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Reunion (Astral)

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Reunion (Astral) Empty Reunion (Astral)

Post by Incus on Sat Sep 28, 2019 10:17 pm

The Festival of Ascendants took many wild turns, from Kings becoming outraged to many other things, one event itself kicked it all off: Incus and Astral. If it weren't for Aurora, daughter of Astral sneaking to the draconic festival none of this wouldn't have happened. The long awaited reunion was settled, yet it had only continued after the party.

Incus had never been happier, life filled with hardships, misery, and failures have seemed to turned into a sudden spark of joy, something he hadn't felt in years. In the years living on the mortal plain he built himself a home, a cave that had a door he built all by himself! Well more like stole, but no one said he couldn't fib! He kept the home as tidy as possible and removed any small bones from it, keeping vermin like rats out, and even organizing his hoard to simply look 'pretty.' Tonight he was going to invite his mother inti his own home, he was going to show her the life he lived no as a plea to leave and make things better, but as a sign that Incus, of all his successful siblings, had survived and even thrived on his own. It wasn't until he really thought about it that Incus had succeeded where his family failed, save for his mother. Still, he wouldn't mind the chastise of his elder brothers and sisters.

Incus awaited outside the NightWing Isles, soaring high in the air around it to keep away from monsters. He awaited his mother and possibly his younger half sister, should she not be punished and sent home. His mother must have started a new life here, possibly to get away from Nimbus. If that were the case... Incus had a lot of questions for her regarding her "death." Why in the world did she fake it? And other questions similar to it, but the answers would only come later. For now he clinged onto his current feeling and never wanted to let it, he selfishly kept it close as it was the only thing he could possibly feel.

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Reunion (Astral) Empty Re: Reunion (Astral)

Post by Astral on Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:17 pm

Finally all that crap having been dealt with and her daughter retrieved she could finally have some proper time with her son. She hated to let him out of her sight be she didn't have a choice with the insanity that was going down at that so called festival. She was resolved not to allow it to happen again though. She'd gotten her son she thought was dead back and there was no way she was going to lose him again. As she flew to their agreed upon meeting spot with Aurora flying at her side she couldn't help but fear he wouldn't be there. With every wing stroke that fear worsened until finally he was within sight. She didn't slow down and tackled him with her love. He was big he could take it. She was reluctant to let go, but did so anyway. Astral turned to Aurora to properly introduce him. "Aurora this is Incas your older half brother. I was mated with a dragon god before we split up and I met your father." Oh unholy curses. How was she going to explain her current mate to Incas. Hopefully that subject didn't come up until much later and she's had time to think about it.

Aurora promptly hugged Ignus herself. She was very happy to have a new sibling who was so big. He could actually give her a challenge wrestling.

"Where have you been all this time?" Astral asked her son. She realized that same question was likely to get turned back unto her later.
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Reunion (Astral) Empty Re: Reunion (Astral)

Post by Incus on Sat Oct 26, 2019 11:47 am

Incus saw the two Furies and met them halfway only to be huffed by the smaller winged lizard. He didn't know how to react at first but afterva second he gave a light hug back. It was awkward doing that stuff mid air, granted this time it's an exception. So this was his sibling... After all these years did his mother get back with Nimbus? If so, that would be quite a resolve and an even bigger mystery!

Incus broke the embrace and looked to his mother, had been since he was just a juvenile that she, "Died," and since then it had been a life struggle overall. Now that he's found his mother, Incus can relax, but that relaxation faded as soon as she asked one simple question, "Where have you been all this time?

"Let's... Get somewhere safe, I don't want to stay in the open too long." Incus said, turning and ignoring her question. He flew a few feet ahead, leading the two on to his den.

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