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Notice to those who have a discord! Dragon10
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Notice to those who have a discord!

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Notice to those who have a discord! Empty Notice to those who have a discord!

Post by Tharasis on Sun Feb 09, 2020 5:11 am

I its apparent to me, with my unfortunate separation? ban? kick? meh. with the sites discord server, I must resort to the best option for communication. And of course that would be discord.

So if you happen to suddenly get a random pop up for a friend invite, it might be from me. Which for the reason for sending it is cause I want to get in touch with as many people I could find to possibly start an rp.

Its been so long since I've gotten the chance to rp here, more so since activity of this site has gone onto a continental drift pace. So I am mostly doing this to try and set up some rp activity, or to at least try and make some more friends ;D

And my stories tend to land on more plot based? you know, much more involving and not just some simple plot, arc. and stuff. So having the ability to talk to you on discord would be a great help to both me and you as we discuss about our rps plot and developments.

And I will have the powerful ability to poke you, to remind you of our rp. Just in case you happen to forget about it, and of course. You'll have the same ability to do that to me too!

If you want to get into contact with me in discord. Feel free to post your username and the #0000 numbers below. Once I send you a request you can delete it. Cause you know, someone might try and add you other than me?

For those whom I've managed to send a discord invite. My user name is Thosom Tom

Hope to rp with you soon!
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