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Late Greetings

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Late Greetings Empty Late Greetings

Post by Jurragon Ignis on Thu May 01, 2014 8:35 pm

Yeah......forgot to say hello here, whoops. Narrowed eyes 

I'm Jurragon Ignis, and I hope I can have fun RPs with my fellow dragons and such here.

Even as this frail and old vessel gets weaker as the sands of time fall, it shall not deter my ever looking watch of the eternal flame. The sacred flame gives strength not to this decrepit vessel that is my body, but to my ever glowing spark that is my soul. What say you....young wanderer of this era of ever changing time, that causes you to seek a ancient, decrepit old dragon such as myself?
Jurragon Ignis
Jurragon Ignis
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Late Greetings Empty Re: Late Greetings

Post by Avian on Thu May 01, 2014 11:17 pm

Meh, no biggy. It's okay, we still notice you either way. Razz

Anyway- Wait, whoops. I forgot to welcome you....  Narrowed eyes 

Anyway, welcome to DRPF, whatever that stands for(*cough*Dragon RolePlaying Forums!!!*cough*) *Bashs the random guy with a warhammer and drags him out of the thread* Don't worry, he'll be fine.

Anyway... am.... forgot this part..... Also, questions, you can ask... millions of them! I sent Phantom a truck load! Enough to build a PAPER CASTLE!!!! (Sadly, that was a dream... or internet la-) *Pushes the other guy through window screen of the thread* Don't worry, he's been okay since it's a lot of water there.....

Anyway, Hi! I'm Avian! Pleased to meet you! Very Happy
Hope you see you in Roleplays, you have an interesting character, by the way.

"Stick and stones my break your bones, but words will do even worse....." -a true fact of life....

"Friendships are more important than you think...."

"Ah! Yeah right! As if I'd ever betray my friends and comrades!"

"You may look like them, and may act like them, but one thing that I know; is that you will never replace them....."
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Late Greetings Empty Re: Late Greetings

Post by SilverWolf on Fri May 02, 2014 6:53 am

lol avian XD

hai new comer! I am SilverWolf, but you can call me Silver or Wolf, don't really matta. Hope to see you around!

"Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me"...what a lie...scars left from broken bones heal over time, but scars from harsh words that dig into your mind and eat away at it, hurt like hell, and never heal...


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Late Greetings Empty Re: Late Greetings

Post by Malliath on Fri May 02, 2014 9:30 am

Welcome. : D
You RP a wyvern as well? Then we should rp together for sure!
Anyways, have fun.

Late Greetings Tumblr_mdrim4rXXw1qgjtflo1_500
Pain... Agony.... Vengeance..
My hatred burns through Volcanoes. The world heaves with my torment. Its wretched kingdoms quake beneath my rage... But at last... The whole world will break... And all will burn beneath the shadow of my wings...

Feel free to PM me if you want to plot, open to almost anything

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Late Greetings Empty Re: Late Greetings

Post by Shiningwater on Fri May 02, 2014 4:59 pm

Don't worry, we all noticed you cuz we're just that inclusive and awesome. XD

CAUTION: Avian is insane.

*Stares out the window at the random guy falling his doom* That'll leave a mark....
Anyway, late welcome and don't be afraid to ask any questions to any of us. We can all surely help you and I hope to rP with you soon!

Late Greetings MXujA
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Late Greetings Captur10

Late Greetings Squidkid11
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Goddess of Emotion

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Late Greetings Empty Re: Late Greetings

Post by Frostflare on Fri May 02, 2014 5:08 pm

Heyo, welcome to ze DRF. I am Frostflare Iewing queen and Chatbox mod. I hope to see you in the chat and other rpgs! Welcom, have fun and don't get me on my bad side!
No seriously, don't.

Here is how I am when I am happy. Awesome Smiley 
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Now how do you feel?I bet it is like this. Wimper 
But that's ok.(Not really Sweat )
So , who wants to party? Mwhahaha 
I'm sure that it will bring you to your grave. Shocked
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Late Greetings Frostf10

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