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A Barrel of Fish

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A Barrel of Fish Empty A Barrel of Fish

Post by Incus on Sun Mar 08, 2020 6:47 am

The day was as usual, a boring one. Incus flew high above enjoying the sunny weather though a major storm sounded it's thunder in the far distance, he was delighted that this land receive some rain for once. Flying lower until he was above the treetops Incus spotted a large cabin along the edge of a massive river. There was a sudden flutter of happiness and a mischievous grin spread across his face.

Down there at the cabin was an old man, a fishing line out with an outstretched net going from one end of the bank to the other. That net helped catch whatever fish he could cook up in the days, some for meals and the rest dried out for snacks or emergency food. Next to his rocking chair was a barrel holding carefully stacked ales and such, a relaxing beverage for a relaxing day, another barrel full of excess salmon to the open corner of his dock. Tarkus Siege, a well known fisher and retired famous knight was enjoying his morning. So far he caught several salmon, whoppers were they, and made sure to fillet them and set them in a pot to slowly cook not long from now. He looked up, eyeing the sky for any sign of avian... that was until he manage to snag something.

Reeling his fishing line in, Tarkus began to fight and pull whatever was pulling him, unbeknownst he was caught on a crocodile. The massive beast emerged and leapt up from the roaring river and onto the deck. Immediately the less-than meaty creature spotted Tarkus and started to rush him, Tarkus pulled out a long dagger and backed up before falling to his behind. Just as the hungry beast was about to make a meal, it was swooped up by a black dragon. The Night Fury in question dropped the beast from a far enough height, allowing it to crash down on the edge of the river so that it's death would be quick.

Tarkus immediately glared at Incus who flew just above the raging river, he was thankful but loathed the damn dragon who had his barrel of fish. Like an old man, Tarkus cursed at the thieving dragon, shouting about how one day he'll catch the damn thing. Though, Tarkus didn't mind the flying lizard coming by, he simply hated how it kept stealing his catches... it was like a cat that stole his rabbit. Incus flew off in a playful manner, knowing full well the old man catches enough fish to feed him for weeks. With the open barrel upright he soared until seeing multiple hillsides within the EarthWing territory. He began to take a familiar path only he knew, his den not far now.

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