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Asaya, Feathered Firewing

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Asaya, Feathered Firewing

Post by Asaya on Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:11 pm

This is Shine/Moonshade, guys. Just so you know.

center]Image pending[/center]
Personal Info
Name: Asaya
Nickname: Asay
Age: 280
Gender: Female
Personality: Asaya is pretty confident, not overconfient or cocky, but she had faith in her abilities. She can sometimes come off as arrogant or pompous, but that's just the way she acts around newcomers, to show she't not a pushover. Deep down, she is very caring and willing to do most people a favor, and will be a friend to the end should you decide you can deal with her attitude. She's rough'n'tumble, and really couldn't care less if she gets dirty or not. She is clever and witty, and will always crack a joke at someone else, and won't care if someone makes fun of her or makes a joke at her expense. As long as it's a good joke, and she won't take any offense, and you shouldn't either.
Interests: Lounging in the sun, cracking jokes, racing
Dislikes: Oversensitive people, bullies, swimming
Fears: She can't swim as her feathers drag her down underwater, and thus has a strong hydrophobia.

General Appearance
Height: 45 feet
Scales: Mainly orange, with yellow or red feathers and the occasional gold highlight
Eyes: Piercing gold
Appearance: Asaya is completely covered in feathers. Unlike most dragons, she does not have four legs and two wings, but acts much more like a wyvern. She has back legs and wings, but no true forefeet. Her feathered wings serve as forelegs, and she crawls on them and her back legs, as though she had front legs. Her orange, red, and yellow feathered wings have three gold claws that are very mobile and can work as a hand sometimes. She is long and slender, her neck far longer than most and thus giving her more reach and view. She can almost turn her head completely around, giving her a very owl-ish look. Her head is very triangluar, with a very pointed nose and a ring of feathers that act as a crest at the back of her head. The feathers can be raised or lowered at will. Her legs are short and thin, so she can reach the ground with her wings, but very strong to make up for the fact that she doesn't have forefeet. Her tail is long and thin, tipped with a feathery tuft. Her wings are massive, and you often can't see her back legs, as her wings cover them well.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: Firewing
Rank: Tracker
Family: None that she is aware of.
Mate: N/A
Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: Asaya is a very strong flyer, on account of her large wings and slender build. She-like most firewings-can breath fire. Mentally, she is a quick thinker and can solve puzzles easily, making her a top tactician.
Special Abilities: She can light herself on fire without burning her feathers, and-surprisingly-can be exposed to heat without burning to death and her feathers catching fire.
Weaknesses: Water. She isn't super strong, designed more for speed and stealth. She's very confident, and won't back down unless the situation turns dire.
Combat Style: Most of the time, she is a tactician. Other times, she's an "Actions first, questions later" sort of girl.

History: Asaya did not have a fabulous childhood. She was born an orphan, her siblings eggs crushed beside her, and her parents nowhere to be found. She was found by countless other dragons, all of which who shunned her because of her strange appearance. A loner eventually found her, and-taking pity-brought her to a local dragon colony/village thing. There, she was-reluctantly-taken and taken care of-albeit horribly. When she was old enough to move about on her own and talk, she was constantly picked on and insulted because of her feathers, and she was constantly loosing them to the picking bullies. Because of this, her flying days were delayed greatly. when she was finally able to fly and hunt for herself, she left and didn't look back. She was a loner for the longest time, during which she toughened up and gained her hard exterior and joke-cracking demeanor to ensure she wasn't picked on again. Then she stumbled upon the Firewings. She admired their ability to work together without judging and now wishes to join them.
RP Sample: a strange dragon was lounging on the rocks. One might have mistaken her for a-very-large bird had they not known better. Or, they still might have. The feathery crest on her head twitched and she blinked open her gold eyes, gazing around and trying to discern the source of the noise that had woken her. She stood, her feathers making a soft rustling as she shook the dirt and dust from them. "Who's there? Come out, Ah know yer there!" Upset that she got no answer, she snorted, fluffing out her feathers and a fire spark inches from her pointed nose before dissipating. "Ah mean it! Come out before ah make ya!" Still no answer. She huffed again, stepping forward with her odd walk and oddly smooth gait. She let out a puff of fire into the trees, and she smiled as she pinned a small shape to the ground. "Ah knew you were there, now what're ya hidin' fer? Actin like a scared cat is not the best way teh make friends.

Last edited by Asaya on Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:17 pm; edited 1 time in total

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Re: Asaya, Feathered Firewing

Post by Akreious on Tue Jul 15, 2014 7:51 pm

About like mine so 9.8/10! Except my dragon uses enzymes   

Good dragon, shameless self promotion

Prototype picture of Arcke by Shiningwater! Thank you for drawing Arcke-Kun!

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Re: Asaya, Feathered Firewing

Post by Phantom on Tue Jul 15, 2014 8:31 pm



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