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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Opal the Innocent Dragon10
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Opal the Innocent Empty Opal the Innocent

Post by NightFlare Wed Dec 17, 2014 3:48 pm

Insert Image Here
Personal Info

Name: Before: Nightflare
After: Opal Flare

Alias: Before: Hellspwan, queen of hell, goddess of evil, bringer of chaos, harbanger of hell.
After: Shadowsnake

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Personality: Before/Inner: How exactly can you describe a soulless, heartless being with no concern for any living creature around her, without sounding too harsh? ….. Well, you can't, because that's exactly what Nightflare is. Too put it simply, it is mentally impossible for Nightflare to express friendly feelings, emotionally, to another living organism. She sees all things as tools in her sandbox of chaos. She is not 'evil', surprisingly. Yes, she thrives to delve the world into chaos and insanity, but she doesn't necessarily want everyone to die..... actually, scrape that, Nightflare is the embodiment of insanity, evil, and cunning. To get what she wants, Nightflare can easily persuade others to do her bidding, since she can appear heart-felt and kind to you. However, once she has you in her grasp, she becomes much colder, often times completely discarding her victims when they are not needed. She is horrendously devious, and is quite cunning, probably a trait from her family, considering the fact cunning and intelligence runs in the family of the leaders of the NightWings.
However, piss Night off enough and she'll unleash her demon onto you. Once in this form, she becomes nothing but bloodlust and chaos, and is probably the closest thing you'll ever see a mortal to being pure insanity itself. Though this is probably due to the fact Night used to be the goddess of insanity, until her powers were stolen by her own son. Back to the bio, Night will kill and slaughter and laugh and become ...well.... unpredictable in this state. After all, she is insane.
After: Generally extremely shy, Opal isn't really one to speak out of character. She generally stays in the palace with her cousins, Twilight and Gemini, and doesn't disobey her cousin Gemini under any circumstances. This new Nightflare is the opposite of the old one, looking up to both Twilight and Gemini, when the old one hated her cousins, and generally being very quiet and timid. She tries to be kind to all she meets, since she doesn't consider herself a very powerful fighter, where as the old Night would have simply growled at them. Opal is very helpful around the palace, and is often criticized and called 'Hellspawn'. Because Opal doesn't remember being Nightflare, she often takes this too seriously, which is why she is shy. She is very attached to Nimbus, as well, since he was assigned to 'protect' her. She finds him rather attractive, as well, but she wouldn't dare mention it. Opal also cares deeply for her tribe, and respects the alliances, but for some strange reason, whenever she sees either a FireWing or SkyWing, she gets a vicious urge. She isn't sure why, and this scares her, so she usually avoids conversing with FireWings and SkyWings.
Opal is also a bit of a coward when it comes to fighting, again, a polar opposite of the Nightflare before her. She was taught to always avoid fighting, and follows those rules strictly. She rarely fights with her breath attacks and magic, for, unbeknownst to her, Opal's magic abilities are almost as powerful as Gemini's. Which is awfully strong!
Opal can also act a little childish, sometimes, since her memory was wiped only about five years ago, so she would have only as much memory as what has occurred during the last five years. She is also interested in magic.

Interests: Before: Night is interested in bringing insanity to the world, and in fact thrives to do exactly that. She will not stop until chaos, fear, and insanity have been cast upon the world, even though she is no longer a goddess. She doesn't really have any likes beyond this goal in her life, though she does like the taste of blood and perfecting her magical skills.
After: Opal generally likes to spend time with Gemini, Twilight, or Nimbus when she can, since they have never really allowed her to do anything on her own. She has also gained an interest in the science of magic, and she studies it, despite not being a scholar. She has limited magical knowledge, because Gemini is afraid of letting her get too much magical knowledge, though.
Dislikes: Before: Pretty much anything that doesn't play a role in Night's plans, or gets in her way. She doesn't care about any other dragon other than herself, and sees them all as nothing more then mere pawns. She dislikes calm and happy environments, as well, and pretty much anything with a relatively innocent aura to it.
After: Opal dislikes dragons who pick on her. Because her memory was erased, she doesn't remember the horrible crimes that she committed, and doesn't understand why other dragons hate her so much. She also dislikes being alone, because when she's alone, she hears voices in her head. These voices, unbeknownst to her, are her past memories that have been locked away; the insanity inside her that is trying to come out.
Fears: Opal is paranoid because of the voices that go off in her head, and the strange feelings she has at random, so she is afraid of many things, such as being alone. Because of the warnings she has received from Gemini, she is also afraid of confronting gods. The reason behind this being Gemini doesn't want Opal/Night to encounter her son, Paradox, for confronting him might trigger her memories.
font= Papyrus]General Appearance[/font]

Height: Fourty feet tall
Scales: Dark, silvery black with a tinge of purple, and they have a smooth texture.

Eyes: Dark purple/red

Appearance: Nightf;are has a very smooth appearance, with black scales layered against her body, and small spikes going down her back. She doesn't have that many spikes, and just has two producing from her forehead and down her spine and back. She has a soft, purple aura that surround her, though this aura is practically nonexistent, since it is powered by magic, and Night had forgotten much of her magic ability. She is very slender and strong, as well, and has the physical shape of a beautiful female, though she is not as magnificent as she once was.
Night's demon form, her inner insanity, is a form Night used to make dragons go insane. This form is much different from her original, in the sense it can only appear in hallucinations, dreams, and other otherworldly meetings. This form is where Night's eyes turn red, her aura shifts to red, and she takes on a much more shadow body, where her wings take on a ghostly form, where they begin to drip to the floors like shadows, and two red eyes extend from either side. Shadows also slide up her arms and back legs, and her tail becomes shadowy. Blood may also drip from her wings. Black, Slender-man-like tentacles may also appear from Night's back. Sometimes, Night can take on an even more demonic appearance, where her head will glitch out through monstrous fazes, sometimes losing her bottom jaw, being replaces with a bloody, empty space.
Tribe Information and Status

Tribe: NightWings

Rank: Citizen

Family: Gemini: Cousin
Twilight: Cousin
Kouzain: Father
Lisa: Mother

Mate: N/A

Hatchlings: Paradox

Skills and Abilities

Strengths: Mentally speaking, Nightflare is very intelligent. She lost her memories, but she didn't lose her intelligence, and still has the fully operational brain of a dragon of her age, though she still is pretty immature. Physically speaking, Nightflare IS pretty strong, though because of all the attention she has been given, she doesn't know it. She possesses limited knowledge of magic, and most of this magic being healing and alteration, with a little knowledge of destruction magic, and almost no knowledge of conjuration magic, this being the strongest magic the old Nightflare had used.

Special Abilities: Other than her aforementioned demon form that she can't access yet, Night also has a faint insanity wavelength. This insanity wavelength has grown extremely weak, though, thanks to her powers being taken by her son, and the fact  her memories were erased. This insanity can only be felt by the weak-minded, such as hatchlings and trainees, and can only be felt as a weird buzzing feeling, and may give the victim slight headaches. Night, the old Night, still remains in Opal as her old insanity that never went away. This Night may sometimes take control of Opal, in which she will become unpredictable and well.... insane. She becomes able to access powerful spells in this form, as well. Opal also can use a powerful purple fire, which is much hotter then regular fire.

Weaknesses: The new Nightflare has many weaknesses. For example, she has a very strong respect for Gemini, and obeys pretty much everything Gemini says. She is also a coward, since she was raised to be defensive rather then offensive, and was taught to avoid fighting in general. Plus, her insanity, the inner side of her. She is afraid of this side, and becomes weak to attacks when fighting against her inner insanity.

Combat Style: Night, if forced into a fight, will generally attack with long-ranged magic, using her own purple fire, magic fire, and ice spells to keep her target at bay. If left concentrating on battle for too long, her insanity may take over and her attacks will become unpredictable at this point.


History: To explain Nightflare history, we need to start from the very beginning. When Night was first born, she seemed like a normal little dragoness, but she wasn't. Night was plagued with insanity from the moment she was born, and this insanity slowly grew stronger inside her. Since she was born with this, this insanity is all she ever knew, and she didn't know why she was insane, so she embrassed it. She hid her insanity well, and studied conjuration and forbidden magic. Night had plans for Gemini, as well as the fate of the NightWings. Using her cunning, Night quickly became the lieutenant, yet she thrived for more. Eventually, Night discovered her demon form, and used this form to take over the NightWings through manipulation. This sparked a war between the SkyWings and the FireWings. Eventually, Gemini was forced to kill Nightflare.... or so they thought. Before Gemini could slay Nightflare, something happened. She put up quite a good fight, but in the end was nearly defeated, had it not been for her realizing her true potential as goddess of insanity, fear, and affliction. Soon after this, Night took on her role as goddess, causing insanity wherever she went. One day, Night decided she wanted an immortal puppet, and so she created Paradox. This experiment went wrong, however, when Paradox stole Night's powers. She was able to save what little of an insanity wavelength she had left, and became mortal once again. However, the gods were not done with her, and they wiped her memory, so that she didn't have the chance to cause chaos like she had before. And hence, she became Opal.
After this, she was put into the care of Gemini and Astral. She was required to be watched and taught twenty four seven, so that her insanity may never have the chance to take her over. She was forbidden to go anywhere alone, and was not allowed to become a military rank, so she became a citizen. She usually stayed in the palace, playing with AuSurath or Twilight. Recently, her insanity has began to grow stronger....

RP Sample: You people know how I roleplay What the H

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Opal the Innocent Empty Re: Opal the Innocent

Post by Shiningwater Wed Dec 17, 2014 5:19 pm

I like. Very different from some other characters. Smile


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Opal the Innocent Empty Re: Opal the Innocent

Post by Celestia Wed Dec 17, 2014 11:45 pm

If your Gemini and Twilight's cousin that kinda makes me your cousin as well.

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