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Aiden - the Schemer  Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Aiden - the Schemer  Dragon10
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Aiden - the Schemer

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Aiden - the Schemer  Empty Aiden - the Schemer

Post by Aiden Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:43 pm

Aiden - the Schemer  UL21ERb

Personal Info
Name: Aiden
Nickname: The Schemer
Age: 25 (Human years)
Gender: Male
Personality: With logic, self-preservation, and doubt guiding the mindset of Aiden, he can be difficult to win over. Being physically gimp he has a lot of reason to distrust anyone, for an accidental stumble from another dragon, let alone a man, could crush him. Although his body resisted growth, his mind was open for any and all knowledge that could be gathered. This curiosity and a desire for knowledge occasionally overcomes his fogged logic, and he can easily become infatuated with any new creatures, tactics, cultures, or teachings. Most of the time he is a trickster and a jubilant little guy, but can be extremely shy and skittish around new faces. When threatened, he uses his wisdom in sadistic ways. Creating and solving problems is his bliss, and if there aren't any readily available, he will find a way to create his own problems.
Interests: Creating, discovering, learning
Dislikes: Being lethargic, trusting others, sharing what he has learned, not being prepared
Fears:Other dragons, creatures, or men that catch him off guard, swimming, and losing another arm, losing his self-manufactured arm, and  hearing the horn of the hunt.

General Appearance
Height: 26 cm (roughly 10 inches and 52 cm/20 inches from head to tail)
Scales: Scales, hardly formed on his body, cover portions of his nose, upper chest, arms and parts of his tail. His scales and skin are blue in color, but gradually shift to white towards his underbelly
Eyes: Yellow
Appearance (the image linked above is exactly what he looks like, but here is a small description of some notable features): He’s cursed with a slender and gimpy body form. A small pair of brass goggles rest wrapped around the crest of his head. Adorning him is a brass and leather mechanism that almost entirely emulates the other biological one. At the base of the substitute wing, several leather straps tightly wrap around his chest to keep the mechanical arm in place.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Rogue
Rank: Rogue? (Don’t really know how rankings work whilst not actually in a tribe.)
Family: Exiled and alienated him, erasing him from their lineage.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: From trinkets and toys to traps and mechanical monstrosities, this tiny tinker can create anything with pieces of twisted metals, worn out gears, and some spellbound gems. His size, for the most part, is an advantage. Being small and lightweight, he is extremely agile and can move about the world without making a sound.
Special Abilities:The ability to create useful and complex structures, mechanisms, or traps when resources are scarce.  
Weaknesses: His major weakness is his size coupled with being cocky. A single strike from any other dragon could knock him out or break every bone in his body.
Combat Style: He fights passively, and tactically. Rather than using brute force, he would plan and contort a battlefield to bend in his favor. When push comes to shove, there is not much he can do. The only considerably damaging portion of his body is his artificial wing. The brass “feathers” of his wing can slice through flesh just as they would the air when he’s flying.

History: Soon after hatching, Aiden was maimed by his own brother in order to be a champion in his fathers eyes. Scampering into the dimmest crevices, Aiden lived in hiding and embarrassment. His body became used to these tight knit corridors, and he simply did not grow. One day, whilst hunting slimy, near-rotting cave slugs, Aiden discovered that these crevices lead to a central stronghold. A decrepit dwarven mining cavern, filled to the brim with rusted tools, dusty books, and other miscellaneous resources. Although not knowing a single word that these books entailed, he slowly learned the complex language along with the unique designs and schematics they were describing. Automatons, booby traps, gem manipulation, war and hunting tactics, and weapons. Oh how the knowledge filled that inquisitive mind! No longer would he feed on nasty cave slugs, but build traps to eat the cave bats that hung above, or the rats that scurried below. Knowledge, manufacturing and mistakes shaped the young dragon into an inventor, a creator. Just as he was finishing up the last touch-ups on a brass, spider-like abomination (the schematics of which was slyly hidden away in the bent spine of the book), marauders began swiftly shuffling their way through the abandoned mine. The marauders minds were filled with the lust to find gems, silver and gold that had once been flowing from this cavern, but only encountered a meak dragon shuddering under a workbench. Blinded with rage from not finding their long desired treasure, they had gruesome intentions of skinning the wyvern alive, and selling his desired hide. Held in a tight grip by a marauder, and dumbstruck with fear, he saw no future ahead of him. Just as the marauders were about to slice him from his nave to his chops, a barbaric plan engulfed his actions. He gripped his shoulder with his teeth and popped it from its socket. The sound of sharp teeth tearing through skin, muscle and ligaments. Pain seeped into every nerve in his body, but he hurriedly hobbled over to the sleeping automation. The marauders were still shell shocked from the swift slicing that took place, his severed wing still twitched and writhed in the marauder's grasp. They followed the trail of thick, nearly black dragon blood which trailed towards the monstrous automation. As they neared in on their prey, the automation whirled and sputtered to life, its gear creaking and screaming as life was breathed into them. The event that took place was beautiful in the pain and rage filled eyes of Aiden. The machine pulverized their melons like a jackhammer, quickly jumping from one intruder to the next as it locked them into a death grip with its many legs. The thing stood triumphantly a midst a pool of blood and gray matter, which seemed to be spewed out in nearly every direction in the cavern. In the minutes that followed, he cauterized his damaged flesh and sewed it shut with what little wire he could scavenge. The scene of the marauder's mutilation kept replaying in his mind, their helpless screams shook his tiny form with glee. He was no longer the weakling his brother and family made him out to be, he could now have a fighting chance. Patience was of the utmost importance now, revenge could be served at a later. In the coming months, instead of following directions, he had to formulate his own in order to replace what was lost.

RP Sample: Aiden approached the snow blown cliff with hesitation, running the design through his head to see if anything was forgotten. The new wing shook and creaked as he raised it up and down in a flapping motion. The brass blades, which now served as his new wing, sounded like the slicing of knives as they slid over one another to be retracted. He shuffled through the snow, preparing to run off the cliff. “Mind over matter...mind over matter”, stuttering to himself in the cold, uncaring air. He wasn't sure what the saying really meant or where it came from, but it put confidence in his mind. Whatever he made would work, and work perfectly. His legs flew into a frenzy, speeding him towards the cliff’s frozen edge. The feeling of his claws leaving the comforting ground below, startled him but it was truly the fall that shook him to his core. Wind caught his wings, and gracefully eased him upwards into the evenings frosty essence.

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Aiden - the Schemer  Empty Re: Aiden - the Schemer

Post by Cosmos Fri Aug 22, 2014 2:37 pm

Approved. This will be locked.


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