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A Trip to the Past Ch. 1 Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

A Trip to the Past Ch. 1 Dragon10
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A Trip to the Past Ch. 1

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A Trip to the Past Ch. 1 Empty A Trip to the Past Ch. 1

Post by Rayla Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:21 pm

GUYS! This is not godmodding! I am NOT playing your characters. This is simply a small story to help you better understand the Auroras and their culture! All of the following characters used in this story, such as Arkhor, Astral, Atlantis, Oceana, Vaynad, Thirahan, Aari, etc. belong to their respectful owners, and I do not, in any way, shape, or form, mean to steal them! If you find this story interesting and are compelled to join, tell me,a dn I will create a version where you may join. Smile

Now that the disclaimer is outta the way, I present to you a story about the Auroras.

Pyrria. The biggest continent on this Earth. It contained seven different tribes: EarthWings, SeaWings, FireWings, IceWings, SkyWings, NightWings, and LightWings. They had six different gods: Nightflare, Phantom, Kazumi, Astral, Nimbus, and (Sorry I forgot your character, Oceana. Razz). This may have made the continent seem all great and mighty.

But what if there was more?

Unbeknownst to the dragons of Pyyria, an island by the name of Drokvira resided, peacefully, out in the ocean. No dragon from Pyyria had ever ventured to this Island, for it was abandoned, barren, and held no life.

Or so they thought.

Little did they know that this island was – had been – home to the Aurora Ice Dragons, a proud race of Ice Dragons who had long believed that they were the supreme, and ultimate, race. Many of these Auroras hadn't even known about Pyyria, just like Pyyria hadn't known about Drokvira, until the Disaster incident. During this incident, many natural disasters hit Drokvira. It had started with earthquakes, then it had been a lightning storm, then there had been many fires caused by the lightning storm, then a blizzard, then a tsunami. The queen of the ice dragons, Ray, had been killed during this incident, along with her daughter, Oolaqi, and her son, Zian.

The queen's husband, Arcticus, escaped with his life, and the life of his daughter, Trinyah. They raced across the ocean, resting on small islands, and thought they would never see life again. Until they had found Pyyria.

It had been so huge it had been shocking, and Arcticus had rejoiced, happy that he and his daughter had finally found a place to live. Soon after, however, the two wandered near FireWing territory, thinking no one could live in a place like that, since they had never even seen a dragon breath fire before. They were soon attacked by a FireWing sentry, and Arcticus was killed. Never before had either of the Ice dragons seen a dragon so large!

Trinyah escaped with her life. Now she really was alone. She had grown up, being soft despite the harshness of her life, and made many friends along the way. One of her first friends was a kind sea dragon named Atlantis, and an equally kind light dragon named Sleenia. Trinyah also got to know Cosmos, and a dragon named Avian. She also joined a group called the TDL, or the Tiny Dragons League, where she met Twilight and Kokoro, with whom she became great friends. Trinyah also got an adopted mom named Astral, who, oddly enough, also happened to be an immortal goddess.

Trinyah also soon became queen of the IceWings, which had been her destiny since she was born, being the heir to the ice dragon throne back on Drokvira. Feeling too young to take on the role, she declined, and ran away. She went to live with her mother, where she found a handsome sea dragon named Arkhor. Before she knew it, Trinyah had five, beautiful hatchlings, and she was a semi goddess. Her life couldn't be happier. But all this happiness soon ended when she was killed by a FireWing only weeks after her hatchlings were born. Her whole family was in a wreck. Pretty much all of Pyyria had loved her, and many Tribes mourned her death.

Trinyah's children – Rayla, Aari, Thirahan, and Vaynad – all remained alive, and continued to train within the SeaWings. However, there was also another of Aurora bloodline who was alive, and that was Trinyah's brother and cousin, Zian and Gaea. Zian had somehow, miraculously survived the chaos on his home island, and he, too, had fled to Pyyria, it seemed that himself, his cousin, his sister, and his father had been the only ones to survive the chaos and make it to Pyyria.

Now we are in the present. Rayla was about fifteen years old now, and was bound and determined to become a guardian, and become queen of the SeaWings. Little did the young Rayray, along with her siblings, Aari, Thirahan, and Vaynad, know, she was about to learn a lot about her race's history. Starting from the very beginning.

You see, every 10,000 years or so, a special type of Aurora Borealis happens. This particular borealis glows brighter then ever, and sparkles with golden colors thought impossible of the sky. This is known as the Cold Winter Borealis. Legend says that from these golden Northern Lights, a draconic angel appeared, creating all ice dragons. Auroras celebrate this time by coming together at the palace of Drokvira and singing. These lights, in times of need, also point you in the direction of prosperity.

Gaea, in particular, did not wish to break another rule of the Auroras. She needed to gather all of the Auroras on this land – even, she thought grudgingly, half-bloods – and take them back to her home land. Which was why she was flying over the SeaWing forest, heading in the direction of the palace. Zian, who was close behind her, was trying to make her change her mind.

“Gaea, please!” He said pleadingly, “Drokvira is gone! It was destroyed in the chaos! We can't bring helpless trainees to that wasteland! What if the tsunamis are still going on? We could all die!”

“I'd rather die in my homeland, praying to my ancestors, than live in this wretched place and break one of the most crucial rules of my race!” Gaea stated indignantly, ignoring every argument Zian tried to make against her.

“Gaea, face it, our race is dead,” snarled Zian, “We're bound to die out anyway! Even if we mate with an IceWing here, it will never be pureblood again. Our race will die out whether you like it or not!” even though this was the truth, Gaea refused to believe it.

After this comment, Gaea stopped in midair abruptly, causing Zian to nearly crash into her, before she spun around, smacking him in the jaw with her tail, and nearly causing him to fly into the ocean. He let out a howl of pain as he regained his balance, growling, tears appearing on the brinks of his eyes, and blood dripping down his muzzle.

“Dear Phantom, what was that for?” growled Zian, rubbing his jaw.

Gaea then let out a caterwaul, causing Zian to cover his ears, “You idiot! The pathetic dragons of this land have corrupted you! How dare you even spit that false god's name? Do you even remember who you pray to? You pray to ANCESTORS! Without them, you wouldn't even be alive! Has your mind been that badly tempered with? What did that false god do for you? For Us? NOTHING! We never prayed to any of their false gods even once, and our race got along just fine!! If your mind is really that corrupt, then you must be purified right away!” Gaea hollered, attracting the attention of pretty much every SeaWing out there after her tantrum. She was furious with Zian for even saying such a thing. How dare he?! After that, she snarled at him, grabbing his wrist, and heading back on her way.

Soon enough, a patrol consisting of Oceana, Atlantis, and another seawing showed up.

Atlas, slightly surprised to see two IceWings this far out, ran up to meet them, and nearly froze in his tracks. Gaea was a spitting image of Trinyah, and with the ghostly, white fog that surrounded her, appeared almost as if Trinyah had risen from the the dead. Zian was more blue than his sisters, being male, but still looked a lot like Trinyah. The only difference being that Zian was obviously a male dragon, and Gaea was much bigger then Trinyah.

It took a moment before Atlas realized that Gaea wasn't Trinyah, before he rushed towards her. Once Gaea saw him, she snarled. She recognized him as the SeaWing male leader, and he needed to take her to her nieces and nephews, immediately.

“Hello!” Atlas said, trying to be friendly, though cautious as well, “You're IceWings, aren't you? What are you doing in my...-”

He was cut off by Gaea, who snarled at him, “Don't you dare affiliate me with those lower ice dragons! I am an AURORA ice dragoness, and cousin to the heir of the throne, nonetheless! You will treat me, and my cousin, with the utmost respect! Understood?”

Atlas, along with Oceana and the SeaWing tracker, were all equally shocked by this dragoness's tone of voice. Before they could speak up, Gaea continued.

“I am here for my nieces and nephews. They are Aurora half bloods, and even though they have some of your filthy DNA inside them, they are still the offspring of my cousin, Trinyah, and therefore are still of royal bloodline. The Cold Winter Borealis will start in only a matter of weeks, and they must be present, as by law of the Auroras! If you do not willingly give them to me, I will be forced to take them!”

This was when Atlas grew angry. What right did this stranger have to just barge into his territory, claim herself above him, and steal his trainees? Even if she claimed she was the cousin of his good friend, Trinyah, that didn't give her any right. After all, Trinyah had never once mentioned she had a cousin, nor any other family besides Astral and her children and mate.

Oceana stepped forward, growling, “You have no right to demand such things. You have no right to barge into our territory, either. Leave now, or speak peacefully and acknowlegde the leadership of Atlas, or we will be forced to kick you out!” Oceana was a quote on quote “mother” to Trinyah's kids, and therefore was defensive of them.

Atlas narrowed his eyes at the ice dragons, “Indeed. This is my territory, and if you come in here without permission, and to steal my trainees, than you are not welcomed here. So, would you mind not speaking in such a rude manner?”

Shockingly, instead of apologizing, Gaea simply snorted, and flew right past the shocked king and his subordinates, flying at top speed toward the palace. This was getting increasingly annoying. She needed to find those brats and get out of here, before any more nuisances could arise. Zian, shocked by Gaea's behavior as well, quickly apologized to the king, before he ran off after Gaea.

Back at the palace, Rayla was practicing with Thirahan, wrestling and tumbling aggressively, while Vaynad watched, studying them. Aari was practicing sorting herbs, since she was training to be a Healer. They were at peace, until a loud explosion could be heard, and the figure of Gaea bursting through the icy fog could be seen. She landed right out front of the trainees' home. They all wore shocked expressions, but only momentarily, before Rayla leaped off Thirahan, taking a defensive stance in front of Gaea.

“Intruder! Who are you and why are you here?” Snarled Rayla, ice forming around her paws. Thirahan also took a defensive stance, snarling as he stretched his Wyvern-like wings out fully to appear larger. This unfazed Gaea, since she was much bigger then both Thirahan and Rayla, and was bigger then even Atlantis. She stared at the, unamused. So, these were the offspring of Trinyah? They barely even had any ice spikes! How pathetic!

The only ones who looked remotely like a true Aurora were Aari and Rayla, which was good. Females were often regarded with more respect then the males of the tribe, and the Auroras had always had a female leader. Gaea was leaning toward Aari taking the throne, considering the fact she had white-ish scales. Gaea also noted a tiny gecko on Rayla's shoulder, but she quickly dismissed it.

“So...” she said, unhappy and the opposite of pleased, “you are the offspring of my cousin?....... How pathetic.”

Rayla snarled, enraged, as did Thirahan, “Who are you calling pathetic?” The wyvern snarled, flexing his wing muscles to look more menacing. He was furious with the intruder now. Gaea simply snarled at him, “Arrogant pup!” She snapped, and with lightning fast reflexes, flicked Thirahan into the pool, and pinned Rayla down. Aari looked shocked, “Rayla!” she cried, but whimpered when she saw Gaea glaring at her.

Vaynad had backed up as well, being smart enough not to charge the giant ice dragon.

But it wasn't long before two jets of water splashed Gaea, followed by a slash. Before Gaea knew it, she was trapped in a prison of water, and a furious Arkhor emerged from the entrance, followed by an equally furious Oceana. Oceana's kids, who had happened to be in the room as well, being babysat by their older half-siblings, ran toward Oceana, letting out happy cries as they ran under her legs.

Rayla and Aari took this opportunity to freeze the water Arkhor had launched on Gaea. Now she was really trapped. Gaea snarled at Arkhor, furious. The sound of repeated apologies were also heard, before Zian came into the room as well, crouching down, looking small and innocent.

“Now,” Arkhor snarled, “You are going to explain to me who you are, and why you attacked my kids!”

Gaea growled at Arkhor, narrowing her eyes at him. She then announced herself, not using her Pyyrian title, but using her Drokviran title, raising her head to appear more regal, “I am Gaea Feathertail, daughter of Britdrem Feathertail, sister of Ray Winter, queen of the dragons. I am cousin to Trinyah Winter, rightful heir to the throne of the dragons. I am here because of the Cold Winter Borealis, something regal that only happens every 10,000 years. I must take Aari, Rayla, Thirahan, and Vaynad to Drokvira, where the ceremony for the event will be held.”

Everyone was equally shocked – with the exception of Zian – when they heard that this dragon was the cousin of Trinyah. She did look an awful lot like Trinyah, now that Arkhor wasn't blinded by his rage, which was scary to him. Even the kids looked intrigued now. After all, they knew very little of their birth mother, since she had died only about two weeks after they had hatched.

Seeing as she had their attention, Gaea went on, “Aye, Arkhor Winter. I am indeed her cousin. And it is by Aurora Ice Dragon law that I take the queen's offspring to their rightful home. It is already a crime they were born in the first place, let alone they were born here, in this godsforsaken land. I do not want to dishonor the Queen or their ancestors any longer by not bringing them there!”

Before Ark could reply, Rayray stepped forward.

“You know about our mother?” She asked, curious. Thirahan, Aari, and Vaynad, also looked slightly curious, but Aari was too scared to express any serious interest.

Gaea smirked, and nodded, “Yes. It appears that our ancestors have blessed you, for the females of this batch were born with stronger Aurora blood then the males. That is a good sign. You must come with me, to your homeland, Drokvira. There, any questions you ever had about your deceased mother shall be answered! You are the heirs to the dragon throne!”

Rayla looked tempted. VERY tempted. Thirahan also looked tempted, as he stepped forward, his wings folded. Vaynad looked tempted and curious as well, though not as curious as Thirahan and Rayla. Aari became a little less scared, but she was still cautious of this strange, deadly dragon.

“Queen of the dragons? As in, ALL the dragons?” asked Vaynad curiously, and Thirahan and Rayla became increasingly curious in Gaea's answer. Gaea simply smirked and nodded.

“Yes. You are of Aurora blood. Better yet, ROYAL Aurora blood. If you want to become true royalty, and learn the culture of your people, you will come with me,” Gaea smirked at them, and Zian narrowed his eyes and growled, stepping forward.

“I am Zian, brother of Trinyah, and I will say it now. Drokvira is nothing more then a barren wasteland now. Our race is dead. Yes, Trinyah and myself may have been royalty then, but now we are just common ice dragons. Traditions have been broken since then, Gaea. To survive. Who says this tradition can't be broken as well?” Zian asked, and it was Arkhor's time to come forward.

“You... you are Trinyah's cousin?” he asked, suspicious. When she growled and nodded again, agitated, he continued, blushing, “It is true Trinyah never told me much about her home land, or her life before Pyyria, or any of her customs, and true, I would like to know... but...” Arkhor glared at Gaea, “if what he says is true, then I will not allow you to take my kids there.”

“And neither will I.”

Everyone was shocked as they heard the new voice, and from the shadows, Astral, followed by Nimbus, Luna, and Helios. Astral appeared calm, and even more godly than she ever had before. She really had discovered her true potential. Her hatchlings were trying, and failing, to appear just as regal as their parents, but they kept tripping over the wet floor, giving them a more adorable presence if any.

“Oh, Astral!” said Arkhor, running over to her, “It's nice to see you again!” he said kindly. Rayla, in turn, ran over to Helios and pounce on top of him. Lightly, since he was smaller then he was, and she licked his face.

Zian snorted, and Gaea snarled at the appearance of the goddess. Astral look at Gaea, then at Zian, who looked like he didn't know whether to hug or bow to Astral. He finally decided to bow to her, followed by a disapproving growl from Gaea, before he began taling.

“Lady Astral! Er... Goddess of the Moon and Stars,” Zian didn't really know how to talk to a goddess, but he continued rather awkwardly, “My n-name is Zian! Thank you for taking care of Trinyah all those years! I was worried how a sweet dragoness like herself would survive all alone out here!” he said, looking bashfully down at his paws.

Astral didn't see Zian as a threat, and smiled at him, “You are very much welcome, Zian,” she replied. It did make her sad seeing Gaea and Zian, since they so closely resembled her beloved adopted daughter, but Astral tried to hold in her discomfort. Rayla soon jumped over to Astral.

“Hey grandma, guess what?” said Rayray, excited, “that ice dragon over there said that we're royalty! Isn't that cool? I wonder when I'm going to get a fancy throne?” Rayla then puffed out her chest, somehow appearing regal yet silly at the same time. Astral frowned at this. She had never even heard of this place called Drokvira. Unless it was somehow hidden from her sight, along with the sight of all the other gods.....

“So, you're the one who took care of my dearest cousin....” growled Gaea, “Well, at least you're a goddess. Anything below a god would not be worthy of my cousin's royalty,” Gaea said this with a hint of smugness in her voice.

Astral glared at Gaea, “So you're the IceWing who's been giving the tribe trouble, eh?” Gaea roared furiously when Astral mentioned her being an IceWing, but the ice held the Aurora in place, “I had always been curious about you ever since I got my god powers. I could always feel a familiar aura coming off you.... and now I know why.”

Gaea growled, “You are all fools! Ignoring the Cold Winter Borealis could bring us all to our death! Don't you see that?” telling something like this to a goddess and god, especially if one of those gods was the god of death, wasn't really a great idea. Even if the trainees missed this so called ceremony, Astral had been keeping an extra eye on Trinyah's children ever since her beloved daughter had died. No creature would ever harm them.

Then, Astral got any idea. “Alright, Gaea. Even if you are related by blood to my daughter, I will not treat you with respect, because you do not deserve it,” Gaea let out a howl of rage, but Astral continued, “I will, however, allow you to take my grandkids to this 'Drokvira',” Arkhor and Oceana looked shocked. Was Astral out of her mind? Thirahan and Rayla looked happy, Vaynad looked confused and curious, and Aari was slightly scared, yet also a little curious.

“But,” Astral continued, “You must bring me, my children and mate, Arkhor, and Oceana with you,” she finished. Gaea looked furious, before she spat back, “NEVER! I will NEVER bring filth like that sea dragon to my land! NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!” If Gaea was a fire dragon, she would have blasted the whole castle to smithereens by now. In fact, she was so furious, she absorbed the ice she had been trapped in, giving her sparkling ice armor, and charged Astral. Unwise idea.

In a matter of seconds, Gaea was trapped under a mysterious black force that had held the ice dragoness down. She tossed and turned and growled, but she couldn't escape. Astral narrowed her eyes at the ice dragon, before she spoke, “You either accept my kind offer, or I will kill you right here and now for trying to steal my grandkids and kill me, kin to Trinyah or not.”

Gaea glared at Astral for a few moments, before she growled, “Fine! But you will not participate in the ceremony under any circumstances! Understood?” Astral released Gaea, stepping backwards to allow room for the ice dragoness, “Very well. You cannot command me to do anything, and If I wish to participate in this ceremony of yours, I will.” Gaea snarled, but she was no match for Astral. If Astral wanted to do something, then the goddess would do it, no questions asked.

“So, when will we leave?” Questioned Helios quite cheerily. He was also intrigued to visit an entirely new continent! Luna simply glared at the strange Ice Dragon, while Thirahan ruffled his wings, looking smug and happy. Rayray danced around, happy that they would be visiting her mother's birthplace. This would be one hell of an adventure!

“I can teleport us there, to save time,” said Astral, “just give me the coordinates and we'll be on our way.”

Gaea glared at Astral, “There is no way to reach the island without flying. It is protected my an ancient force that no being can break. No matter how godly you propose you are, even if you are immortal and can shape the forces of nature, you won't be able to get there through teleportation.” Gaea also couldn't remember the coordinates to the island. She had just made up the whole thing about not being able to access it through teleportation to avoid being embarrassed.

Astral saw quickly through Gaea's guise, and realized the ice dragon had simply forgot the coordinates. And because Astral couldn't find the island, even with her ability to see all over the Earth during the night, Astral really couldn't teleport them there. This caused her to sigh, annoyed. So they needed to fly to this abandoned island.... that should be fun.

“Now, if we are to get there on time, we must leave right away,” said Gaea, “I will give you all one night to prepare. Tomorrow you will meet me at the very edge of LightWing territory, understood?” Gaea said, glaring at them. The dragons all nodded. Gaea nodded triumphantly, before she exited the palace, taking up an arrogant, prideful stance. Again, Zian apologized for his cousin's rudeness, before he raced off after her.

Later that day, the grownups were conversing about the previous encounter, while the kids were thrilled about leaving the continent of Pyyria. Rayla and Thirahan kept gloating about being royalty, and how they were going to be the leaders of ALL the dragons. Helios and Monsoon decided to theorize what the new land would be like, and Nova guessed it was just a barren wasteland, like Zian had said, while Monsoon guessed it was a winter wonderland! Rayla and Aari jumped at this thought. When the wondered how icy it would be, Stardust butt in and said that it would be even colder and more magnificent than the IceWing palace, while Vaynad said that the would have hills made of gold, and Kirian jumped, saying that the rivers would be overflowing with fish. After all these imaginations, the kids were simply itching to get to this so imagined dream land, where the land was covered with ice, the mountains were made of gold, the streams were filled with thousands after thousands of tasty fish that would just fly into your mouth, and that the sky glowed purple!

Astral watched the kids as they let their imagination of this new land run wild. Astral herself was worried. She had been all over the Earth, and had never once seen any sign of this land. If this ice dragon Gaea was telling a lie, sure, Astral could just kill her, but the goddess knew that the Aurora was telling the truth. Maybe the island had sank, and the ice dragoness was just unaware. Eitherway, if any of this turned out to be a trap, Astral would be quick to get out of there, and make sure that ice dragon got what was coming for her.

Virgo♀ - IceWing Queen(Age 14)
Rayla♀ -  Demi Goddess Rogue(Age 40)

Damian♂ - IceWing Guardian(Age 17.5)
Yalaruh♀ - SkyWing Hatchling(Age 0.6)
Qualzexcta Jaguasa Dermain♂ - SeaWing Guardian(Age 21.5)
Nightflare♀ - NightWing Citizen(Age 31)
Virsha♀ - EbonWing Trainee(Age 10)
Rektani Lozain♀ - EarthWing Instructor(Age 65)
Xia♀ - EarthWing Intertribal Affairs Adviser(Age 28)
Jansi⚥ - FireWing Keeper of Heritage(Age 26)
Uranus♂ - LightClaw Warrior/Slave(Age 16)
Alphonse♂ - Rogue(Age 17)


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A Trip to the Past Ch. 1 Empty Re: A Trip to the Past Ch. 1

Post by Shiningwater Sun Dec 07, 2014 3:39 pm

I can't decide if I feel left out or not.
This is a great story, and I'm definitely looking forward to a continuation of this. Smile
Nice to see some writing again.

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A Trip to the Past Ch. 1 Empty Re: A Trip to the Past Ch. 1

Post by Helios Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:54 pm

Such a beautiful story I'm crying so much

But Helios isn't that clumsy XD And if Rayla so much as touched him, he would have pounded her face in Sweat

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