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Updated SilverWolf

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Updated SilverWolf Empty Updated SilverWolf

Post by SilverWolf on Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:51 pm

Personal Info
Name: SilverWolf
Nickname: Silver or Wolf
Age: human = 14 / dragwolf = 98 (cuz dog years bro)
Gender: Male
Appearance: My body is of a wolf with scales hiding under my fur. My tail is that of a dragon with a spear/spade point at the end of it. My fur color is silver, my scale color is a darker grey, my eyes are a bright green, my skin on my wings are also a darker grey, and my claws and spade tail tip are pitch black.
Personality: I am very perky and hyper most of the time, I can get very serious about certain things, I try my best to fight well and protect the ones I love and are dearest to me.

Tribe Information and Status

Tribe: SkyWings
Rank: SkyWing Healer
Family: My parents are dead, but I have a little sister named Shinae (Shih-nay) that has been missing for years, I refuse to think she is dead.
Mate: SolsticeEquinox
Hatchlings: 6 of them, 3 males and 3 females, Zayev, Ryder, Ares, Liana, Lorelai, and Amira.

Skills and Abilities

Strengths: Stealth, Hunting, Speed, Swiftness, and if you give it to me, candy Troll Face
Special Abilities: I can control weather, basic skywing powers, healers powers, I can shoot white fireballs and white fire jets, and I can hear voices in the wind that tell me certain things...
Weaknesses: my size and actual strength in my attacks, the suffering of my loved ones, and memories of my past.
Combat Style: Stealthy, ninja-like, mainly likes to use knives and archery when in 'draconian' form.


History: Somehow I came to this world as a wolf and merged with a soul spirit dragon named Forgotten, for no one has known of his presence. That is how I became the first known wolf-dragon, or dragwolf. Also when I came to this world I had no memories of my past whatsoever, except for the ones slowly coming back to me now...
RP Sample: SilverWolf moved slowly towards the back of the caribou, acknowledging his feet as to not step and snap any twigs. Silently he moved his body in position of assault, and lunged toward the caribou, barely a few feet off the ground, quiet as an owl. He sank his teeth into the caribous bad leg, ripping it off and sending muscles and tendins everywhere, a small piece of the femur hanging out of its socket. The caribou went frantic, only to stumble due to not having one of its priority legs. Once the caribou lay on the ground, excepting defeat, Silver walked over to the caribou, and bit one of its jugulars, sending a gushing river of blood onto the forest floor. Silver sat and looked at the caribou, as if thanking him for the meal he provided, as the light in the animals eyes faded and glazed over, and he sighed.
SkyWing Healer
SkyWing Healer

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