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Ashkor - The Angelic One Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Ashkor - The Angelic One Dragon10
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Ashkor - The Angelic One Empty Ashkor - The Angelic One

Post by Ashkor Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:23 pm

Ashkor - The Angelic One L

Personal Info
Name: Ashkor
Alias: Ash
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: His personality is rather cool and calm, he doesn't really get mad, he is a bright dragon, who tends to rarely show his emotions, even if his scales give it away, as well, he never really speaks. As he is more of a watcher, who hides a lot of emotion when he interacts with others, he will converse when given the chance, but other than that he is rather quiet and mellow, he does however have a curious mind, and this changes him slightly and causes him to act differently. When his mind is peaked, he tends to show slightly more emotion and tends to smile from time to time. He will be more attuned to give off a warmer feeling than before and will be slightly more excited. But that is if you can get him interested, it takes a lot to make him curious, when he becomes interested in a something, he tends to open up more and isn't such a loner anymore.

But most of the time, he is quite, mellow, and likes to stay alone, due to certain reasons, he does not like to explain. He stays away from most Dragon cities and likes his quite time, as well as the feeling of being on his own, as he feels great pleasure in knowing that he can accomplish something own his own. And not have to have others always there to help him, though he can be friendly, you just have to get him to open up and be the person to get him talking. Although he maybe closed off somewhat he is a loving being, if there are kits or young dragons near him or with him, he will show a lot more emotion and be more open, he loves the idea of being a father figure, even if he never had one, or even a mother. He much likes the idea of being around kit and helping them grown, as he never had the chance to do so in his life, so he would rather let others experience this instead and show that even the parent less can be a parent by heart.


1.) Quite Time:
Prefers to sit back and read a classic novel, sip on some Sake or listen to classical music on the radio. He also prefers to lay in the sun and watch the clouds roll by, Moartea is a man who prefers to enjoy the little things in life before enjoying all the major ones. You could say that he takes time to smell the roses, before picking them, or tasting the berries before picking the vine.

2,) Interesting Beings:
This is one thing that Ashkor loves to have around him, interesting beings, they are too hard to find. Which makes it much harder to make friends, because Ashkor can become bored with a certain being very quickly. He prefers a beings and dragons that can keep him talking or make him laugh, those dragons are the ones he looks for, the ones that make him want to talk.

3.) Excellent Taste in Art:
This can be tricky to explain, Ashkor enjoys the finest in art, cuisine, music, history, he likes nothing more than to explore new and exotic locations. He has a perculiar taste in the Darkwing and Skywing community, as well as the German and Romanian culture. It really is hard for him to just pick one, as he loves all of lifes finer things and as such are those.


1.) Rudeness:
The one thing he can not stand for is a rude person, he does not mind a loud or obnoxious person, but someone who is rude is one he can not and will not tolerate. He tends to be this way from his Zodiac, but also because he believes is that rudeness gets you no were in life and should always be avoided. He even himself does not act rude or tolerates it when he becomes rude.

2.) Atrocious Commodities:
Ashkor despises all unattractive and barbaric appealing objects, whether it be dragon land or anything. All things that he see's that are grotesque and repulsive are to be destroyed or re-corrected in a manner that suits them more. And if he can not do that he will quickly leave the are of the monstrosity and search for a new interest.

3.) Insufferable Literature:
Askhor hate and will not stand for bad grammar or literature in any shape or form. He prefers the words that are said or written to be perfect in all shape and form. Many would call this a Grammar Nazi personality, but Ashkor believes that we are to speak in perfect toned voices and should be done so in written or spoken form.


1.)Aquaphobia is a persistent and abnormal fear of water, Aquaphobia is a specific phobia that involves a level of fear that is beyond the patient's control or that may interfere with daily life. People suffer aquaphobia in many ways and may experience it even though they realize the water in an ocean, a river, or even a bathtub poses no imminent threat. They may avoid such activities as boating and swimming, or they may avoid swimming in the deep ocean despite having mastered basic swimming skills. This anxiety commonly extends to getting wet or splashed with water when it is unexpected, or being pushed or thrown into a body of water.

Ashkor, he hates the water, due to the fact that his wings are feathery and take longer to dry than membrane type wings. And due to the fact that he can't fight as well on land as he can in the air, he feels vulnerable to attacks.  

2.) Thanatophobia:
Death anxiety or Thanatophobia is the morbid, abnormal or persistent fear of one's own death or the process of his/her dying. One definition of death anxiety is a "feeling of dread, apprehension or solicitude (anxiety) when one thinks of the process of dying, or ceasing to ‘be’". It is also be distinguished from necrophilia, which is a specific fear of dead or dying persons and/or things (i.e. others who are dead or dying, not one's own death or dying). Lower ego integrity, more physical problems, and more psychological problems are predictive of higher levels of death anxiety in elderly people.

Despite being a dragon and being a powerful being, death is still something that make Ashkor uncomfortable. If he feels his life is about to end he will hightail is out of the situation he is in and find a more peaceful are to be in, though he may be brave, he isn't stupid.

General Appearance

Height: 65½ Feet.
Scales: Changes depending on mood. Are shaped in a hexagon shape upon his arms, legs neck and tail, as he has larger scales that are more of a plating around his claws arms, knees and tail.  
Eyes: Sapphire blue
He is a average sized Lightwing dragon with blue green tint scales, had angelic like wings, with golden colour tipping s. He has a set of horns on his head, one that his a golden colour and is protruding straight upward and a set of two horns. Set along the frame of his skull going backwards and turning upward at the ends as he has a few smaller horns along his jawline on each of side of his face. His body is bluish green when his mood is set that colour, he has scale like plating that is golden and starts from his chin and extends the entire belly of his body all the way to the tip of his tail. His body had several patches of hair or fur, located along the spine id his neck, at his shoulders, his ankles and the tip of his tail.

Along with fur, the colour of the hair is a chestnut brown and is rough to the touch, but very comfy. He also has a series of thick spiky plates that are more like armor for him, they are located on his arms which the colour of his claws are golden, starting from his forehand, and stop at his elbows, begin at his thighs and stop at his knee caps. As he has two more located on his foot, and along his tail tat begins at the tail bone of the spine and ends at the tip of his tail where the tuff of hair is located. All the thick scale like bones are a silvery steel colour, these however do not change colour, due to there density and form. His weapons are of course hid claws. teeth, tail and the spikes on his thick scaled located on his arms and thighs. And his armor or the think scales he has on his body, for they are essentially meant as that only.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Lightwing
Rank: Citizen
Family: None
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

1.) Brave: Has a heart to match the saying a lions heart, he is willing to go into dangerous areas and not fear the outcome.

2.) Strong will: He as will of steel and is not easily frightened.

3.) Flexibility: Unlike most dragons, Ashkor has a flexible spine construction, he not only can walk on all fours but he can walk upright as well

4.) Natural Father Figure: Ashkor loves children, he cares for them as if they were his own, even if they aren't he will care for them. You could say he is like this due to the fact that he had no parents of his own that he knows of, so he tends to show others that even he can care for the new generation.

Special Abilities:

1.) Has the ability to form a condensed beam of white energy from his mouth and allows him to push back a single target, repetitive use of the ability can cause severe burns. A ability that he likes to call "Solar Stream."

2.) Has the ability to create a hyper-sonic sound wave, from a flap in his throat located near the vocal cords. When this flap is rubbed against the vocal region a sound is admitted and causes disorientation and makes all creatures near him unable to locate him for a short time frame. As ability he likes to call "Great Sorrow."

3.) Has the ability to create a blinding light from his entire body, either illuminating the area, or blinding his foes for a short period of time. A ability he likes to call, "Solar Flare."

4.) Has the ability to solidify and manifest light into a physical form, and have it take shape into weapons that he can either wield, as he has opposable thumbs, and can grab objects. Or launch them at targets, this is more of a last resort he has, this ability he likes to call, "Arsenal of Solaris."

1.) Water: Hates getting his wings wet, and his body wet, as he doesn't like to wait for his wings to dry off.

2.) Extreme Cold: Due to his love of warm climates and such, Ashkor hates to be in cold weather, meaning the Icewing territory is a place he hates to be at, due to the fact he hates being too cold

3.) Extreme Heats: Due to his love of cooler climates and such, Ashhkor hates to be in hot weather, meaning the Firewing territory is a place he hates to be at, due to the fact that he hates being too hot

Combat Style:
Ashkor has at first, a very calm and steady fighting style, he will be swift and precise to hit your weak point, but when he gets riled and agitated he will switch to a very aggressive type of fighting style, despite his calm and cool nature. He will begin to use used more force in each attack, he will be more willing to go for the eyes and sensory organs, With a weapon, he use it in unusual ways, he will use the spine of a blade, and even the flat face of the item; his fighting is always aggressive like and will always keep the opponent on the defensive.

Abandoned as a egg in the Earthwing territory, he was considered too weak, and was left to die, but he hatched later that day, and found a life in the Earthwing territory for a short time until he could fly as he then made his home where ever he felt comfortable in, shortly made his way to the Lightwing territory and lives there to this day But he tends to keep his life a secret and tells no one.

RP Sample:
A blissful day, the sun high in the sky, as the wind was stirring, the leaves trees below gathered in the dance of the breeze. A yawn and a flap of wings filled the air, as a somewhat large dragon, with feathery like wings soared through the sky. His Sapphire blue eyes gazed below as he saw the birds flying below him, in the usual v shaped pattern. As he lowered his body down and got closer to the flying meat sacks, he dove forward, letting the power of gravity propel him forward, as he snatched one of the birds in his teeth.

A fine snack for him to have on this hot summer day, as he gulped down the delightful feathered meat snack, he eyed the others as he tilted his wings, his scales changing to a Gold colour showing excitement as he bolted at the birds trying to get more snacks as one tiny bird was not a fulfilling snack for him. He turned left and right, chasing one bird down trying to catch the small pathetic animal, as he swiped it with his claw, the long golden arm with the golden yellow claws sliced a wing and made the bird fall through the air. He immediately rushed down and caught the bird as he ate it in one quick bite, seeing no more birds about he sighed, and continued onward. As a rogue dragon, he didn't care for the bustle and the loud noise that the cities offered, something about being near other dragons was uncomfortable.

He didn't like the company of annoying or arrogant dragons, he liked a intelligent conversation, one that would peak his interest, And one that would get him wanting to talk, and laugh, though never really tried to show emotion, his scaled begged to differ. As the always showed off his emotion even if he didn't want to, as he landed on a tall cliff side, he stared at the scenery around him. The beautiful green lands, the wonderful blue sky, as the puffy clouds rolled over, his scaled finally returned to their blue green colour, as he was now calm and at peace. His tuffs of hair on his body, chestnut on colour as he wrapped his tail around a rock for leverage, his thick scales on his body shining like the stars in the sky. He just sat there and watched the sea roll in, the one thing he hated to get near, but loved to watch from afar, as this was this distance was a wonderful view. The sounds of birds fluttering in the distance made him turn his head, as he felt rumbles in the earth and knew a Earthwing dragon was near, and with that being found he took flight and into the sun he went, forging his own path, after a few more birds to snack on.[/b]

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Ashkor - The Angelic One Empty Re: Ashkor - The Angelic One

Post by Shiningwater Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:19 am

Love this guy's character. Very unique compared to other dragons.

But you can't be a rogue and part of a tribe. A rogue is not a rank. It is a dragon who does not align with any tribe.

You can be a Lightwing or a rogue.

If you want to stay a Lightwing, a scholar or citizen would probably fir you best.

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Ashkor - The Angelic One Empty Re: Ashkor - The Angelic One

Post by Ashkor Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:56 pm


"The sky, tis my domain, thines lives and breathes the sky." "But thines heart and soul belong to the earth, some day, when all is done, and thines life comes to a close, thines body may return'eth to the soil, and allow thine to become one with his home."

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Ashkor - The Angelic One Empty Re: Ashkor - The Angelic One

Post by Cosmos Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:24 pm

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