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Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All) - Page 3 Dragon10
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Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All)

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Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All) - Page 3 Empty Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All)

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:03 pm

First topic message reminder :

It had all been very surprising when it had first happened. For everything had happened so fast in so short an amount of time. So, allow me to repeat what had happened to Trinyah when she had returned from visiting her friend Atlantis:

She had returned home to find several IceWings standing around one dragon, who, at the time, Trinyah hadn't been able to recognize. She noted with caution that both Chloe and Frostflare were nowhere in sight, so she wondered what the whole announcement thing was about, and, being herself, had cheerfully approached the scene. What she had seen had surprised her even more. It was the dragon goddess of magic herself, Phantom. The dragon goddess was speaking to Frostbite and Solstice about things. When the dragoness had spotted Trinyah approaching, though her excitement had changed now to curiousity, the goddess had smiled and had raised her head, and had announced, "Hello, dragons of the IceWing tribe! I am dragon goddess Phantom, and I have come to announce the naming of a new leader!" dragons had muttered in disbelief. A new leader?! Some dragons muttered sighs of relief, and others had growled with disdain. Then Phantom continued, "Trinyah, step forward." Trinyah had been so surprised and excited she had almost nearly leapt out of her skin, but she managed to remain docile, though it was obvious she was excited by the way her body shook. As she approached Phantom, many would be reminded of the way a trainee steps toward their leader when they are about to be chosen as a tracker or guardian. Once directly in front of the goddess, Phantom announced to the IceWings, and other dragons, who had appeared, "We have here a very special young dragoness. She was voted by several of her tribe mates, including Solstice, Chloe, and Frostbite, that she would make a good queen. She has shown that she can withstand even the most fearsome winds in the Blizzard's Path. She is agile and healthy. She is attuned with the healing magics. And we are all aware of Frostflare's inactivity, so there is no one for her to challenge to battle. Now, since I am already here, I, Phantom, dragon goddess of magic, here hereby declare Trinyah, daughter of Moala and Arcticus, queen of the IceWings!"

And here is where the flashback ends, leaving an utterly shocked and speechless Trinyah to be congratulated by her fellow tribe mates and the tribe members from the other tribes. This was just way too much to take in! She barely even knew anything about running a tribe, and now she was suppose to lead one? It was just all too confusing for her to take in at once, and she sat down in the snow, her mouth still open from the awe and surprise of that moment.


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Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All) - Page 3 Empty Re: Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All)

Post by Sleenia on Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:56 am

Sleenia listened to her voice, she looked at Snofall and nodded then stepped in "I'm coming inside.." she said to let Trinyah know, but after few steps she gulped and stopped, seeying Atlantis covering her with his wing, a very noble gesture, but because she had a little crush for him it was like an ice arrow hit her, anyway the most important thing for her now was to be sure Trinyah was okay, she recomposed herself and hoped that no one noticed her expression, so she reached the ice dragoness and gave a quick look to Atlantis
"Thank you for taking care of her" she sincerly said and then looked back at the new queen and listened to her story, she was almost paralized hearing about that, she shook her muzzle and took a deep breath before to lay down in front of her to be sure to have eye contact
"Look, Trinyah...I mean, Queen..I think... I can understand what you have passed through..." she waited few seconds to let the phrase make its affect "..I had a family once and a tribe too...." her voice had a little of sadness, and she was not sure to talk about it but she knew maybe it would have helped her "..we...we were attacked by some fire dragons...I think doom-fire dragons actually, probably with drak powers, they were corrupted and ..." she hesitated "they killed all of ....us, I'm a survivor...and I don't know if some other member..." her thoughts moved from her family to her mate "....is still alive or not somewhere else..." she gulped again and rubbed a little the ground with her claws
"I'm telling you that because I can understand, you are not alone, I have fear just like you, and it's normal and right to feel like that...but...we have to fight it, and together, and with your new tribe and new life you can go on..." she explained, like she was telling that to herself too, she gave a quick look to Snowfall and Atlantis, because they all were listening too, and also because her memories were awaking a bit of pain inside her heart
"listen, I'm sure not all firedragons are bad, it's quite obvious, even if i feel fear or anger too...like this Volcanis...I know he was unexpected and cause you to feel like you were loosing yourself, but....I think he is not bad..." she said still elaborating her feeling about this dragon "I can sense it, and I hope you trust me....he was there to "rescue" hert sister" she made a sweet laugh to lower the tension "so it was why he was there...not to hurt you...One day you will be able to face the firewings too and to see also the good in them even if, I KNOW, it's hard"  she paused because she really could understand her and wanted to let her know and feel that "and don't worry about what happened, take your time..make some deep breath...and try to let the temperature to be a little more normal because i'm freezing here " she chuckled and invaded her with her power to calm her down, and she used a lot of energy to make it efficent enough
"You can fight this fear, you are not alone"  she repeated"and ..I believe in you Trinyah, we all do" she said staring at her eyes, giving a sincere, determined warm look at her friend

Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All) - Page 3 Sleeni11
She might look simple but she is deep, loyal and so sensible she does have a great intuition. Strong and wise as her father was, she comfort and give hope, but can be a uncexpected true force of the nature you should watch out of, expecially if she have someone to protect.
Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All) - Page 3 YRLxe
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Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All) - Page 3 Empty Re: Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All)

Post by SnowFall on Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:13 pm

SnowFall was following Sleenia and they finally found Trinyah. She was at her old bedroom still and she saw Atlantis, the SeaWing lieutenant, with her. Atlas was comforting her and when Snow took a look at Sleenia she thought she was a bit heartbroken. "Could it be that she likes him?" She shook her head. "Never mind that now.." she thought. The two newcomers sat down and listened to the queen. SnowFall thought it was a sad story and it must have really broke her heart when the angry fire dragon came. Sleenia was really a good dragon, helping Queen Trinyah talk it all out. It seemed to Snow, that Trin seemed soothed with everybody with her. She decided to say something, And like what Sleenia said, Volcanis didn't come here to cause harm to everyone. He was protecting his sister, his family. You could tell that Volcanis did not like the snow, so why would his sister? Anyways, I think I heard him saying that he wanted to give you a praise.. Anyways, Trinyah, you'll make a great queen!" SnowFall looked at Trinyah, hoping she would calm down after the short incident.

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Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All) - Page 3 Empty Re: Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All)

Post by Atlantis on Tue Jul 22, 2014 3:28 am

// sorry, short post //

Atlantis noticed also other two IceWings entering the room, Sleenia and Snowfall. The seadragon carefully listened Trinyah's story, and also Sleenia's one. They were both two sad stories and Atlas felt very bad to hear them. "I'm sorry for what happened to you..." He sighed, refering to Trinyah and Sleenia. He looked at the IceWing's Queen. "Also, evil or bad dragons can be found in all the tribes, not only FireWings. They're usually dragon rogues that cause troubles." He told her in addition to Sleenia's words. "Anyway, I'm sure you'll be able to overcome your fears. We're all with you." He concluded with a sweet growl.

Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All) - Page 3 Atlas3

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Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All) - Page 3 Empty Re: Coming of the New Queen! (Open to All)

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 23, 2014 8:52 pm

Trinyah, although shaken, was inspired by the speech that the newly appointed LightWing queen and semi-goddess and given her. It was very inspiring to hear something of such power coming from the mouth of a dragoness who was young, though not quite as inexperienced and young as the frightened and newly appointed IceWing queen. Her body had stopped shaking entirely at this point, and now seemed to have retained some composure from her previous outburst of fear when she had fled from the Grand Hall because of the FireWings. But now that the creatures that had caused her to flee had left, and the palace once again felt as cold and cool as ever, and thanks to the atmosphere set upon the castle by the moral support given to her by her friends, Trinyah felt much more confident now then she had before. She lifted her head and stared deeply into Atlantis's blue eyes, then she smiled and stood up, her movement slow, suggesting she wasn't completely over it, but otherwise unshaken.

"You guys are right..." she said, smiling at them. She might not have known them for a while, but she considered Sleenia and Atlantis great friends, though this wasn't much a compliment in itself since it didn't take much to befriend the IceWing queen, it was still nice, though risky if your so called best friend betrayed you, which could very well happen in her case. She then continued, heading toward the entrance of the dorm, "I think I should go and call this off.... at least, maybe, right? I still need a lot of help with this leadership business..." she added with a smile at her friends as they decided to leave the room and head for the royal hall.


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