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Soshi: Goddess of the Elements

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Soshi: Goddess of the Elements Empty Soshi: Goddess of the Elements

Post by Soshi on Thu Dec 05, 2019 11:35 am

Soshi: Goddess of the Elements 76914
Type of Character: (Human)
Link to Character List Page: Here
Name: Soshi
Alias: Goddess of the Elements, The Human Goddess
Age: 43
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Reserved and quiet, Soshi isn’t someone who would would seem to be powerful. She prefers to stay by herself. She can also come off as paranoid thanks to her fear of being found out by the other gods. Her discovery that all the other gods were dragons also caused her to resent and fear dragons even more. When it comes to how she deals with others, even when they know what she is, she won’t use her magic unless there’s no other way to help. This careful nature will often leave folks questioning if she even know magic, which is exactly the way she likes it.
Fears: Dragons, being discovered by the other gods, losing control of her abilities
Strengths: Extremely powerful elemental magic, smart, fast moving.
Weaknesses: No physically strong, fear of the other gods often limits what she will do, not powerful in non-elemental magic

Life Info
Home: Anthropinos
Profession: None (Being a goddess)
Family: Zende (son)

General Appearance
Height: 5’ 5’”
Hair: Short and brown
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: And average looking woman with brown hair and eyes, Soshi wears white clothing, with some red striping, along with a white cloak. She also wears a leather shoulder pad.

Skills and Abilities
Skills: Elemental Magic, planning, hiding from the other gods
Special Abilities: As the Goddess of the Elements, Soshi shows extraordinary control over them. Her control follows the same basic template as the dragon tribes, giving her the power to manipulate and use fire, ice, wind, water, and earth magic; and the ability to see and hide within darkness. This magic is potent, and she could bath whole battlefields in fire, cause an ice age, or cause the most powerful earthquakes and tsunamis if she really wanted to. The extent of her powers are just as wide reaching as the other gods have over their respective domains, even with Soshi’s reluctance to demonstrate this.
Equipment: A pack with supplies, cloak
Combat Style: Soshi isn’t much of a fighter, and would love nothing more than to avoid it at all costs. If she has to fight, she will most often rely on her connection to elemental magic.

History: Having lived in Anthropinos her whole life, Soshi had never been one to be outspoken. For most of her life, she was happy to just live in the background, at least until she discovered something. One day, she learned that she not only had a connection to magic, but that she seemed to be more powerful in some magic than any magic she had ever heard of. She wasn’t just strong with magic. She was a god! This was also when she discovered something else. There were other gods. She could feel them, but to her dismay they were all dragons. She was the lone human god, and this made her both scared and furious.

After all the times dragons had tried to kill humans… she couldn’t believe it! It forced her to lay low, in fear that the other gods would kill her. It was made even worse when she learned that her own son, Zende, had a fondness of dragons. Enraged, she ended up cursing her son (fill in here). She has come to regret this decision, though she’s never actually been willing enough to tell Zende this. She can’t even recreate the curse, seeming to be a product of her anger at the time. After this, Soshi has continued to remain hidden from the other gods, hoping the day never comes when she’s found out.
RP Sample: Wake

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Soshi: Goddess of the Elements Empty Re: Soshi: Goddess of the Elements

Post by Astral on Thu Dec 05, 2019 12:26 pm

Goddess of the Moon and Stars
Goddess of the Moon and Stars

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