has a black over-side and a reddish-orange underside with black socks. He has a couple pinion feathers on his wings, and leathery wings in general. And his inner flesh is the same blue as his markings, which cover his body.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: FireWings
Rank: Guardian

  • Edan- Father

  • Viper- Mother

  • Vexilas- Brother

Mate: Available
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

  • His body structure is lean but has compact, big, tight muscles.

  • His wings are vast. Built for speed an endurance.

  • Griffon isn't reckless, and often keeps his cool in some fights.

  • He breathes blue flames but it can often change color at will.

Special Abilities:

  • Lucifer has the unique ability to consume fire and turn it into energy or redirect it at a target.

  • Lucifer also has the ability to willfully set things he touches on fire. For example, if he claws a tree, the claw marks would emit blue flames. However, if his emotions are out of control, things he touches can unintentionally catch fire.

  • Lucifer then has the ability to set his body on fire, or heat it up to scorching temperatures. This can be used as a offense or defense mechanism. His body can catch fire in cold climates.


  • Lucifer cannot consume someone else's fire and get a lot of energy from it. Can he redirect it with the same or greater power? Yes.

  • If he cannot control his emotions, this puts his power to set fire to things he touches at risk.

  • He cannot set himself on fire if his body is wet.

Combat Style: N/A

History: N/A
RP Sample: N/A

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Lucifer, Purity of Embers Empty Re: Lucifer, Purity of Embers

Post by Frostflare on Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:47 pm

Seems good. I accept!

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