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The Isle of Quakes, Supra Mantelle (WIP) Dragon10
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The Isle of Quakes, Supra Mantelle (WIP)

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The Isle of Quakes, Supra Mantelle (WIP) Empty The Isle of Quakes, Supra Mantelle (WIP)

Post by Ragnarock on Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:30 pm

Supra Mantelle is the newer settlement upon the island Stalwart, or what was once a small yet proud and forgotten human settlement of a remnant crusade. The new city, still under construction, is primarily built of mixed metals ranging from gold, silver, iron, and whatever else is found melded with stone. The mixed material has proven to be quite sturdy even upholding several dragons weights, strong enough to handle blows from an EarthWing even. However long this takes it is a vision to be a sanctuary for those in the Imperium, primarily Fire and Earth Dragons. While there isn't a disdain toward the Night Kin, the lands master knew that they had their Ebon Isles so he saw no reason to extend an invitation to them. The entirety of Supra Mantelle would take up a good half of the Stalwart Island now called the Isle of Quakes, and whatever isn't covered by stone is covered completely in clovers and wildflowers, including the forest which is conquered by primarily moss. The wild Avian monsters, Tower Cardinals and Shadow Hawks as they present no real danger and avoid any and all dragons, keeping to their nests.

The structures presented on Supra Mantelle are primarily housing both above and dug into the ground, a tall citadel for the master of the Isle and his trusted allies rise to the clouds casting a shadow over any human settlement near Supra Mantelle. However instead of a wall to protect the dragons, there are many permanent and defensive wards that are triggered upon anything coming into contact. These wards will typically sends a volley of sharp iron spikes into whatever triggered them, be it monster and dragon however they recede back into the ground for later use. Some will bind any creature in a mixture of vines, tree trunks, and thick clay as a snag. Along the edge of the territory at the beaches and coasts are tall stone towers for guardians and scouts to rest and watch for any outsiders.

The Isle of Quakes, Supra Mantelle (WIP) MdYFgThe Isle of Quakes, Supra Mantelle (WIP) OPvt7The Isle of Quakes, Supra Mantelle (WIP) LPgwNThe Isle of Quakes, Supra Mantelle (WIP) W0fK5
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