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God Wills It (OPEN)

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God Wills It (OPEN) Empty God Wills It (OPEN)

Post by Richard on Fri Jan 31, 2020 1:45 am

Life was tough on the road, but at least one was free. Richard was always grateful he was not stuck in the life of nobility like his younger brother. Or born as a serf who would never leave the lands, or social position they were born into. No, Richard was free to walk the lands of the world and create his own stories.

At the moment Richard sat on the body of a giant lizard like monster that had attacked him while he was setting up camp on the roadside. Sitting on it, and eating a sandwich as if it was just another day. The flames of his campfire danced lazily and cast a warm welcoming orange glow on everything.

Richard shifted slightly on the body of the monster he was sitting on and the chainmail he wore clattered a bit at the movement. Reaching up to his chest with a free hand that was not holding the sandwich the sell sword examined the red on his leather gloves. The beasts claws had cut right through the plate and chain links at one point like it was a hot knife through butter. Only now was he starting to feel and notice the pain.

Now finished with his sandwich Richard pulled the battle axe out the monsters head and started to sharpen it with a stone and a bit of oil. All while still sitting on its body.

Life while free did not come without a cost. It was not long before some plate clad knights showed up and formed a half circle around Richard. The human dragon part breed stopped sharpening his axe when they appeared and finally when the knights stopped moving on there horses he resumed sharpening the axe.

"You people will never leave me alone will you?"

He said with a bit of sorrow. "I Have killed monsters like they are nothing, I stopped counting how many of your kind I have killed what was it? A hundred? Two hundred? How many of you zealots of the church have I killed?"

The armored knight shifted a bit on the horse as it sidestepped but his eyes were focused on Richard behind the slot of the bucket helmet that did not show the knights face".

"You have killed a few hundred of us in your existence..... a existence that is a affront to god! You are an abomination, the unholy product from the perverted union of man and beast. You can kill millions of us, but you will never be free. We will always hunt you....."

Richard kept sharpening the blade of his axe as the human knight spoke but after the knight finished speaking Richard slowed the sharpening of the stone for a long screech. Putting the stone away in a pouch he stood up and put the battle-axe over his shoulder.

"I am born human and dragon. Belonging to both races, but claimed by none. I have no people to call my own. I am a bastard, unloved, unwanted, hated by all. But know this knight. I have the right to exist. You and all your ilk will die so long as you refuse to let me live in peace."

The horse snorted and bobbed its head before it started to count with a hoof. The rider took a mailed gloved off the reins and raised it in the air as he spoke. "It is you who will die...... GOD WILLS IT!" He shouted and the other knights all answered in return. "GOD WILLS IT!"

Kicking his heels in the stirrups into the horses flank the knight drew his sword and charged.

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God Wills It (OPEN) Empty Re: God Wills It (OPEN)

Post by Svadilfare on Sat Feb 01, 2020 5:54 pm

(Going to reply to this tomorrow. Just so you know, humans shouldn't be able to take on any monster by themselves. Even if they manage it, it would be extremely difficult and they'd likely come out of it seriously hurt.)

God Wills It (OPEN) Boompow


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God Wills It (OPEN) Empty Re: God Wills It (OPEN)

Post by Richard on Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:23 pm

Thanks but I understand

You barking up a old tree

Richard is hurt badly he just not expressing it because warriors like to act tough

but he hurt badly by lizard creature

he just trying to scare the knights

sadly it did not work

and besides he not all Human so he got better chance to take down monsters then most good for nothing human's like you and me


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God Wills It (OPEN) Empty Re: God Wills It (OPEN)

Post by Baldirak Che'le on Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:47 am

(According to the app, Dragon DNA was introduced into Richard's family several generations before he was even born, so Richard's dragon inheritance is probably extremely low. The only evidence of this dragon DNA is his eyes, which allow him to see better at night than the average human.

Aside from his eyes, Richard is a normal human and therefore stands no better chance at taking on a monster alone, that's why I said something.)

Astral's favorite person. ^.^

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Baldirak Che'le
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