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Volcanis, The Raging Fire

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Volcanis, The Raging Fire

Post by Volcanis on Mon Jun 09, 2014 7:36 am

(It's me, Atlantis. Another character :PWaiting for approval. Don't forget the FireWings badge for the rank :DI like the badges a lot. Thanks ^^)

Personal Info
Name: Volcanis.
Nickname: None.
Age: Young/Adult
Gender: Male.
Personality: He isn't a social and lovable dragon. He's usually dominant and aggressive. He tends to mock other dragons and he's somewhat territorial and possessive. He can be playful, but also irascible. He's sometime arrogant and usually value another dragon about the fighting abilities. He loves indeed challenging other dragons and subdue the weaker ones. He has thirst of greatness and believes to be very much stronger then other dragons. He doesn't easily admit defeat and he always go for the toughest opponents to improve his abilities. It's hard to befriend him, but once you have gained his trust he become a respectful and gentle friend. He's impulsive and reacts without thinking, don't caring much about the possible consequences. He can easily lose his mind and go in outrage also for foolish reasons. In fact when he's angry he can become very dangerous and start attacking everyone, even his own friends. He isn't a bad dragon at all. He's always first in line against the enemies and he would do everything to protect the friends he loves. He also doesn't give any problems to other dragons that just don't cause him troubles. However it isn't the same thing for SeaWings and IceWings. He particularly dislikes those tribes for their pacific and kind behaviour, besides their hateful element.
Interests: Flying, exploring, hunting, fighting, flirting, burnng villages and forests, swimming in the lava, but also relaxing on the edge of a volcano.
Dislikes: SeaWings and IceWings.
Fears: He has a fear for water, being a fire dragon. So he always tries to stay away from rivers, lakes and seas. Snow storms are also another fear.

General Appearance
Height: He's generally bigger for the standard size of a dragon.
Scales: His scales are orange, but some are red/black resembling magma.
Eyes: Amber.
Appearance: He's a beatiful orange dragon with a tonic and trained body. His scales are mostly red and black, but the belly and the throath are yellowish. He owns several sharp spikes that start from the forehead and end to the tail. He has two ivory horns behind the forehead.

Tribe Information and Status
Tribe: FireWings.
Rank: Guardian.
Family: Both deceased.
Mate: None.
Hatchlings: None.

Skills and Abilities
Strengths: He's very good at close combat. He's strong and can easily crush his opponent with fangs and claws.
Special Abilities: He has fire and magma powers. For example he can breath flames, launch fireballs, erupt lava or cause explosions, even hurting himself or allies in the process. His magma scales grants him a decent protection from other attacks.
Weaknesses: Water is a common weakness for a firedragon. Ice is also another vulnerabiity because he's overall helpless at cold temperatures. He isn't agile. He tends to underestimate his opponent and acts with impulsiveness, leaving him open to several attacks, especially when he's enraged. Volcanis can also be easily tricked.
Combat Style: He tends to engage his enemy in close combat, being bulky and strong. He doesn't plan any strategy, prefering to repeatedly attack the opponent in the attempt to overwhelm it. He can go in enrage mode if hurt enough. In this state he becomes extremely dangerous and his attacks are somewhat destructive.
History: Not revealing (it will be updated when revelead in roleplay).
RP Sample: A red dragon flew around the FireWings territories. Volcanis was patrolling as usual the borders to scare away any possible intruders. However it looked to be very a boring day. There weren't activites from other tribes and neither from other races like the reptilians or the hateful humans. The huge volcano behind him was also quiet and so there was nothing interesting to do. He snorted before to land down on a cliff and rest his head on his paws. He really hoped that someone would come. Too much boredom.

Last edited by Volcanis on Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:01 am; edited 13 times in total
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Re: Volcanis, The Raging Fire

Post by Phantom on Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:21 pm

Accepted, Volcanis ^^ it looks great


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