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To the Market (Elara) Dragon10
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To the Market (Elara)

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To the Market (Elara) Empty To the Market (Elara)

Post by Cygnus on Wed Mar 11, 2020 10:33 am

Cygnus smiled as he and his sister Elara walked towards the Kryo market. Their parents had sent the two out to pick up some food and other supplies, and for the teen it was nice to feel like his parents actually trusted him some again. It was also nice to spend some time with his little sister. Yes they were the same age, but he had always been a bit more protective of her than his other siblings. Maybe because she had been the last to learn how to shift, or just her personality. Either way, it was nice to be able to do something nice and easy. Cyg held his staff over his shoulders, looking like a scarecrow.

"Finally get to head into town. Been way too long, 'ey sis?"

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To the Market (Elara) Empty Re: To the Market (Elara)

Post by Elara on Wed Mar 11, 2020 8:53 pm

To say Elara was elated to get to go out was an understatement. She had just recently--finally--learned to achieve her human form. Cygnus and Andromeda had helped her some, but she was able to get it on her own in the end. Today, finally, she could put her new ability to use by running an errand for her parents. She and Cyg were supposed to go get some things for dinner and supplies for a trip their father planned on taking soon.

Elara was already well ahead of her brother when he started talking. "Come on, Cyg! Hurry up!" She stopped and looked back at him, giving him an impatient expression. For the longest time, their parents had been furious with Cygnus for breaking the "biggest most important rule" when they were younger. As far as Elara knew, this was the first time since then that Cygnus was being allowed to go to town, let alone venture further from the house than the front yard.

Having never been before--and always jealous of her siblings for being able to--Elara wanted to get there as fast as she could. She wanted to hear and smell and see everything! But Cygnus was walking "Soo slow!", Elara whined. "Can't you go any faster?" She wanted to go on ahead but their parents were adamant that Elara stay with her brother at all times today. It was kinda fair, she guessed. Cygnus knew what to expect and all--she didn't. Still....

Even though she was annoyed, Elara couldn't help laughing at how silly Cygnus looked carrying his staff over his shoulders like he was.

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To the Market (Elara) Empty Re: To the Market (Elara)

Post by Cygnus on Thu Mar 12, 2020 11:17 am

Cyg chuckled at his sister as he brought his staff around and put it into a holding strap on his back. Going faster? This sounded like a challenge! He looked over to Elara, speeding up a little to catch up before speaking up.

"Sounds like you're challenging me. Race you to town!" The teen then quickly started to run, but he did wait to see if she was going to follow. Their parents had wanted to two to stick together today. It was most likely because he had been to town before, though he couldn't help but wonder if they really trusted him. Either way, he wasn't going get too far without his sister following.

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To the Market (Elara) Empty Re: To the Market (Elara)

Post by Elara on Sun Mar 22, 2020 11:21 am

"You're on!" Elara grinned and ran off after her brother. She got passed him pretty easy since he was trying to keep track of where she was at all times. It didn't take long to get to town this way. Elara slowed down once it was in her sight and she was so mesmerized she had no idea if she actually won the race or not. There was so much to see, hear, smell... And there were so many people! This was by far the single coolest thing Elara had ever seen in her life. Without waiting for Cygnus, she immediately darted to the closest place, the market, and began exploring. She wanted to see and touch everything and she got a lot of looks while doing so.

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To the Market (Elara) Empty Re: To the Market (Elara)

Post by Cygnus on Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:06 am

Cyg smiled, keeping pace with his sister, he was surprised at how excited she was though. He chuckled, looking back to his "little" sister before pointing it out.

"This is Kryo, sis. Looks awesome doesn't i.... Sis!?" He then quickly ran into town, trying to catch her. The teen quickly cause up to her, pulling her a bit back.

"Elara. Ma and Pa told us to basically stay joined at the hip, remember? Plus, venders don't really like you just touching things."

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