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Aari the most adorable

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Aari the most adorable Empty Aari the most adorable

Post by Aari on Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:59 am

Aari the most adorable 14092410
       Personal Info
       Name: Aari
       Nickname: None Yet
       Age: 52
       Gender: Female
       Personality: Aari is a very shy and calm dragon. But also a very emotional one. Aari prefers to stick to her mother and father's side. Meeting new people is also very hard for her. She will avoid it if she can.
       Interests:Hanging out with her mother and father.
       Dislikes: being separated from her mother and father
       Fears: being separated from her mother and father 

       General Appearance
       Height: 22 feet
       Scales: Different shades of blue and white
       Eyes: red
       Appearance: Aari is a good mix of both her mother and father. Showing feature from both equally. Though these features are arranged in such a way that makes her irresistibly cute. Being a hatchling her scales are very soft. One can tell even at this age Aari will grow to be a very beautiful dragoness.

       Tribe Information and Status
       Tribe: Rouges
       Rank: Hatchling
       Family: Trinyah(mother)  Arkhor(father)
       Mate: I'm just a baby
       Hatchlings: I am the hatchling

       Skills and Abilities
       Strengths: Gills to breath underwater. They blend in with her Scales though. Also a very strong swimmer. And sharp serrated claws.
       Special Abilities: Aari herself doesn't possess entirely 'unique' abilities, but she did inherit some special abilities from her mother. The first ability is her ice shield. Basically, if surrounded by snow, even if it is just flakes, the snow will attach to her body, forming a layer of thick, very difficult to break armor. The more snow around her the thicker the armor is. It can range from less then a quarter of an inch thick to almost three inches. She can control this ice armor to either form a soft layering, or a spiky and intimidating layering. Aari also can surround herself with snow, making the temperature around her colder then it should be, making snow appear where she walks, and even freezing water. This means if she's near water she can simply dip herself in a freeze the water around her to make armor, though this takes much longer. She can make this armor for her claws as well. The second ability she inherited from her mother was the ability to make a snowy dummy. This basically conjures an exact replica of herself made out of snow, which evaporates when hit. It can only be conjured near death, and can only take one hit, so it must be timed perfectly in order to avoid death. Aari has this ability, but she hasn't ever used it and doesn't know she has it. The third special ability is not inherited. If injured, Aari can retreat somewhere snowy and use the snow to heal herself. Or she can use her ice armor, but this will make her armor evaporate in the process.
       Weaknesses: heat
       Combat Style: get mommy or daddy
Demi God Power: Aari has the dorment ability to control water. She doesn't get the healing or strength boosts that her father gets though. Any nearby water will actually move on its own to defend Aari. A 6th sense of sorts.

       History: Just born
       RP Sample: I'm lazy as all heck oh and its me Astral ^.^

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Aari the most adorable Empty Re: Aari the most adorable

Post by Corrode on Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:44 pm

Approved, I daresay.

The only complaint I have is that the ice armor shouldn't be "nigh impossible" to break, at least until later in her life, when she better develops those skills.
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