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Dravolk The firewing

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Dravolk The firewing

Post by Dravolk on Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:35 pm

Personal Info
Name: Dravolk
Appearance:red with a spiked body and very long tail
Personality:He is very easily intimidated, He keeps a grudge for a long time, but eventually forgets and acts brotherly to the person he hated. He is most of the time boisterous persistent and hard headed.

Tribe Information and Status

Tribe:Firewing hopefully
Rank: Lieutenant, if not guardian
Mate:none, hopefully later he gets one *crosses fingers*

Skills and Abilities

Strengths: He can eat rocks, and have it boil in his stomach. He can then spit it out delivering a devastating magma like 'flame'
Special Abilities:the rock thing
Weaknesses:When he used the rocks, it puts and intense pain in his throat which could possibly kill him, limiting him to how much times he can use it in his whole life.
Combat Style:He will use his tail to try and stun his opponent, then he will let out a barrage of attacks from his front claws and sometimes use his teeth. When he is at a last resort, he will try to use his power.


History:Dravolk was abandoned as a baby, and was picked up by an old dragon. The Old dragon taught Dravolk about fighting, and Dravolk used his adopted father's fighting style. When he died, he told Dravolg that he wasn't his birth father, and how he found Dravolk and why he raised him. Dravolg went into a deep depression barely eating, and only fighting. Sometime later, he found the Firewings, and joined.
RP Sample:Dravolg's body felt hot, but that was normal. He felt something more than hot. He almost couldn't stand it. His body started to convulse and go limp. A couple of seconds later his body convulsed again, and he started to scramble desperately on the floor. He felt as if he was being attacked. His body convulsed once again, throwing him to the ground. He couldn't get up anymore, his body wouldn't let him. His eyes rolled back in his socket, and stopped breathing. In a  couple second, he returned to his normal state, panting, trying to get in breath. He still couldn't move, the pain was far too great. I guess i'm not ready to use my power yet. He closed his eyes, hoping that after a nap he could move again.

Did I make the creation right?


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Re: Dravolk The firewing

Post by SilverWolf on Mon Mar 17, 2014 4:29 am

Sorta yes. Welcome to drf! Im SilverWolf but call me Silver or Wolf, i prefer Wolf, though most call me Silver. I hope i get to see you around sometime. You seem like a nice dragon.

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Re: Dravolk The firewing

Post by Vulthar Titanius on Mon Mar 17, 2014 10:32 am

Welcome To DRF Comrade, see you around. Nice Bio by the way seems epic!

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