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You pick the story Empty You pick the story

Post by Shiningwater on Fri May 09, 2014 2:54 pm

I wanna share one of my own original stories from my own brain, that isn't revolving around this site, but I'm only gonna share one. MUAHAHAHAHAH!  Doit 
So you guys get to pick which one I share. :3

Shattered Balance(multi-"book") (other "books" in progress)
Kristy lived her normal life in the ocean with her family, a peaceful life. But suddenly things change with a single event. She's suddenly thrown into a different lifestyle, and is apparently very important to her long-lost ancestors.

Dragon Magic (multi "book") (other "books" in progress)
How would you feel if you were being chased by a dragon that apparently wants you captured, but for what purpose is unknown. That's what Lea's going through. She's a normal dragon, but there's more to her than even she knows....

Father's Legacy (in Progress)
Everyone can shift into one single animal, and a most common are wolves, wildcats, and other such animals; current-day animals. Others are less common, griffins, phoenixes, sharks, and others. One is just downright rare, and carries more meaning behind it. Dragons. Running from cops and others who want you dead is hard enough, but running from your past is far more difficult.

Shrouded Forests (in progress)
It's been a long time since the griffin was banished, and he's not been heard from; a good thing if you ask the clan. But things suddenly go haywire, and griffins begin to turn on eachother; fear in the attacker's eyes.

Switched (in progress) (Sonic fan-fic)
Things start out easy, searching for Eggman's base, fining it, trashing some robots, you get the jist. But things can go so wrong, in just one split second.

Heh. These are my favs. I think they're pretty good too. Dragon Magic is the oldest, and did pretty well in out local writing competition, the others weren't entered, so I can't say for them. Nit sure which one is my favorite, though I am very fond of Switched.

You pick the story MXujA
Other Characters: Asaya, Lye, Radiance, Vale, Sterlynn, Myyra, Cyra

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You pick the story Captur10

You pick the story Squidkid11
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You pick the story Empty Re: You pick the story

Post by Scourge on Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:04 am

I like shrouded forest the most, it looks pretty cool. And Griffins are amazing!

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[23:10:27] * Scourge becomes a cliff
You pick the story OlfebqS

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