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Jaaku; Evil Incarnate Dragon10

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Hello! I greet all you guests warmly. Don't be scared, we won't bite! Us roleplayers are very active and have some experience. Our moderators and admins are always eager to help! We often hang out in the chatbox. So go on ahead, and join us today!

Jaaku; Evil Incarnate Dragon10
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Jaaku; Evil Incarnate

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Jaaku; Evil Incarnate Empty Jaaku; Evil Incarnate

Post by Jaaku Sat Aug 16, 2014 1:42 pm

Jaaku; Evil Incarnate Under_the_lonely_mountain_by_ninjatic-d6yfn83
Personal Info
Name: Jaaku
Nickname: Jake
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Personality: Jaaku is somewhat simplistic on the outside. He's greedy and selfish and loves to hoard treasures of all shapes and sizes, he doesn't eat anything unless he sees it good enough for his tastes. He is very protective of what is his, both dragon and gem alike. He's incredibly sadistic and gains pleasure watching those he thinks that are below him - everyone - suffer. He loves inflicting pain on others and will go out of his way to harm, insult, degrade and humiliate others, even if it sets back his other plans. There are times when he will see a dragon as 'too below him' to even bother with, in these instances he tends to plot something along the lines of kidnapping and torture/slavery.

Jaaku is also incredibly smart and loves to partake in games of intelligence. He loves riddles and puzzles and proving how smart he really is. He has many levels and underneath the sadistic side is something much more... Evil. It's hard to define evil in an exact way and many dragons view Jaaku as evil because of his sadism, but underneath all of the pleasure is just a deep dark black that is all consuming and it's already eaten it's way through most of Jaaku's personality and inner systems.

Even with all of the darkness inside of him there is still something within Jaaku that recognises friendships and love. Even though he would still see his friends and mate as dragons who are beneath him he can still show a form of affection. He will still treat them the same as he would treat others but he will be more willing to share his own food and treasures and there can even be an odd moment of true affection just to show these dragons that he is happy they're there, this is most likely to happen with his mate.

Interests: Hoarding Treasures, Being Sadistic, Puzzles/Riddles and Not Giving A Damn.
Dislikes: Being Nice To Others, Sharing His Things, Hanging Around Simpletons and Losing To Another Dragon In Any Kind Of Competition
Fears: Jaaku fears that one day there will no longer be dragons for him to torture.

General Appearance
Height: Jaaku is 86 feet long, stands at 79 feet and has a wingspan of 98 feet.
Scales: Jaaku's scales are deep maroon in colour and have an earthy tone to them.
Eyes: Jaaku's pupil is a dark black with a bright golden iris.
Appearance: Jaaku is a large and bulky dragon. He has four spikes, ranging in size, on each side of his head. he has a bulky head with a large maw and huge sharp teeth. He has small spines running down the length of his body and tail. He has four legs, the forelegs have four claws which are sharp, black and lethal. Jaaku finds it easy to pick things up and hold them. His back legs are bulkier than his forelegs and only have three claws. The claws are just as deadly but he doesn't grab things with them unless it's easy, such as holding a net full of fish. There are multiple cracks along Jaaku's chest and up his neck which glow a brilliant gold when he breathes fire.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: N/A
Rank: N/A
Family: Unknown
Mate: Shadow Lugia
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Jaaku is good at manipulating others and mentally as well as physically overpowering them. He finds it easy to psyche dragons out and beating them in games of wit and smarts, especially riddles and puzzles.
Special Abilities: Evil Incarnate: Because of the darkness that has consumed most of Jaaku's heart and personality it has consumed him inside. It flows through his veins and powers his attacks. His usual fire is a bright orange/red with black undertones and flecks of actual black fire. When his heart pumps faster through adrenalin and excitement his muscles gain extra strength and flexibility, allowing him to move faster and hit harder.

Dark Flames: Jaaku has the option to charge his normal fire with the darkness within. The flames turn pure black and are all consuming, burning through anything it touches in a mere instant.

Shadow Sneak: During times of stress it is possible that the dakrness coursing through Jaaku's body will turn every part of him a dark all consuming black, allowing him to hide in dark shadows and in the sky at night. This darkness is also somewhat sentient in the fact that if there is no where dark enough the hue of his scales will lighten and change to help him to adjust to lighter shadows.

Weaknesses: It will be long and tedious and probably not worthwhile, but it will be easy for someone to use the hidden fondness Jaaku will have for his friend's and mate against him i.e. he will protect them from harm and other prying dragons, especially concerning his mate.

Jaaku can also be incredibly submissive towards those he deem more powerful and smarter than him, if they aren't as smart he will just use them for his own whims. If one can prove themselves they will have a loyal dragon for their cause, as long as he's still allowed to do what he likes, if not then he will oppose regardless of risks.

Combat Style: Jaaku prefers to fight with his wits and will fight dirty and will use sneaky maneuvers to gain an advantage. When that fails he prefers brute strength and power over everything else.

History: Because of the darkness, Jaaku has forgotten most of his past and barely remembers who he was before he became who he is now. It's all he knows and probably all he ever will know.

RP Sample: Jaaku growled deep and dark, the noise emanating from the back of his throat. He eyed the lesser dragon with dark golden eyes and smiled as he saw the smaller younger being quiver in fear. "Don't fret poor thing~ Your end will be swift." He let out a deep chuckle as the poor thing tried to escape. He pounced and pushed the weak body further into the ground. The cracks along his body glow a brilliant gold as he readies his fire.

The glow turned a deep ominous black as the fire was imbued with the evil lurking within Jaaku's body. He made sure to claw his victim's wings to shreds, making sure it couldn't fly away. Breaking a few bones to ensure no escape. Slinking away he opened his maw and let loose the ever consuming black flames from within.

Jaaku's eyes burned with happiness, hunger and desire as he watched the dragon burn, relishing in the pained screams which died out for too quickly for his liking. He opened out his wings and jumped into the air, his wing beats dousing the dark flames as he leaves the burnt corpse for another to find.

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Jaaku; Evil Incarnate Empty Re: Jaaku; Evil Incarnate

Post by Shadow lugia Sat Aug 16, 2014 2:09 pm

Awesome! I love it. I was thinking that Frostflare could make a good match for you. She can absorb darkness stuffs. Now you just need to wait for an admin to approve.
Shadow lugia
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Jaaku; Evil Incarnate Empty Re: Jaaku; Evil Incarnate

Post by Frostflare Sun Aug 17, 2014 5:27 am

Oh wow. Anyways, awesome character sheet. Now we need Phantom, Kazumi, Trinyah or rarely Shardas to approve. Awesome.

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Jaaku; Evil Incarnate Empty Re: Jaaku; Evil Incarnate

Post by Guest Sun Aug 17, 2014 8:17 am

Well, I REALLY want to say unapproved, but since there is nothing wrong with the character other then the fact it offends me then I guess I can approve it Razz


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