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EarthWing Information

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EarthWing Information

Post by Cosmos on Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:53 pm

You walk upon the rough and warm surface below you, as the fresh and humid air intrudes and escapes your large lungs. You followed a path into the thick and dark forest, with rays of sunshine penetrating through the trees's multicolored and large leaves. Your scales shining brightly by those rays of sunshine, as the Animal life glances at them with every chance they get. Your body trembling, not knowing where you are in what seems to be a peaceful forest. What creatures lurk in the darkness waiting to approach you? The more images that fluttered around in your mind, the more your eyes filled with worry and anxiousness. The fallen leaves crunched with every step you took, everything became silent the further you walked into the darkness, but light still showed.
Suddenly, the sensation of a tail tickled your back, you quickly turned around, only to see darkness. Sighing in relief you turn back around and spot massive and magnificent beast, the darkness hiding it's face but the light revealing his body. You stared at it in amazement, not finding the words to speak. A very smooth distant voice was revealed, "Salutations. Welcome to Lush Forest, home of the EarthWings. As of now, you shan't know who or what I am, but know that I've been sent by the King To Greet You. I warn you of the dangers our forest could cause.Steep cliffs, boulders, landslides, and other hazards. Enter the forest if you dare, for if you do, your only choice will be to etwine the EarthWings."


  • There is a large cave opening that goes deep underground and has tunnels only EarthWings can find that lead to many spots.

  • Mountain Pass is where dragons come to catch view of the whole Lush Forest and to train.

  • The Lush Plains is where trackers hunt their prey for the tribe.

  • The Palace of the EarthWings is very, very massive. It's covered in vines and plants.

  • Vale Mountain is the largest mountain in the Lush Forest, where the future kings and queens must go to be officially given the title. It may take days to reach the top.



  • EarthWing Trial- A trial to become EarthWing. To Become one of the EarthWings you must track a object placed by someone underground using only your senses, blindfolded. If you fail to complete this test you will be trapped down there and dug up by a EarthWing.

  • Guardian Trial- It's a big deal to become a guardian, you have to be reliable and aware at all times. The future Guardian will have to face two opponents, and win. Trainees must go through this in order to become one.

  • Healer Trial- This a very important position in the Tribe. EarthWings are plenty capable of healing minor wounds such as cuts and bruises using earth material over time. But such as deep and severe wounds, a healer must take action. To become the healer of the tribe you must describe the procedure of healing this and that wound. Then they must heal them successfully.

  • Tracker Trial- In order to become a tracker of The EarthWing Tribe they must catch enough food for the whole tribe to feast on in a certain amount of time, if completed successfully, they pass. Trainees must go through this in order to become one.

  • Holy Judgement- In order to become the future King/Queen, they must travel to Vale Mountain, where they will make their promises and fulfill the tribe's goals, of course they must be relied and respected by the tribe at hand, not to mention the majority votes.

  • Lieutenant Trial- In order to get this position, you must be respected by the tribe, and have a majority of votes. You must also go to vale mountain to be spoken with the Royals. If Chosen, you earn such a position.



  • Sheep- Common

  • Buffalo- Rare

  • Goat- Common

  • Horse- Uncommon

  • Moose- Common

  • Elk/Deer- Common

      • Mountain Tigers- Rare


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Re: EarthWing Information

Post by Rektani Lozain of Earthil on Wed Jan 14, 2015 5:46 pm

I would like to add an Earthwing allegiance and a wider pray selection. I would also like to add some more laws. Maybe add our alliances as well, and add some history about the earthwings.

Rektani Lozain of Earthil
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Re: EarthWing Information

Post by Aakesh on Wed Jan 14, 2015 6:05 pm

I think we have enough prey and what kind of laws? There shouldn't really be "Laws" in the tribe. Though you are apart of a group its not like your in the army and you go to sleep at certain times.

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Re: EarthWing Information

Post by Asailia on Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:55 pm

I think she meant other rules such as "don't murder each other," and what would happen if you were to do that.


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Re: EarthWing Information

Post by Despair on Thu Jan 15, 2015 3:26 pm

Wow, you guys are at it. If you have suggestions for laws, tell me o.o


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Re: EarthWing Information

Post by Sponsored content

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