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Era The Rogue Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Era The Rogue Dragon10
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Era The Rogue

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Era The Rogue Empty Era The Rogue

Post by Era The Rogue Tue Jan 06, 2015 10:44 am

No image for now, sorry
Personal Info
Name: Era
Alias: The Orphaned Rogue (She simply goes by Rogue)
Age: 20 Years
Gender: Female
Personality: Rogue is, first and foremost, very sharp-tongued. She’s rude and brash with no care for the consequences of her actions. She tries to keep herself away from others emotionally and prefers to be solitary. She does have a tendency to fight for no reason, other than the fact that she wants to spill blood. She isn't sadistic, per say, she simply needs a way to vent and fighting is the easiest way she knows how.

Rogue isn't all barbs and thorns, though. She hasn't had much cause for humor and such things in her later years, but when she was younger all she did involved laughs and giggles. She was very witty and enjoyed games of tag and hide-and-seek, as long as they weren't in the air. Secretly, she still does, even as an adult.

Despite her impressive wingspan and powerful wing muscles, she doesn't like to fly. Actually, she has no idea how to fly. Rogue knew she feared heights from the first time she happened to climb a tall tree. Her fear will cause her to seize up and leave her unable to do anything until her paws find solid ground again.
Even though she isn't a Seawing, she does enjoy the way water covers her skin in a cool blanket that moves as she does. She’s not overly good at swimming, but if she’s bored, she likes to pass her time in water.
Rogue loves to run, and her wide chest and long legs are perfect for it. Instead of stalking her prey like she used to when she was younger, she chases it down with her speed.
Rogue loves to fight, as an easy vent, and as a well to strengthen her muscles and keep her in her prime. She enjoys the warmth of blood upon her claws and the feverish heat in her flesh when adrenaline courses through her veins.
Dislikes: Rogue dislikes greed and those who show it. She isn't very saintly herself, but those who take from others simply because they can repulse her and she doesn't hesitate to put them in their place.
Fears: Rogue really only has one fear and doesn't like to let it show. She’s deathly afraid of heights and will do anything in her power to getting close to the sky, even though she will use her wings when she running to lengthen her strides.

General Appearance
Height: 80 Ft. .
Scales: Rogue doesn’t actually have scales. Instead, she has a thin skin that is smooth, but calloused. It is a shade of blue so dark that it is black, but in the right light, a sapphire color will show instead.
Eyes: Silver-Gray
Appearance: This dragon isn't very stereotypical. Her head is very streamlined, with a rounded snout and a somewhat strong jaw. Her ears are very cat-like in shape and structure. The lining of these ears are, again, just skin, with protective tissue to keep dirt and debris out of her ear canal. Her neck is slightly elongated and her body is slender. She’s longer than she is taller, by about fifty feet if her tail was included. She has long legs, though she isn’t very tall compared to other dragons.

She has a deep chest that allows for massive amounts of oxygen to be held in and processed through her body, which helps her to keep running for longer and faster. Her tail is about the length of her body, subtract her neck and head. Her tail has a bone tail tip that feels like a metal alloy and shaped like a spade. It is silver and highly reflective, as well as thin and sharp. From the base of her shoulders down to her tail tip, there are black, triangular fins protruding from her spine. These spines are fully retractable. Each is attached to one another with a thin, web-like skin. These ten-inch long spines act as a rudder for when she’s running, as she’s built for speed and the slightest shift of these spines can drastically change her direction.

She has markings along her belly and at the tips of her ears and wings that only illuminate white while she’s in a pain. Because her skin is so dark, this white is tinted into a murky blue-gray and lightens as the pain increases. Since Rogue is often very short-tempered, the emotion this lighting is triggered by is usually mistaken for anger.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue
Rank: None
Family: Mother: Indigo (Deceased)
Father: Unknown
Sister: Lea (Deceased)
Mate: Unknown: (Deceased)
Hatchlings: None

Skills and Abilities
-Over many years in solitude and perfecting ways to protect herself, Rogue has become very good at lying, and in turn, telling when others are lying.

-This dragon is very light on her feet, allowing her to move quickly and silently.

Special Abilities:
-Rogue has sharp spines that act as rudders protruding the length of her spine, from the base of her shoulders to the tip of her tail. These spines are connected by a thin skin and are also fully retractable.

-This dragon’s eyes can pull the power of lighting and use it. She has the ability to use her illumination as a sort of night vision, enabling her to see through even the inkiest night.

-Rogue, though she has very powerful, aerodynamic wings, is deathly afraid of heights.

-Her body is scarred multiple times in various places, and many have not healed or have failed to do so properly, and because of this many ache and hurt all the time. Since her skin illuminates according to her pain, she glows most of the time. This often destroys her chances for stealth during the night.

-Rogue has skin rather than scales, which are much more prone to burns, tearing, frostbite, and a plethora of other potential injuries.

Combat Style: Given her smaller stature and light weight, Rogue can’t use brute strength if she hopes to win any fight. Instead, she uses her weight to her advantage. Her speed and agility allow her to jump from spot to spot and maneuver around her opponent, landing light blows before something can strike her. She has very powerful wings, and the two thorn-like bones at the top of her wings are incredibly sharp. Because of this, she will often swing her wings at her enemies, causing deep gashes in even the strongest of scales.

History: Rogue was born as Era in a very distant tribe. This tribe was relatively normal, though the dragons within it were unusually peaceful. They never fought, even against other tribes, and never for higher ranks. Though there were official ranks, every dragon had an even say and Kings or Queens could easily be overruled by a much younger, low-ranked dragon if give the right cause. Era was the daughter of Indigo, the Queen of this tribe. She was born with a sister, Lea, but this young hatchling died within her first two years of life due to a crippling illness she couldn't shake. Era also contracted this sickness and it turned her frail and weak, and many believed this was what caused her to be such a small dragon, when compared to her mother. Indigo was a large dragon, the largest female in her tribe, and towered over others. None really knew how Era inherited her unique characteristics, given she looked nothing like her mother in size, color, or shape. That was because she hadn't.

Indigo told no one but the young hatchling, training her from a young age to keep her origins a secret. Era was found as an egg by the Queen, conveniently when she was heavy with her own egg, and quickly taken in when Indigo discovered it was still warm. Details on this event are very few and vague, but Era never grew curious as to where she came from or who she actually belonged to. In her mind, she was Indigo’s offspring and she didn't care for anyone else.

When she was fourteen years of age, she was betrothed to another. Her dragon was a green-scaled fellow by the name of Markos. He seemed descent to her, though Era herself was not very excited by the whole ‘betrothed’ thing. Her mother had told her that this was how royalty worked and Era didn't question it. Though the young dragon asked not to be her mother’s successor, Indigo replied that it would take time to find one and it would be best to simply be prepared as if there were no other successors available.

Things went on as normal as they could have, seeing that she was now a married dragon still in her adolescence. Indigo also informed her of a rule that made her stomach queasy. When a successor had a mate, they could not produce offspring until the King or Queen died. Era remembered responding in a less-than polite manner in how she would never like to have offspring of her own. Her mate, Markos, knew of her unwanting and was quite considerate about it.

Months went by and life had turned uneventful. Era had been off one evening, enjoying the chance to be alone, to hunt. She managed to swipe a healthy stag and a clawful of does before she was done. It was a quiet night and had been very boring, even the hunt she’d embarked on. The deer had been predictable, mindless prey that she could hunt without even thinking anymore. She was silent and invisible in the darkness, her skin a murky black that blended in with the night. She could easily see them and they weren't hard to reach for. It was almost like they’d wanted to be eaten by a dragon.

On her way back home, she passed her mother’s den. She assumed her mother would be sleeping, given the height of the moon, and was set on passing the entrance as quietly as she could. When she heard scratches of claws on the ground and a grunt to answer it, Era perked up and stepped inside. She assumed her mother was up with another bout of sleeplessness, something that had been occurring off and on for the last few weeks.

She remembered calling for her mother and stepping inside the massive cavern curious and delighted to see Indigo. When she saw her mother on the ground with fangs around her throat instead, her blood ran icy and she froze. She couldn't look away from the bleakness in her mother’s eyes, and the blood seeping from around those fangs. She peeked up to find the attacker, only to see Markos in their place.

Era jumped back at first, but then anger took place of the shock and she jumped into action. Compared to the other two, Era was a puny hatchling with not much to aid her in combat, but with all the adrenaline coursing through her veins, she managed to kill Markos without much trouble, even though she can’t really recall the details of how she did too clearly.

After it was done, she raced to her mother’s side, praying to anything that would listen for the Queen to live, but it seemed anything and everything ignored her as Era tried to find a pulse that didn't exist.

After the extent of her own fight, Era ended up passing out beside the corpses and awoke only when a sharp dagger pressed against her throat. She felt a bead of blood reach the surface and she winced, trying to back away from the dragon who towered before her, outrage written on his face. It turned out that most believed that she had been the one to kill the queen, and that Markos had been there to try to stop her from doing so. Era couldn't grasp how they thought that and wondered if they even had an proper grounds to come to assumption. No matter how many times she shared her side of the story, no one believed her and she was sentenced to exile from her homeland and gave her the title: The Orphaned Rogue, to replace the one she’d been stripped of.

Rogue, after years of exile, still spends her time roaming in an attempt to find herself a new home.
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Era The Rogue
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Era The Rogue Empty Re: Era The Rogue

Post by Atlantis Tue Jan 06, 2015 11:18 am

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