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Thirahan, The Exotic. Dragon10
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Thirahan, The Exotic.

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Thirahan, The Exotic. Empty Thirahan, The Exotic.

Post by Krotos on Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:32 pm

Thirahan, The Exotic. Young_blue_dragon_by_benwootten-d567ya5
Personal Info
Name: Thirahan
Nickname: Thira
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Thirahan is quite the dare devil of the feud. He takes the easy way out of any situation and does it with style! He does have a flexible body, which makes flying easier for him. And because of his large, flexible wings , he has handfuls of control while flying, though... "Crash Landing" certainly gets you(r) attention!

Thirahan is a curious male. Adventurous. If there a mouse scurrying away into the deepest cave, what does Thirahan do? Follow it at all costs! Duh? It's like his mission! But overall Thirahan is stubborn, Arrogant, curious, kind, and a good friend. And even somewhat shy. And frequently rude to people he chooses to act towards to. He can be foul-mouthed and hard-headed, but is certainly not self-centered, even though he seems that way. He is very protective and possessive over the simplest of things. He always has something to say back and is very playful. He cares for his kin and they are practically his world.

Thirahan is very social but sometimes even he likes solitude and silence, especially while he's sleeping. He is straightforward and can be quite the charm and romantic. However, Thirahan is sensitive and kind at times. He has many different sides to him. Over time, he had a lot of personal changes and is kinder then usual. Although he is still arrogant and hard-headed, and foul-mouthed, he knows how to act in certain situations. He can be caring, fun, and calm. He has more control of his emotions than ever. He doesn't get angry as quickly and acts mature. He is strict, stoic, and stern at times as well.

He tries to look after his close ones and doesn't like to get his paws dirty in someone else's mess.

  • Swimming- He's more of a seawing when it comes to water. He loves it!

  • Flying- Though it common for some dragon to love flying, he enjoys it the most. Able to see thing from a different height, it glorious.

  • Purposely Getting Lost- He sometimes intentionally gets lost, adventure!

  • Fruit- He loves all fruit! Even rotten ones!

  • Excitement- He's always enjoyed drama.

  • Rebelling- It's always nice to take the daring way out, even if there are consequences!


  • Sitting Around- As curious as Thirahan is, sitting around is the worst thing for him.

  • Scrolls- He says he doesn't like reading, but he enjoys learning, but not reading.


  • Dragons larger then him, he doesn't know that though. He usually acts toughs and even ignores them. But it gives him the shivers if it effects him at all.

General Appearance
Height: 29 Feet Tall
Scales: Main Scale colors consisting of sea blues with other parts being a darker shade of blue and black along with his underside being yellow.
Eyes: Orange-Yellow
Appearance: Thirahan is a rather lean brute. He has muscle but it seems to be in a tight package. He has long, smooth horns along with other physical features on his body.
Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rouge (Former Seawing)
Rank: N/A
Family: Aari (Sister), Rayla (Sister), Vaynade (Brother), Sterlynn (Brother).
Mate: Glacia
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

  • Ariel Combat- Using his big, strong wings, he can make the tightest

Special Abilities:

  • Underwater Combat- With enhanced endurance then others, he is extremely swift underwater.

  • Scalding Water- Thirahan as the unique ability to edit his water's temperature. It could be scorching hot water to a decent warm temperature. He can also warm the water around him.

  • "Leaking"- Sometimes water of a chosen temperature would penetrate through Thirahan's scales willfully. This can be used as a coat of scorching armor.


  • EarthWings- A natural weakness.

Combat Style: ---

History: ---
RP Sample: Thirahan had been venturing out in the water for a little. Though he doesn't go that deep. He had just opened his eyes recently, so seeing underwater wasn't so easy. And sometimes it hurt his eyes, but that didn't stop him from diving into the splashy fun. It got darker with every push he made deeper into the deep. He occasionally, no, frequently went back to the surface.
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