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On The Moon (Baldi)

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On The Moon (Baldi) Empty On The Moon (Baldi)

Post by Astral on Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:42 am

Astral teleported herself and and Baldirak to the moon. She used her power to sustain his body keeping him from suffocating and freezing and his blood boiling and all the other horrible things that would happen otherwise. There was no air to conduct sound so Astral kept a telepathic link open between them. As he arrived she was already sitting on the moon facing away and staring that the world below. It was majestic and gorgeous. Sure she always had an awareness and view of it but seeing it with her own physical eyes was just felt more authentic and magical. Course to Baldirak the moon itself was probably just as amazing. Not every day you got a close up view and experience of something you could have only ever hoped to imagine. And no it very clearly wasn't made of cheese.

Celestia gave a deep long sigh as the coming conversation weighed on her and she considered what to say and how to say it. "It's terrifying the amount of power I have. But not as terrifying as the mistakes I'm capable of making. It often freezes me, keeps me from acting or doing anything. I could just as easily fix everything as ruin it all with one wrong decision with the intention for good. I almost killed all the humans you know. After all the destruction and chaos they have called. They seemed like everything that is evil in the world incarnated. But I wondered why my predecessor kept them around. Turns out they aren't too different from dragons. Though they are a lot more scared and soft. They require community both for their mental health and safety. I'm appalled that I almost annihilated them now. The crime I almost committed couldn't be compared to all the crimes they have done. Back then it seemed like the right thing to do. If you asked any dragon they would have been like ya, you'd be doing the world a favor. Then I guess I got carried away while studying them. I got overwhelmed by my responsibility and tried to abandon it."
Goddess of the Moon and Stars
Goddess of the Moon and Stars

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On The Moon (Baldi) Empty Re: On The Moon (Baldi)

Post by Baldirak Che'le on Wed Jan 15, 2020 10:55 am

Baldirak had dreamed about space, the moon. More times than he could remember. He had a talisman that was made from a piece of the moon. He never imagined, however, that one day he might actually set paw here. Surprisingly--or perhaps not, considering he had once been a Prophet--the EarthWing did not fear suddenly being in space. What if Astral forgot to protect him? What if his last image before he died--while a beautiful to be sure--was of Pyrria from a perspective no other mortal would ever get? These weren't questions that went through his mind. Baldirak looked around, begrudgingly enjoying his new surroundings. He didn't want to. He wanted to continue being angry at Astral; he wanted to be bitter, maybe even to hate... But how could he possibly do that now? The more the Earth King looked around, the less he desired to be hostile. He growled in frustration and sat down.

Astral began speaking soon, and Baldirak realized he had inadvertently sat beside her. He sighed, but listened. Incredibly, the only thing the Goddess could have said to make the EarthWing's anger return, is exactly what she said. "Why? The praise you would have gotten if only you had destroyed those wretched things. My kin would not have had to hide in the earth, licking their wounds, being called cowards by the other tribes. I was one of the very few who even tried to fight back. I nearly died that day to give as many of us the chance to escape as possible. I was kept at Nimbus' door for the entirety of my captivity." Baldirak looked down at the Goddess. "You would justify that by saying they are like us? You would dare to say the crimes they have committed against us pale to something you only considered? They have stolen and bred us for slavery. They destroyed the Earth Kingdom and I can only image what fate the other tribes might have faced if they hadn't stopped there."

He growled more at the next thought that came to him. "It's bad enough you would defend their actions against us. But then... you mated with one and abandoned us to be slaughtered." Baldirak laughed. It was wry and full of bitterness. "That is my legacy as king for the past... 10 years. Being abandoned. I was abandoned by you and I have been abandoned by my mate. Kenina... I lost her once to the aftermath of those monsters destroying all we had built. I lost her again to her hatred of you, for what you have done, what you haven't done." Wisps of smoke wafted from his nostrils as his eyes turned orange. "She nearly killed herself trying to hunt you down!" The EarthWing shook his head. For a very long time, he said nothing else.

"I barely sleep. I long for my mate even though I know she's too fixated on killing you to see how much I need her. I still find myself praying to the stars even though I know you won't answer and no other god seems to hear me. I am not what I once was. Now, Tenebris, that snake... He would try to usurp me, turn my kin against me. He was no different from Kenina: hiding, wallowing in self pity. It was I who took care of the Survivors. Alone! Any Dragon would have cracked under that weight, especially when they were suffering, too! That NightWing..." He sighed. "And your... offspring. I want to hate them. I want to wish them some terrible fate, that you might know the immense pain I have felt all these years. But I cannot. Aurora. I had an intense desire to protect her, even though she is... part... human."

The EarthWing laid down and rolled onto his left side. He stared up at the faraway stars. "You are terrified of the mistakes you could make. What about the one you did make? Now that you have seen what we have been reduced to, do you regret?Will you let your former Prophet fall further, or give me a little light to guidee me back? Shall your offspring become the last of Dragonkind, or will you right your wrong and help us now?"

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