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Hunluan Long (App Revamp) Dragon10
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Hunluan Long (App Revamp)

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Hunluan Long (App Revamp) Empty Hunluan Long (App Revamp)

Post by Hunluan Long on Mon Jun 09, 2014 9:04 am

Hunluan Long (App Revamp) Chinese+dragon
Personal Info
Name: Hunluan Long
Nickname: N/A
Age: 28 years
Gender: Male
Personality: Being from a rather divine blood-line,Hunluan tends to act as regal as possible.However,this does not mean he isn't kind.While rather young,he maintains a surprising level of maturity and kindness,often trying to be fair with everyone.He quite often takes on a more formal tone with those of higher ranking,often refering to kings and queens as "My liege".Why wise and mature,he is without his flaws.Due to being so young,he can become quite arrogant,which may sometimes lead him to underestimate his opponent.As,due to being young,he doesn't have seemingly Godly power of the much adults in race(which usually takes centuries,if not,thousands of years to reach).One of his defining characterisitcs,however,is his unbreaking tenacity.Once he has his eyes set on something,he will not  give up until he achieves it.

Interests: Hunluan seems rather interested in other types of dragons,due to seemingly being different.He also seems quite interested with interacting with humans,possibly to see if they could start again and rebuild the empire.Finally,he seems vaguely interested about the land,a natural born curiosity everyone has.

Dislikes: Hunluan,while being kind,has no room traitors,which is seemingly obvious.He also seemingly dislikes violence and perfers to keep the peace.Finally,he hates discrimmination of any-kind.

Fears: Hunluan is afraid of dying.This is more complicated then it seems.While ready to die at any-time,he is afraid that,if really being the last of his kind,it would mean a total extinction.

General Appearance

Height: 20 feet

Scales: His scales are a jade color that shine in the sunlight.They arranged the same way as most serpentines.He has a yellow ender belly with seemingly larger and fewer scales.

Eyes: Normally a yellow,they will turn red when enraged.

Appearance: Hunluan has the appearance of a basic Long dragon.Being at-least 67 feet long standing only 20 feet high,Hunluan's body is built for fast,graceful movements.His body is serpent-like,allowing quick maneuvers.He has four legs and his feet have 3 digits,which can used as hands if need be.His head has a rather normal amount of silver hair on it,going down to form side-burns.He hair then extends from his side-burns to the mid-section of his entire body,ending at his tail.His back has shark-like small dorsal fins running down it.His horns are seemingly that of a deer,allowing him more ramming then goreing them,like most other dragons do.His teeth are serated,making it very hard to escape his bite when he does.His claws are also quite sharp.His entire body is also very flexible,allowing him to coil around things.He also has two,long whiskers that give him more of  a edge then other dragons.He can sense another creature's movement up to 30 feet away from his passively.This does not mean he will react fast enough if they attack and it is not a sure-fire way to see where they are.It merely tells which direction.

Tribe Information and Status

Tribe: Skywing

Rank: Guardian

Family: Meili Long(Mother,deceased) Liu Zhou Long(Father,deceased)

Mate: N/A

Hatchlings: N/A

Skills and Abilities

Strengths: While small,Hunluan is very agile,and due to flexible serpentine body,can easily out-manevour other creatures.He also has a surprising amount of strength,enough that is doesn't not seem possible for his little frame.He also very wise despite his young age,knowing practically every-thing about his species.

Special Abilities: Hunluan can generate copious amounts of electricity from his body at-will,making those in his grasp become electrocuted.He is able to create storms and heavy rains so long as he in the literal area of the clouds where it'll rain.He can fly despite having no wings.He also turn into a human if the situation ever calls for it and can even understand and speak human,these being some basic abilities the Longs were able to do.His human is rather handsome and wears authentic,lavish and royal chinese robes.He seems to have decent knowledge of the Celestial Beings aswell,as the Long normally lived on that plane of existence...well...the ones with enough to anyway.He also seems to have a natural affinity with magic,much like his race does.

Weaknesses: While stronger than he looks,he is still weaker then other dragon's,meaning it is very unlikey that he will win if he fights a opponent head-on.His body is also more frail compared to other's,making his bones break easily.He tends to look down on himself when comparing himself to others of his species "Shenlong(Thunder God),HuangLong(Main dragon to symbolize emperors),Qinqlong(Azure Dragon),etc"...

Combat Style: Primary tries to charge at opponents from long distances,the speed amplifying his power,and ramming into them.Tends to coil around them to constrict and electrocute them.Will bite and scratche.In human form,he tends to fight with various styles of Kung Fu,but promeniently uses Dragon,Monkey,Crane,Leopard,and Mantis styles.


History: The Longs....a very ancient,almost primordial species of dragon.Powerful and wise,they had connections not only to humans,but to Gods and Celestial Beings,marking them as creatures of high stature.They were amongst the first and only Dragons to befriend humans during the time of the Empires,before the Dragons grew dominant like.Now thousands of years,they were held as symbols of power and wisdom by the humans,looked upon greatly.However,one day,that all changed.They new generation weren't in awe of them....but in terror of the power they held.Afraid to rule with such beings,they made armor and weapons able to counteract their magics and spells,and a war started.This war continued for centuries,until finally,the humans began killing every thing,including younglings.On the brink of extinction,the Longs fled,some to the primordial planes,others to parts of the world.As a near millenia passed,the time of dragons have  finally came,the land having changed and become plentiful with them...but not of the Longs.Hunluan was born to Meili Long and Liu Zhou Long,two adult and mature Longs.However,not long after his birth,Liu was killed in a skirmish about territory,the opposing dragons now targeting Meili and her child.Fearfully,she fled.For years,he ciricled the globe,educating her only child about their species,history,and the world.Soon,Meili soon fell also,to a infection.Now alone,Hunluan began his travels on this new,mysterious land.

RP Sample: Hunluan stood alone on the cliff,over looking the area and the setting sun.The young dragon had been flying for hours without rest and was finally tired and hungry.He looked to the plains below him,his eyes squinting as he saw a heard of specks from the great distance.Reacting quickly,he pounced,seemingly grabbing the Buck in his mouth before turning-back to his cliff to enjoy his meal.

Name: Hunluan Long
Nickname: Hun
Tribe: Skywings
Rank: Guardian
Age: 19 years
Gender: Male
Family: Meili Long (Mother, deceased) Fafnir (Father deceased), part of far forgotten Long Dynasty
Mate: None at the moment
Draglets: None
Appearance: Serpentine body, no wings, four legs/hands, white mane, tan underbelly,Jade scales
Personality: Tends to act foolish can be serious and honorable
Strengths: Great physical strength and speed, can create storms and can control electricty,and able to shapeshift into a human form(actual ability of a Long)
Weaknesses: Tends to lose focus from time to time
Hunluan Long
Hunluan Long
SkyWing Guardian
SkyWing Guardian

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Hunluan Long (App Revamp) Empty Re: Hunluan Long (App Revamp)

Post by Korramyr on Mon Jun 09, 2014 11:55 am

Yay for up-to-date character sheets.

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Hunluan Long (App Revamp) Empty Re: Hunluan Long (App Revamp)

Post by Celestia on Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:39 pm


Hunluan Long (App Revamp) 158avbn

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