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Yjeladin - The Prophet Empty Yjeladin - The Prophet

Post by Rayla on Fri Oct 03, 2014 6:05 pm

Yjeladin - The Prophet Red_Wyvern_by_chaosia
Personal Info
Name: Yjeladin Morzonna "Prophet" Azin Varith
Alias: The Prophet
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Personality: Yjeladin is a very curious fellow, being interested in tools that dragons would never have thought of using. For example, Yjeladin has been studying the art of making a device he will call "A Fridge". Because of his ludicrous inventions, such as the infamous "Ioitic", a device used to generate energy, and the "Belle", something to create a form of paper from wheat, Yjeladin is ridiculed in the dragon world. But what gets most dragons fired up is his disbelief in quote on quote "gods". He believes that there is only one god he should follow, a mysterious dragon named *Yjel, for whom he was named after. Any others who claim to be gods he just flicks his wing and says they are nothing more they extremely powerful dragons gifted with rare arts. Then again, Yjeladin has never ran into Phantom, Shardas, Kazumi, or Astral before. It is likely that if Yjel did meet the Creators and Astral, he would still dismiss them as merely nothing more then extremely powerful dragons, since he believes real gods are nothing but spectral matter, unable to come to the mortal realm, no matter what powers they used to persuade him. Dragons were creatures of amazing feats, after all, and no simple task would make the stubborn, strange, and foreign dragon believe that any creature was a god other then his god, Yjele All fine and well out of the strangeness zone, Yjeladin is quite a serious, if not slightly nerdy and hard to understand, dragon. He will often use words dragons have never heard before. And not just because he's an inventor with strange ways. Because he hails from Drokvira, his language is different. He speaks a language native to Drokvira called Dovahzul, just like Trinyah. He will often curse in this language, and start muttering in it when solving a problem. He is also quite intelligent, even if others think he is quite a moron for his different way of speaking. He has ideas about the universe that would stun even StarWings into silence, and make quote on quote "gods" gasp. Though much of what he says in his blabbering tongue other dragons dismiss as a madman's nonsense, despite his theories actually being scientifically true. He, like all the geniuses, has a goofy side as well, often being socially awkward and saying words at the wrong time, but despite this awkwardness with words he is very good at trading and persuasion, which is odd considering his overall personality. If we add to his awkward personality, you will also notice that Yjeladin isn't effected by a girl's charm, no matter how beautiful and stunning she is. He much rather prefers his work, and will see a female as nothing more then a test subject or someone to chat with when he's lonely. He has never even remotely considered having a mate, for his brain is too busy at work with technology and science to even stuff something like that in. If Yjeladin is completely free of work, and there is[/u] a stunning girl nearby, and she flirts with him, he will become even more socially awkward then usual, and will usually try to avoid the said female or use his matter-of-fact tone to tell her she's bothering him. If he's doing tinkering or business, he won't see the female as anything more then a potential client, a possible companion in his lonely days, or a nuisance. Speaking of business, if I didn't tell you already, Yjeladin works as a trader, trading things around Pyyria. More then often dragons will stare at him like he's crazy -- which may or may not be true, considering his ramblings and obsession with his work -- and walk away. But Yjel is persistent, and continues his work undeterred.
Interests: Tinkering is one of Yjeladin's many hobbies, creating devices that other dragons would frown upon for being too much like the humans. Another thing Yjel enjoys is prayer, sending prayers up to his god, Yjele who is said to spiritually rule the universe. Another thing Yjeladin enjoys is eating specialty made food, another thing dragons find odd about him. For example, he likes to cook his meat before he eats it, and sometimes sprinkles berries and fruits on it. Some other hobbies Yjeladin enjoys is relaxing by using his flames to heat small tubs of water. To keep the heat, he will build a small hole that goes under the pool, where he will fill with coal that can be lit and stay at high temperatures, therefore he doesn't have to keep lighting it. He calls these "saunas". Many dragons find it strange that a fire dragon would enjoy water, but Yjeladin isn't your average dragon, so much of what he does doesn't make the slightest bit of sense. Like mentioned above, Yjeladin enjoys strange foods, but his favorite is called "Swambae". This is meat he cooks, then saturates in goose blood for ten to fifteen minutes. He will then put blueberries on top of this to make an absolutely terrific meal. As for what Yjeladin considers entertainment, his entertainment methods are the same as regular dragons. He will usually find fun in racing other dragons, be it air or land. If he's feeling too hot, he might take a dip in the water and have some swimming contests as well. As for his inventor side, he will sometimes barter with dragons, though dragons aren't sure what this is, since they haven't advanced enough for trading or any real currency, like Yjeladin. He will also craft little toys to entertain himself with.
Dislikes: Little actually annoys Yjeladin, but there are those small things that always ruffle his scales. Such as when he loses something he had been using to tinker, or when one of his inventions fails, though this is annoyance he still enjoys figuring out what went wrong. Even though he is used to people calling him crazy, it still gets under his scales when his inventions are ridiculed to be too.... different. He will defend his creations by making smart, factual remarks that will leave dragons speechless. Another thing that he dislikes would be smug dragons, or dragons smashing his work. He will usually angrily make a remark, but Yjel isn't the violent type, so he won't usually fight back. Something else Yjel dislikes is the fact that dragons here are so quick to believe things, such as the false gods that dot this landscape. Whenever Yjel encounters someone who claims to be a god, he will make a smart comment and walk away without shock, his brain prohibiting him from believing the dragon is nothing more then a boastful powerhouse, no matter what powers they use to persuade him. Despite disliking these things, they don't annoy him as much as you would think. They simply rattle his scales and make him grunt in annoyance, nothing more. The only thing he really hates is when dragons destroy his work, but that is pretty much it.
Fears: Yjeladin doesn't fear anything but being denied by his god. He is a priest as well as a trader and inventor, and will often pray when he isn't busy traveling or inventing things. He isn't, however, afraid of death. He sees death as a way to unite spiritually with the all-maker, but believes if his god denies him he won't be able to ascend to true happiness when his death does come.

General Appearance
Height: Thirty seven feet tall. Pretty dang small for a FireWing, but then again, he is much bigger then most Aurora Ice Dragons, his kind's natural enemy.
Scales: Orange with red mixed in and a yellow around the bone of his wings. The pattern of his scales is rough and ridged in some places, but actually quite smooth in other places, like his belly and areas on his tail.
Eyes: Hazel.
Appearance: This explanation of his appearance will include everything except his size and eye color, basically everything mentioned above, but will include most of his color scheme. Starting with his head, Yjeladin's head is narrow, with many sharp spikes along his jawline and heading up the side of his head. These spikes are usually a lighter color orange then the rest of his body. His forehead has small spikes running up the center starting at his eyes as well. Sometimes Yjeladin can be seen wearing a Stetson that is crafted of tanned deer leather and colored with a black trim. Down the center of his neck is a small light orange line that is only about half the size of the front of his neck, and runs all the way down to his tail. Sometimes Yjeladin can even be seen wearing a strange black neckwear he calls a "Tie", but he doesn't do this often. Another accessory he wears around his neck is a satchel that he keeps various herbs and other items in. This satchel is more like a bag he wears around his neck, since it is bigger then the average satchel. As for more clothes he wears, he also wears a red cloak, and sometimes black armor-like footing. Clothes out of the way, Yjeladin's body is a dark-light orange color, while his belly is a darker color with the exception of the light orange line. He has scrawny legs, and his structure resembles that of a dragon not accustomed to fighting, though his narrow stricture allows him to get away faster then most dragons his size. His wing membrane is a very dark orange, while the bone area is a regular orange color. Down the middle of his back is some small spikes the same color as the ones on his face, these run down the back of his neck as well, and all the way to his tail. At the very tip of his tail is a spike, short and narrow, more then capable of impaling small dragons or prey. His hind legs have sharp claws, but the claws are small, so he usually doesn't engage in combat, same with his fangs. His structure definitely isn't that of the usual FireWing. If needed, Yjeladin will wear armors of his own design, but not usually. Not unless he knows for absolute certain he won't be able to talk his way out of a fight that he must attend. This happens very rarely.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue, but he is considering joining the FireWings.
Rank: None, but if he joins the FireWings he will most likely be Vulcan.
Family: Yjeladin has no family. They were all killed when the humans raided Drokvira and he had to evacuate to Pyyria.
Mate: He doesn't have one and probably never will.
Hatchlings: I'm sorry, a what? If he never thinks about even having a small relationship with a female, why on earth would he think about this?

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Physically, Yjeladin's strengths are limited, but mentally, no dragon is a match to his intellectual superiority. He can outwit any dragon who comes his way with his complex mind, and rarely ever gets in fights because he can figure out just what to say to the angered dragon by speaking with facts. That is, if he isn't to focused on something else, in which case is a totally different matter persuasive wise. He uses his intelligence to create complex machines that no dragon would have been able to do single-handedly, and can use these devices to aid him in battle, since his physical body is quite weak. He really takes the term mind over matter to a whole new level. And even though Yjeladin uses tools to fight, rarely ever lifting his claws or opening his maw to attack his opponent, Yjeladin can breath fire, but his fire isn't that hot, not nearly as hot as a FireWing's flame, and wouldn't harm a FireWing in any way, shape, or how, unless the FireWing, like himself, happened to be vulnerable to fire. His fire is hot enough to harm dragons other then FireWings, though, but it isn't nearly as strong. He also thinks using his maw/claws to fight is barbaric, and so will hold weapons in one of his paws as he attempts to fight with one leg, or will hold it in his mouth. Or clumsily hold it with his wings. Whatever the method, Yjeladin refuses to use his claws of fangs unless absolutely, direly necessary. Another strength Yjeladin has is his nimble and skinny body. While his body is weak, he can don armors, and can use his nimble body to flee, since he doesn't really study dodging. His best option is to flee when in a fight, but he is nonetheless fast, and can fly very quickly through the air, though he wouldn't dare compare his speed to that of the legendary speed of the SkyWings. He would feel insulted to say such.
Special Abilities: Yjeladin has no special abilities, unless you count his complex mind, strange ideas and beliefs, and inventions as special abilities. His inventions are extrodinary beyond belief, and he works as a rogue Vulcan, crafting things dragons thing are absolutely pointless but that he finds astonishing and brilliant. His talent in tinkering is amazing, but only to him, since dragons think he's mad.
Weaknesses: Pretty much any physical attack will harm Yjeladin, which makes him so weak. His body is weak and skinny, which means pretty much any dragon larger then him could easily knock him down, and even kill him if he's not careful. And since his scales aren't resistant to fire, he is considered a very strange firewing, even though, technically, he isn't a firewing, though since he can breath fire, and since dragons have never seen Drokvira, most dragons would put him in the same tribe as the FireWings, despite him totally not matching their criteria. He is also quite technical, meaning if a dragon says a joke or something as a metaphor, he may take what they said seriously and make a smart remark, in which case the dragon will have to inform him what they had said was a metaphor/joke. He won't say he was wrong, but simply say something technical and tell them not to make the same mistake again, even though it was his fault for not understanding what the dragon had meant in the first place. Another weakness of his is the fact that his personality and inventions to not fit with Pyyria. He is often unfamiliar with Pyyrian culture, and many dragons look at him strangely when he says something out of line, from his wacky inventions to his accent, even to his foreign language, which happens to be the same language that Trinyah had once spoken before she had died. I wouldn't call this one a weakness, but Yjel only believes in one god, named Yjele, so he is often times ridiculed for this.
Combat Style: Yjeladin does not fight, he flees, or will use his mental power to make the dragon think about why he is attacking him. If fighting does ensue, Yjeladin will usually use crafted weapons, rarely his own fire breath, and only as a last resort will he use his fangs or claws, since he thinks its barbaric to use his mouth and feet to fight. He thinks fighting is barbaric as well, but there is really no way to stop it.

History: I'll do this later. Way to long for right now.
RP Sample: Too lazy. Plus, you've seen me roleplay before, do I really need to put this? What the H

Before anyone gets confused, Yjele, the god, is made up. I am not making any unauthorized gods here. This one is just a belief of a random character and will not be real in any way, shape, or form.


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Yjeladin - The Prophet Empty Re: Yjeladin - The Prophet

Post by Cosmos on Fri Oct 03, 2014 6:56 pm

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