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Shaking the Earth (Earthwings)

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Shaking the Earth (Earthwings) Empty Shaking the Earth (Earthwings)

Post by Storm Vey on Tue Mar 17, 2020 7:46 pm

The skies above the Earthwings' new home almost seemed to roar as one of the tribes Guardians returned from a patrol, a surprise in his talons. The hybrid had found himself a prize on patrol. A flock of Skeir's had attacked him, and he managed to dispose of them all, except the dead one currently in his talons. He figured someone would want to study the stupid Hell Bat. The dragons massive wings continued to cut through the air until he landed, shaking the ground as he did.

The guardian gave one last look at the dead Skier before looking at the closest Earthwing. "Brought a little gift. Whole flock of'em tried to kill me, so I figured I'd take'em out. Look ugly as Tenebris." The former Rogue chuckled some at his own joke before walking back to his prey. "Think they'll be able to use it for for anything?"
Storm Vey
Storm Vey
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EarthWing Guardian

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Shaking the Earth (Earthwings) Empty Re: Shaking the Earth (Earthwings)

Post by Vilkas on Sun Mar 22, 2020 11:04 am

Three EarthWing females happened to be walking by when Storm Vey returned. They huddled together and took turns looking at the Guardian. "Isn't that Storm Vey?" the brown colored Sandie, asked.

Gardenia, so called because her body was covered with vines covered with gardenia flowers, nodded. "He's even better looking up close. I bet he's an amazing fighter, too."

Sandie giggled. "He'd have to be, to be a Guardian. I wish I could have watched him take out those Skiers."

The third female, Gardenia's little sister Willow, stared unashamedly at the male. "I can't believe I'm finally getting to see his face. I've only ever seen him from behind."

Gardenia and Sandie looked at each other, blinked, then looked at Willow. "...Why?" they asked in unison.

"Oh. Um.. No reason..." Willow said as she looked away from Storm and lowered her head. "Hey, do you think Storm has a mate yet?" she asked a few moments later to move the subject off of herself. It worked. Sandie and Gardenia glanced at Storm again. The three off them walked off, speculating about Storm's mate status.

Vilkas also happened to be around when Storm came back. He nodded at his fellow Guardian. "Don't let Tenebris or any of his lackeys hear you say that. And I don't know, you can take it to the Healer and ask. So did you find anything out there or were you just patrolling the safe zone?"

EarthWing Vulcan
EarthWing Vulcan

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Shaking the Earth (Earthwings) Empty Re: Shaking the Earth (Earthwings)

Post by Ragnarock on Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:13 pm

Nothing noteworthy to start the day off. Nothing of high importance since gaining the role of Advisor either save for tending to the king Baldirak for whatever he needed. It was... A bore of a role but regardless the rank served it's purpose. Between that and the construction of his new island, Ragnarok, a more, "Secluded," character had been keeping himself quite busy in these trying times. More known for his brutal attitude toward many and his ghastly visage more dragon stray away from him than not. It wasn't his fault he did his duties in the strictest manner, well, it was but regardless he was an example of what a Royal Guard is to be. Loyal, protective of his king, quick to act and think when necessary. He was never known for friendliness at all, and when it came to the great dragons job, he took it seriously.

"Why aren't you an Elder?" Was a question that more frequently came. To Ragnarok, it was annoying and bothersome, but it was a good question. He didn't choose that option namely because he loathed doing nothing but teaching hatchlings or whatever the Elders. It wasn't something of interest, that is best left at that As the large EarthWing waltzed on the cleared path through the housing of Ebon Isles or whatever it's name was, Ragnarok heard commotion. He turned the corner and saw the young dragon, another EarthWing he remembered recently joining, drop one of those dead breasts to the ground. A trophy, Ragnarok immediately thought before the young dragon made the comment of Tenebris.

Yes, Tenebris was ugly, both figuratively and literally. Even Ragnarok, who had a face not even a mother could live, had to admit that Tenebris was anything but beautiful or even handsome. But save for that, his eyes widened a little at the remark. As soon as those harlots left, Ragnarok began to approach when Villas immediately scolded the young dragon about the name calling. Though it was merely an act to the lesser degree, Tenebris was an egotistical pile of sh- It was then Ragnarok noticed the creature bleeding all over the place.

"I see you've made prey," Ragnarok commented in low, deep tone that made any dragon uncomfortable, "It has been quite some time since we last met Villas, how goes your travels these days?" Though small talk was never his cup of tea, Ragnarok still made an effort, folding his hands behind his back.

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